The Land of Myth and Memory

All fiction posted here is clean, i.e. no sex.
I cannot vouch for stories not directly linked or posted,
such as stories found in archives linked here.

The Lure of the Darkness
Answering HASA's "Things that go bump in the night" Challege: In the time of the Necromancer, an Elf child goes missing. Legolas and a patrol go looking for her.
Warning: This story is not for young readers and can be quite shocking.

Myth and Memory
A young door warden of Rohan observes a certain Elf on the way to Helm's Deep.
(Based on scenes from the movie, The Two Towers.)

Companion piece to Myth and Memory, and an answer to a Memorial Day Challege at Henneth_Annun. An old man remembers a fallen friend.

Merry and Pippin, approaching the end of their lives, have a request to make of Legolas.

A drabble, Legolas reflects on Merry and Pippin's request. (Companion piece to Immortal)

Two drabbles on Tar-Miriel's last day. One canon-based, and one AU. Another drabble about Boromir passing through Edoras.

Ode to Legolas
A song parody praising the wonders of Legolas. Written for International Legolas Month Song Parody Palooza challenge at HASA. To the tune of Amazing Grace.

Other Archives has tons of stories, not just Lord of the Rings.

The Henneth-Annun Story Archive--a collection of good Tolkien fanfiction.
Stories must be approved by members before being included in this archive.

Miriel--LOTR fanfiction recommended by Jinnie.


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