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Official Trek

Star Trek: Continuum has official news, episode guides and previews, chats and lots of other fun stuff.

Pocketbooks produces official Star Trek novels of all four series, plus a new series all their own.

Get your own Star Trek e-mail address.



DS9 Encyclopedia and Lexicon


Vidiot's Star Trek Deep Space Nine Pages has previews for upcoming episodes in either video form or in groups of still shots. I've picked up a lot of wallpaper shots this way.

Star Trek in Sound and Vision is one of my favorite sites. So you'll see it here quite a bit. It's a great place to find pics.


Star Trek in Sound and Vision is the best site I've ever found for quotes in .wav files. There are thousands of them. I've only really had a chance to peruse the Bashir quotes, and that can take hours. I highly recommend this site. Also try them for desktop themes as well.


Tired of that plain old Windows opening screen? Well, you don't have to keep it. You can find Trek screens here.

Star Trek in Sound and Vision again. This site is wonderful, I'm telling you! You can find screens and screen savers here.



Star Trek in Sound and Vision, here, too. Icons, cursors, and pointers.


My Stories Page contains links to all the Star Trek stories I've posted to the web and information on new stories I'm writing.

Alt.Startrek.Creative is the newsgroup to find fan-written Star Trek stories. New stories are posted everyday. It's also a good place to discuss particular stories or Trek writing in general.

Index to the Alt.Startrek.Creative is the place to find all the stories you've missed from the Alt.Startrek.Creative newsgroup. It may take awhile for new stories to get in the archive, but there's plenty in there now to keep you busy for awhile.

Alt.Startrek.Creative.All-Ages contains Star Trek stories suitable for all ages of readers.

Darrel Beach's Starbase 7M24 Writer's Corner is a great place to find stories, links to stories, and information on authors.

Fanfiction.Net is a wonderful site for all kinds of fan fiction, not just Trek, with the ability to search by author, category, etc. And reviews of stories!

The Best of Trek Fanfic Site collects only selected stories, which the maintainers consider the best of Trek.

This and That A site with a lot of stuff, including DS9 stories.

I haven't read any stories here , but their banner was just too much fun to pass up. These stories are based on Section 31.


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