The Czech Republic

After getting my BA, I decided wanted some adventure. I ended up teaching English in the Czech Republic and I had a great time. The Czech Republic is a beautiful country where history abounds. There are castles just about wherever you look. And the people were very friendly. So, if you ever find yourself in Europe, I'd suggest a day or two in this wonderful little country.

I took a lot of photographs while I was there. Here are just a few of them: (Click on a thumbnail to see a larger picture).

Prague | Teplice | Duchcov | Terezin | Other cities


Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic, and it is a magical, historical city. In my opinion, it's the most beautiful city in the world.



This is Staromeske Namesti, Old Town Square, one of the most popular places to visit in Prague. Hundreds gather here, especially in the summer time, to look at the beautiful architecture, sit in the outdoor restaurants, and listen to the famous Orloj chime the hours.

The Tyn Church over Old Town Square




The Tyn Church is one of the most beautiful sights on the square. I love the contrast of the two different eras of architecture. And the spires on the church are representative of the hundreds of spires throughout the Prague skyline.

The famous Orloj--Astronomical Clock




This is the Orloj, the famous astronomical clock. If memory serves, it was built during the 15th century! Every hour, the clock chimes and the apostles peak out the two windows at the top. There are also figures at the sides that move. It's something you must stop and see at least once while in Prague.

Prasna Brana--Powder Tower


Some more spires! This tower stands near Vaclavske Namesti, another must-see area of Prague.






Karlstejn is a castle that's just outside of Prague. This was Karl IV's castle. Karl IV was King of Bohemia but also Holy Roman Emperor.

  Looking up at Karlstejn Karlstejn tower Karlstejn hillside


Teplice was the city where I lived. It's a spa city of perhaps 200,000 people. Don't quote me on that. It is situated in the northwestern area of the country, in what was historicallythe Sudetenland. The German city of Dresden is just across the border, only about thirty minutes by car. It's mountainous, but not rugged. It was a nice place to live.

View from my flat


This is the view from my flat (apartment) window in Teplice. It's a little hard to see in this photo but there's a hill about 1/4 of the way in from the right. There's a castle on that hill: Dobrovka. Not a bad view!

Looking down on Teplice


A view of Teplice from on high. I had some friends who lived up hill from me, or rather up on the mountain from me. This picture was taken about halfway up to their flat, which was about a 15 minute walk from mine. You can almost make out Dobrovka on the right--if you find a way to zoom in.

The Zamecka Zahrada or Castle Garden


Zamecka Zahrada, or Castle Gardens. I walked through this park every single day. It was only about five minutes from my house. Teplice Castle was just on the other side of it, not far from where this man is standing. The gorgeous lake you see in the picture was a favorite spot for ducks and swans.

The Castle at Teplice


These people are standing beside Teplice Castle. Behind them is the Zamecka Zahrada. They're all dressed up for the Spa Festival which officially opened the spa season.




Maydat at Teplice


Zamecke Namesti, or Castle Square, another daily sight for me in Teplice. The castle is barely visible at the far right. Directly ahead are two churches. On the left are shops. If you were to continue on the little road past the churches, and then off to the right, you'd find Beethoven Spa, one of the most popular spas here. This photo was taken on the occassion of the annual May Day festival.





Duchcov is the town where I taught school. It's a small town, but a pretty one. And historic, too. Casanova lived his last years here, as the librarian in the castle Dux, which, incidentally, was just down the street from the school. And Royal Dux porcelain, the best porcelain in the Czech Republic (and the Czech Republic is known for its porcelain) is made here.


Duchcov Castle


This is the front of the castle. It looks out on the square.





The lake at Duchcov


Pretty, isn't it? Looking out across the lake in the direction of my school, Gymnázium Duchcov.




More to come soon....

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