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The Czech Republic and Beyond

I'm Gabrielle and these pages are devoted to my travels. I've been to many places both within the United States, my home country, and the rest of the world, though I'm always interested in visiting new areas. I didn't get to travel much as a child, but the places I read about in books or saw in National Geographic sparked my imagination. I first got to really travel in high school, when the band took trips to Chicago, St. Louis, and Washington, DC. Then in college, the band went to England and I got my first international trip. My campus ministry, Christian Campus House, took me to Mexico twice and to Honduras on work trips. And I spent a year, after graduation, living in the Czech Republic. While in the Czech Republic, I got to visit Poland, Germany, Belgium, England, and France.

I'll be adding pages and pictures up here from time to time to share my travels with you.

More to come soon....

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