The Land of Myth and Memory

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Welcome to The Land of Myth and Memory, archive of Ainaechoiriel's fanfiction



Site updated 9/5/2010--Added a cover to Remembrance and Myth and Memory.

Site updated 8/14/2020--Tried widening my background. Still not how I want it. Bigger screens these days and I don't know CSS. Also added story covers to Ode To Legoals and The Lure of the Darkness.

Site updated 11/6/2005--Added a banner denoting my award in the 2005 Middle-Earth Fanfiction Awards, for 3st place Post-RingWar Gondor Drabble (for Remembrance. and finally posted a new birthday drabble called A Brief Respite, on the Drabbles page. Oh, and I finally changed all my titles to the ElvenCommonSpeak font I wanted all along!

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