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Julian Bashir, Chief Medical Officer of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine is my favorite character. He's intelligent and funny, but he's also kind and compassionate. He's a surprising character, who has been through a lot of twists and turns in the six years the show has been on. He's been nearly killed by a Lethean, used for slave labor in an alternate universe, and kidnapped and held prisoner by the Dominion among other things. In addition, it was revealed that he was genetically enhanced at the age of 6. About a year after that he found himself kidnapped by his own government! Or rather a secret group within the Federation who accused him of treason and then, once he exonerated himself, wanted to recruit him.

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The TV series is now over, but DS9 lives on in book form. I've included the new history here.



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By episode:

Season 1

Emissary, Part I: Bashir arrives with Dax on Deep Space Nine and stutters through asking the her out. Kira takes him on a tour of the station, ending at the Infirmary. Bashir is enthused by the dilapidated state of the place. It's the frontier! But he offends Major Kira by calling her home a wilderness.

Emissary, Part II: Bashir is at the Ops table as Dax describes the wormhole. He accompanies Kira, Dax, and Odo on an attempted rescue of Commander Sisko who is stuck in the wormhole. Ever the optimist, he asks if the Cardassians--also heading toward the wormhole--won't listen to reason. Cynical Odo mocks him. Back at Ops after the wormhole flashes out of seeeming existence, Bashir is on hand when three Cardassian ships appear. He has a hard time believing the Cardassians would attack a Federation outpost. He is still at Ops when Odo calls to report wounded on the Promenade. He sets to work immediately, conscripting Odo's help with a wounded woman. Odo wants to find someone else, but Bashir uses The Voice: "Hold It There!" Odo obeys. When it is all over, he reports the casualties to Sisko and later asks Odo where he can practice his phaser.

Past Prologue: Bashir is eating when the tailor, Garak, arrives to introduce himself. He stutters but tries to act casual as he insinuates that Garak might be a spy. Garak neither confirms or denies, but flatters the doctor and insists that he's just plain, simple Garak. After he leaves, Bashir runs to Ops and tries to get the others interested. Sisko though, tries to reign in his enthusiasm. When a wounded Bajoran is beamed to Ops, Bashir is immediately on task, calling for medical assistance and catching the falling Tahna Los. He approaches Garak again later at Quark's, hinting to try and draw Garak out. But Garak hints better, drawing Bashir's attention to the Duras sisters. At another meal, Garak leads Bashir in the direction of the two new Bajoran arrivals, supposedly terrorist defectors. He tells Bashir he needs a new suit at 2055 exactly. Bashir doesn't get it but goes to Ops for guidance from Sisko. Sisko tells him he definitely needs a new suit. Bashir arrives at Garak's shop late, at 2057, and is ushered into a dressing room and told to be quiet. He overhears the deal with the Duras sisters and a piece of Tahna's plan: belitrium, which can be used to make a bomb. Bashir is all business now, and takes this information to Sisko.

A Man Alone: Bashir walks in on Dax and her Altonian Brain puzzle, hoping to get her to go to dinner with him. Dax gets him to try the puzzle and tells hiim to focus, but his mind is on her. Sisko takes Dax away for supper. Bashir later meets Dax and fishes to see if Sisko is competition for her affection. Dax tries to explain that Trills don't see romance the same way humans do. Bashir is called to the scene of a murder where he reports the cause of Ibudan's death and sweeps the area for organic material. He later reports, and Dax confirms, that except for those investigating, the only DNA in the area was Ibudan's. He is sent to search Ibudan's quarters on a ship for DNA of a second person and finds organic residue in the matter recycler. When examining it, he finds DNA. He puts the sample in a container to see what grows. Later, at dinner, he and Sisko discuss Dax and Bashir is assured that the captain and Jadzia are only friends. Back in the Infirmary, Bashir witnesses a mob at the Security Office and then realizes what the DNA sample is becoming: a clone. Because of Bashir's discovery, Odo is cleared.

Babel: After O'Brien begins to speak strangely, Bashir diagnoses aphasia. He is second-guessed in Ops by Kira and Sisko. Even Dax has her doubts, but they all watch her go aphasic before their eyes. That clues him into the problem being a virus that only mimics aphasia. At Sisko's order, he quarantines the station. He is second-guessed again by Kira when his analysis shows the virus was contracted by ingestion. He is prepared for her objections, having checked the replicators to find them contaminated. Sisko then objects, saying they've all eaten from the replicators and they aren't sick. But Bashir points out that the virus is adaptive and the incubation period varies from person to person. When word comes of cases throughout the station, Bashir checks an air sample to find the virus has mutated and is now airborne. Kira finds a device and Bashir analyzes it. His findings show it built the virus right into the replicated food. He calls Sisko when Jake becomes sick and later shows Sisko that the virus is synthetic and not Cardassian, as Kira had suspected. It was created by a Bajoran. When O'Brien's symptoms become worse, he tells Sisko that if he can't find an antidote in twelve hours, people will start to die. While trying to find that antidote, the virus finally catches up to him. But thanks to his notes, Dr. Surmak Ren, kidnapped by Kira, is able to make an antidote and save the station.

Captive Pursuit: Tosk examines Bashir closely for a moment as the doctor is speaking with a woman in the doorway of the Infirmary. Later, in Ops, Bashir suggests that Tosk might talk to him if O'Brien could get him in for an exam, but O'Brien interrupts and ignores him as if he hadn't spoken at all.

Q-Less: Bashir dramatizes the tale of his medical school finals--where he mistook a preganglionic fiber for a postganglionic nerve--while flirting with a young lady and annoying O'Brien. He is called away to Landing Pad Five where Dax and another crewman--and Vash--are trapped with failing life support. He is the first in the runabout when the door is finally opened, and Dax assures him that she is fine. Everyone aboard is taken to the Infirmary. He drops by Vash's guest quarters to ask her to dinner. Behind him, Q makes fun, but Vash accepts. He waits for her at dinner, but doesn't realize that Q is waiting on him, by pretending to be the waitor. Q warns him off Vashi, but Bashir doesn't realize who he is. Q tells him he's tired and Bashir begins to yawn. He's soon exhausted and is not seen again until all the excitement is over, feeling like he's been asleep for days.

Dax: Bashir jokes with Dax about the station systems waiting until O'Brien leaves to fall apart. He also flirts, but she's all business. When she's ready to call it a night, he offers to walk her to her quarters. She tells him it's not necessary, but he follows her anyway. He sees Dax being attacked and takes out the leader--and himself in the process. When one of the thugs comes for him, he hesitates. It's a woman. But she has no qualms about hitting him. Once he's unconscious, they abscond with Dax. When he wakes up, he reports to Ops that Jadzia has been kidnapped. Later, in preparation for Dax's extradition hearing, Sisko tells him to assume there is medical evidence that Curzon and Jadzia are separate entities and find it. Bashir watches the hearing until a recess is called and when the recess is over, he's on the witness stand. He testifies that medically Curzon and Jadzia are different, including by analysis of brain wave patterns. But under cross-examination, he tells how the two brains of the symbiont and host communicate to each other. He tries to explain that they don't function separately, but has to admit that there is no difference in brain wave patterns for the symbiont since it's relocation to Jadzia. He sits down dejectedly and watches the rest of the hearing from the sidelines.

The Passenger: Bashir impresses Kira with his work on an away mission on the Rio Grande, but then exasperates her with his apparent arrogance. She is about to tell him off when they receive a distress call. The beam aboard the distressed ship with only ten minutes to save any survivors. Bashir finds a woman, Ty Kajada who warns him not to release her prisoner. He goes into the cell against her warnings and attempts to save the prisoner. Just before the prisoner dies he reaches up and chokes Bashir, saying "Make me live!" Kira helps to pull him away. Back on the station, Bashir revives Kajada again, and she introduces herself as Kobliad Security. Her first concern is her prisoner, Rao Vantika. Bashir shows her Vantika's body, but she's not convinced he's dead. To make sure, she stabs the corpse. She tells Bashir how Vantika has fakes his death many times, and killed others to prolong his life. She insists that he is autopsied and his identity confirmed beyond doubt. She also wants her ship scanned for any anomalous lifeforms. In Ops, Bashir reports his findings. He is sure Vantika is really dead, and everyone discusses why he, as a Kobliad, would be after the deuridium shipment soon to arrive. After everything in active memory is purged from the computers, Kajada tries to convince everyone that Vantika is at fault even though Bashir assures her he is dead. He is still waiting for the DNA trace to confirm it beyond any doubt. Quark is accosted late one night while looking for loose coins. His assailants ask if he has made arrangements. Quark recognizes him as Vantika. The next day, Bashir calls Kajada to see the DNA scan results and finds that Kajada uses alpha wave inducers to help her sleep and therefore wasn't available the night before. Dax calls him for medical advice. She shares a hypothesis that Vantika could put his conscienceness in another brain. Going along with the hypothesis, Bashir suggests Kajada, as Vantika could be in her conscience without even being aware. Kajada spies on Quark and the mercenaries he hired for Vantika, but falls from the balcony. When she wakes up in the Infirmary, she says she was pushed. Bashir doesn't think she tried to commit suicide, but he still doesn't know what to look for to see if Vantika is in her head. Quark takes the mercenaries to meet their employer, Bashir! Dax goes to find him only to find his comm badge, all alone in the Infirmary. Dax goes to Ops to report him missing. A runabout is on its way to the deuridium shipment and a check shows that Bashir authorized it. Bashir/Vantika beams aboard the shipment after the mercenaries take over. He is surprised to find the station is capable of tractoring them. He orders full-impulse to keep the station from pulling them in. He calls the station and introduces himself. Sisko asks if Bashir is alright and Vantika offers a deal, he might consider leaving Bashir's body if Sisko releases the tractor. Vantika gives him one minute to decide or he'll go to warp. Sisko stalls but Vantika is suspicious and prepares to go to warp, which will tear the ship up and spread deuridium all over the system. He kills one of the mercenaries when he tries to jump ship. Dax sends an EM pulse along the tractor beam to disrupt Vantika and bring Bashir out. He is just able to lower the shields on the ship and is beamed off. Sisko stuns him and Dax transports any glial cells with Vantika's neural patterns out of Bashir's head. He wakes up complaining of a headache. Later, Kajada apologizes for the trouble he was put through, and Bashir admits to being humiliated.

Move Along Home: Bashir frets because he can't find his dress uniform for a first contact with a new race from the Gamma Quadrant, the Wadi. Dax and Kira disinterestedly try to tell him it will be fine, but Sisko does dress him down. The first contact doesn't go as planned and Bashir ends up at Quark's, watching the Wadi amuse themselves. Later that night, he tries to wake himself up by yelling, thinking he's in a nightmare. Sisko finds him and Kira and Dax join them soon. Bashir guesses they might be in a behavioral test though they soon realize they are in a Wadi game. They decide to split up and Sisko teases Bashir, saying that if he gets lost, he could always try yelling again. They meet up wagain when Sisko finds a little girl singing a rhyme and skipping on colored panels on the floor. Bashir figures out that the panels are key, but when he follows the girl, he hits a forcefield. Dax figures it all out and so Bashir and Kira follows Sisko, singing the rhyme and skipping alogn through the forecefield. At the next level (or shap), the players enter a smoky room with laughing Wadi, each of whom are holding a glass of some liquid. Kira and Bashir try to talk to the people, and Sisko stops Bashir from taking a drink. They all start coughing and choking, and Bashir realizes the smoke isn't hurting the Wadi. He takes a drink and stops choking, and thus, solves the obstacle. He admits to Kira that he simply guessed. At the next level, Quark, playing the game on the outside, makes an "unfortunate roll" and, in the game, a group of lights comes after the players, passing the others and returning to Bashir, who disappears. Later, the other players hear him calling, saying he's found the exit. He hurries them along, but won't come to help when Dax is hurt. When they others fall down a chasm, all four players reappear at Quark's, miffed to find they were never in any real danger.

The Nagus: Odo wants Dr. Bashir to examine Grand Nagus Zek's body, but it has already been vaccuum dessicated--or has it? He does get to examine Quark after a bomb nearly kills the Ferengi.

Vortex: Bashir examines briefly the fallen Miradorn and confirms his death. He participates in a conference with the senior staff to decide what to do with Croden after he's held for the Miradorn's murder. He analyzes the locket Croden gave to Odo, declaring that it could be a distant cousin to Odo.

Battle Lines: Bashir calls Sisko from Airlock 14, where he was offloading some medical specimens, to tell him the Kai has arrived. He follows along on the Kai's tour and notes that she seems preoccupied. He wants to go on the runabout through the wormhole as well, and ensures Sisko that it's a slow day and won't interfere with his duties. Once through the runabout, Bashir points out a nearby star. When Kira reads a transmission and they go to investigate, Bashir reads lifeforms on the planet they are nearing. But he can't be sure if they are humanoid or not because of interference. He watches the hull temperature as the runabout crashes after a satellite attacks them. After the crash, he and Sisko pull the Kai from the runabout and he tries to revive her. He can't. He bows his head while Kira sings a lament but looks up when Sisko warns them of "company." He supports Kira when they are taken to Shel-la, the leader of their captors, the Ennis. He uses The Voice to demand his medical case so he can treat Kira's wounded arm. He expresses his regret to her at his inability to help the Kai. Sisko offers Bashir's services in return for protection from the Ennis's war. Bashir even suggests he could train others in field triage. The enemy attacks and Bashir tries to assess the wounded, but there's nothing he can do. He's very surprised when the Kai shows up again as he was very sure she was dead. Bashir reports a bio-mechanical presence in her system at a cellular level. He suggests that the runabout's computer may help to tell more. He is able to see the same microbes in Shel-la's system and realizes the microbes have brought the dead back to life. He wants to try and fix the runabout's computer and, with Shel-la's guarantee of his safety, Sisko allows it. He successfully fixes the computer but emerges from the runabout to find a council coming together. He confirms to Sisko that the microbes are artificial but the computer will need a few minutes more to finish its analysis. Sisko explains to him his offer to transport all the inhabitants off the planet, to which Bashir comments that it seems like assisting a jail break. Sisko dresses him down and Bashir excuses himself to check on the computer. When he comes out again, the two groups are fighting. He notices someone targeting Sisko for a thrown-hatchet but tackles Sisko to get him out of the way, explaining that he's found they can't afford die there even once. When the battle is over, he explains that when a body dies, it becomes dependent on the microbes for all cellular functions and that they will cease to function if they are removed from that environment. He listens in to O'Brien's transmission while keeping an eye on the reviving combatants. They return to the Kai to give her the news, but when Shel-la asks if they are leaving, Bashir explains to him why they can't take the Ennis along. He confides to Sisko a moral dilemma: He is sworn to protect life, but maybe they should help the Ennis and Nol-Ennis to end their torture. The microbes might be reprogrammed to allow them all to die. Shel-la latches on to the idea as an ultimate weapon, much to Bashir's disappointment and shock.
Battle Lines Screen Captures

The Storyteller: Bashir and a reluctant O'Brien head to Bajor to see a magistrate about a medical emergency. Bashir looks forward to the trip, seeing it as a chance for he and O'Brien to get to know each other better. After two hours of silence, he askes O'Brien if he annoys him and tries to engage him in small talk. He admits that O'Brien's opinion matters a lot to him and suggest that O'Brien call him by his first name. They beam down to a peaceful-looking village and find no sign of impending extinction, as the magistrate's message had hinted at. However, he is led to a sick, old man. When the old man wakes up, he asks if Bashir was sent by the Prophets but concludes that it isn't him but O'Brien that he has been waiting for. Bashir and O'Brien are sent out, confused. Bashir tells the magistrate there is nothing he can do for the old man, the Sirah, who is dying of old age. Later that night, Bashir tries to get the Sirah back to bed, but he goes out to face the Dal'Rok. Bashir and O'Brien try to determine what the Dal'Rok is, but it doesn't register on the tricorder at all. Bashir runs to the old man when he falls. He watches as O'Brien, prompted by the Sirah, leads the people to drive the Dal'Rok away. He proclaims the Sirah dead soon after. Back in the Sirah's house, he teases O'Brien about his new role. When O'Brien refuses the gifts brought to him as the new Sirah, Bashir accepts them for him. He and O'Brien set out to investigate the Dal'Rok scientifically, but Bashir has to hold back a throng that has come to seek the blessings of the new Sirah. He goes back to the house just in time to catch the Sirah's apprentice trying to kill O'Brien. A tussle ensues,, but the apprentice is thrown off. He explains to Bashir and O'Brien how the Sirah controlled the Dal'Rok. Bashir follows O'Brien and the apprentice outside to face the Dal'Rok, but when O'Brien fails, he prompts the apprentice to take over and save the village, as the Sirah had planned all along. They both run forward as O'Brien falls. He and O'Brien escape when the villagers are greeting their new, new Sirah, the former apprentice. On the station, Bashir tells O'Brien that he doesn't have to call him Julian.

Progress: Bashir treats the reluctant Mullibok and wants to take him back to the station even without his permission, but Kira won't let him. He reports back to Sisko and Sisko orders him to request that Kira stay on Jerrado for humanitarian reasons so that Kira won't be court-martialed. He complies, but has to stop to ask Sisko how long he should request that she stay.

If Wishes Were Horses: At dinner, Bashir tells Dax how he always thinks of her, and makes excuses for all the other women he's been eyeing. He gets the "friend" talk as she leaves him to go to Ops. Later, when he's sleeping, he dreams of Jadzia only to find her actually there when he wakes. He pushes her away at first, thinking she's sick. Or he's sick. Or he's hallucinating. Then he gives up the fight, but gets called to Ops before anything can happen. He thinks it's a joke, but when he gets to Ops, he sees a dead baseball player, Rumpelstiltskin, and the real Dax. He scans all three strangers (including the fake Dax) and declares them to be quite real. He has to keep taking the fake Dax's hands off of him. When he tells her he doesn't have time for her, she vanishes. He and the real Dax study the readings on a subspace disturbance and he tries to apologize for the fake Dax. She tells him it's not necessary but teases him just the same. The other Dax shows up and embarrasses him further by arguing with Jadzia. The computer finishes its analysis and he gets a break. He and the real Dax go to Ops. At a meeting about the disturbance, he comments on the lack of imagination manifestations at a similar anomaly. But at Ops, he watches the computer over Dax's shoulder as the subspace disturbance proves to be a rift like the other one and grows to threaten the station. The fake Dax tries to distract him but fails. He explains the seriousness of the situation but holds her when she asks. They are thrown to the floor when the rupture expands. The fake Dax is hurt and he tries to treat her. When she is stable and the station is saved, she fades along with all the other manifestations, but not before telling Bashir he is the best doctor in the galaxy.

The Forsaken: Bashir is chosen by Sisko to be keeper of a nosy bunch of ambassadors, an unhappy task which Sisko seems to enjoy putting on Bashir's shoulders. They give him a hard time but he tries hard to remain diplomatic. He's saved, in a sense, by the theft of Ambassador Troi's hair broach. While Troi is busy with Odo, Bashir bring sthe group to Ops, and rolls his eyes when they complain about him to Sisko. When something comes through the wormhole, he keeps the Vulcan ambassador from stepping on Dax's toes by telling him she's had three hundred years of experience. With Sisko's encouragement, he escorts them all from Ops. Sisko tries to give him a pep talk later, explaining that they've all had these kinds of assignments. He tells Bashir to just keep them happy. To which, Bashir says, "They are never happy. They are unhappy and they are dedicated to spreading that unhappiness wherever they go!" Meanwhile a new lifeform is loose on the station, wreaking havok. It starts a plasma explosion in a corridor near the guest quarters where Bashir was taking the ambassadors to wait out the problems caused by the lifeform. They are trapped. Bashir tries to open the door, but he is unable. When Kira and Sisko finally manage to cut their way into the corridor, it seems Bashir and the ambassadors have been burnt up. But they emerge from a wall compartment, covered in soot but safe, thanks to Bashir's quick thinking.

Dramatis Personae: Bashir is only one of several people effected by a telepathic matrix that causes the crew to divide up in a mutiny attempt. Bashir, though, seems to have his own agenda, which Odo uses to get Bashir to find a way to control the matrix. Bashir gives poison to a Bajoran who is unsuccessful in killing Sisko. Was he under Kira's orders? Or working on his own? Odo manipulates him smoothly into disrupting the matrix in the others as a way to "control" it. But of course, everyone is themselves again once it's disrupted.

Duet: Bashir is called when a Cardassian passenger of a docking vessel needs medical treatment for Calanora Syndrome--a disease caused by a mining accident at Gallitep Labor Camp--which Kira and her resistance cell liberated. But as Bashir continues to treat the Cardassian, the patient is jailed on suspicion of being a war criminal. It is Bashir, who traces the medical records of the prisoner, who finds that he has had cosmetic surgery to change his appearance into that of the war criminal.

In the Hands of the Prophets: Doctor Bashir, offscreen, is given a sample of cooked organic material to analyze. He comes to Ops to report that he has determined that the sample was human and a DNA test proves it was the missing Ensign Aquino and that he was killed by a phaser the night before Vedek Winn arrived on the station.


Season 2

The Homecoming: Bashir treats the liberated but injured Li Nalis, the hero of the Bajoran Resistance. He all-too-eagerly tries to get Li to talk about his glory days, but Li doesn't see them as glory days. He also treats Quark after the latter is branded by the Circle.

The Circle: Bashir comes to wish Kira good luck after she's reassigned and participates in a 3-or-4-way conversation/argument. Bashir, Sisko and some others go on an away mission to rescue Major Kira from the terrorist group, the Circle. But it's Bashir who spots Kira first and runs through crossfire to get to her. Just as he reaches her, he's shot himself, but she manages to pick up the comm badge he had for her and they are all beamed away. Back on the station, he tries to heal her wounds while she resists, saying they don't have time.

The Siege: Bashir and most other Starfleet officers decide to stay behind as long as possible on the station. He helps load one of the runabouts and confirms that Quark's name wasn't on the list for the Rio Grande. While complaining about the horrible Starfleet field rations, Bashir admits he designed a superior candy bar in med school. Bashir leads one of the groups of Federation and Bajoran citizens who've decided to stay on the station as guerrilla fighters until the truth about the Circle can reach Bajor. Bashir and his group easily capture one group of Bajorans sent to take the station. Later they provide a diversion--getting captured themselves--in order to let Li Nalis have time to talk the Bajoran General into giving up the fight. He's there as Li Nalis dies.

Invasive Procedures: Bashir is on the bridge when bad guys (in the form of one Trill, two Klingons, and a woman of some origin or other) arrive, claiming to be victims of the ion storm. They use subterfuge to get onto the station during the storm that caused the evacuation of all but a skeleton crew. They come to Bashir in the Infirmary to have him put Odo in stasis. Taking everyone hostage at Ops, they want Bashir to remove Dax's symbiont and put it into Verad, the Trill leader. He protests this will kill Jadzia but they don't care. Reluctantly he agrees, mainly because they shot O'Brien and threatened to keep shooting until he did--and because Jadzia says to. Still, he insists on treating O'Brien's phaser wound first, leaving instructions to Kira. He's taken to the Infirmary and tries to anesthetize Verad, who refuses. Bashir puts Jadzia to sleep and performs the transfer, after asking her to forgive him. He manages to keep Jadzia alive (with the reluctant help of one of the Klingons who was supposed to be guarding him) and with Quark's help, he even manages to subdue the Klingon. This allows them to release Odo and the rescue of the Dax symbiont is on. Once Verad is stunned, Bashir performs the surgery again, in reverse, returning Dax to Jadzia.

Cardassians: Bashir meets up with Garak in the Replimat and tries to get him to admit he's a spy. When a Cardassian boy shows up and then bites Garak, Bashir is on hand to treat the wound. He reports the attack to the senior staff after apologizing for being late to the staff meeting. He is with Sisko when they speak to the boy's Bajoran father. He speaks to the captain of the ship that brought the boy and his father and is told that the boy is abused. He is with Sisko again when they remote Rugal (the boy) from his father pending an investigation. He is led by Garak further into the mystery. Garak shows up at night and has him get dressed and request a runabout. Bashir wakes Sisko up to request a runabout, testing Sisko's patience, but a call from Dukat makes them both curious. Garak and Bashir travel to Bajor and back in order to find the truth in adoption records from a resettlement center. They are unable to find any records. They do find a person who worked at the center 8 years before who remembers the boy being brought in by a Cardassian military officer attached to Terok Nor. Bashir delivers this news, (much to Dukat's chagrin) during a hearing to decided custody of the boy.

Melora: Bashir enters a log, telling of the arrival of an Elasian (don't take my spellings for gospel, I could be very wrong) Starfleet officer coming to DS9. Since her planet has less gravity, she has a hard time functioning physically in the station's standard gravity. He greets her with Dax and a wheelchair. She is brusk and not entirely polite. He explains how to control the gravity in her quarters and she leaves them at the door. Bashir and Dax discuss with Sisko the option of Melora piloting a runabout alone intot he Gamma Quadrant. Bashir goes to lunch with Melora at the Klingon restaurant. He tells her of a time when he was 10 and his father was a diplomat on Invernia II. There was a storm and they found a sick Invernian girl. His father left after the storm cleared to get help, but the girl died. They learned after that there was a local herb that could have saved her. But she suprises her by saying he wanted to be a tennis player rather than a doctor. Until he found he wasn't so good at it after all. She takes his leave to get some rest. Bashir manages to break through her barriers though, and a romance ensues. But he also finds a treatment that can help to strengthen her to stand the higher gravity. The cost: she won't be able to go home again. --This episode also marks the first time we really hear anything about Bashir's childhood. He tells about being on Invernia II with his father. He was left alone, at age ten, with a young native girl who was sick, while his father went out, braving a severe ionic storm, to get help. But the girl died before help could arrive and they learned that a nearby plant could have saved her. He surprises her by saying he wanted to be a tennis player after that, until he learned he wasn't as good at it as he thought. She takes her leave to get some rest. He meets her in the infirmary after she falls and has to be helped up by Dax. She has no concussion and she's upset with herself. Bashir reminds her that no one is entirely independent. He tells her of a possible treatment to help her acclimate to the gravity. She invites him in to her quarters, but he at first declines, knowing how much she enjoys lowering the gravity. She invites him in anyway and turns down the gravity and he floats up toward the ceiling. She steadies him and they kiss. The scene fades out, leaving there rest of the night (thankfully) a mystery. After her mission, he explains again the possibilities of no servo controls or wheelchair with the therapy. He performs the first treatment of the therapy, but she doesn't feel any difference until she can wiggle her toes and lift her leg. He accompanies her to Ops to deliver her report until the treatment wears off. He escorts her to her quarters and warns her not to lower the gravity as it will confuse her muscles. The kiss and he leaves her for the night. She complains about her mattress being hard and they discuss the dangers of going back and forth between gravity levels. She would have to give up her home. Bashir is on the bridge when Melora and Dax are taken hostage in a runabout and Melora is shot while the culprit is speaking to Sisko. Sisko takes Chief O'Brien and Bashir to another runabout to follow them. After the first runabout stops, Sisko and Bashir beam aboard. Bashir examines Melora, who is alive. Later, in the Klingon restaurant, he explains that maybe the neuro-stimulants they'd been using may have saved her life. She finally tells him her decision to stop the treatments. She tells him she's glad she let him into her life but doesn't want to give up everything in her life for independence. She tells him she wants to remember all this.

Rules of Acquisition: Bashir treats Quark who has a slight head injury apparently from fainting after finding out Pel is a female.

Necessary Evil: Bashir treats Quark who has been shot and is left for dead. This sparks a mystery which Odo must solve. Bashir updates Odo on Quark's condition, saying the next few hours will tell the story.

Second Sight: Bashir is one of the guests at a famous terraformer, Gideon Seyetik's, dinner. He mentions having seen the terraformer's art at an exhibition, remembering it, mainly for being large. He tells the others he finds the man "remarkably entertaining." He is amused by the the terribly arrogant man. He enjoys the food at dinner. That's as much as I want to remember of this horribly forgettable episode.

Santuary: Bashir is at a meeting in Ops with the Skreeya leader, Kira, Dax and O'Brien. He asks in suprise if all the leaders of the Skreeya are ment. And then asks why she feels lucky to be the leader of the Skreeya. And he asks about the Torogorans, race that held them captive until the Dominion came.

Rivals: O'Brien goes to the raquetball court he made and finds Bashir in there stretching. Bashir puts his foot in his mouth, saying how saying how some of the best players he's ever played haven't known what they were doing, an inadvertant slight to O'Brien. He continues doing some very strange stretches. Bashir goes on to win. O'Brien complains to Keiko that Bashir was the captain of the team at medical school, sector champion. Bashir tells Dax that he thought O'Brien was going to drop from a hard attack. He kept trying to make excuses not to play game after game. He finally had to have his assistant call with a fake emergency. He says Chief O'Brien wants a rematch and it's going to kill him, then admits he might be exaggerating and that he doesn't want to humiliate him. He feels so bad, he can't eat. They play again and Bashir purposely plays badly. O'Brian also takes that as an insult and leaves in a huff. The next time they play, Bashir is called away for an emergency. Quark, unbeknownst to the two, sets up a tournament. Bashir is incredulous--and O'Brien is angry--but Quark says the proceeds will go to the Bajoran orphans for blankets, so they can't refuse. A lot of clumsy accidents keeps Bashir busy (offscreen) in the Infirmary. Bashir is doing pushups in the Infirmary when Quark comes in with a liquid, saying it's a gift, a medicinal brew, from the Bajoran monks. Bashir is nearly tempted but wants to know what's in it. He gets suspicious when he smells it. He then analyzes its contents. He finds enough anesthetic to keep him from even standing. Quark then admits it's because everyone is betting on him to win. He keeps trying to get Bashir to throw the match. Bashir says no, sayign the blankets will be provided to the orphans, by Quark, no matter what. Bashir doesn't play well anyway, missing a point and then breaking his raquet. O'Brien closes the transmission of the game, realizing that something is wrong. Bashir tests throwing the ball but it goes right to O'Brien and every time O'Brien does it goes right to O'Brien.

The Alternate: Bashir treats Dr. Mora, Dax and some other members of a team sent to study a planet that might hold a clue to Odo's origins. He explains his diagnosis to Commander SIsko. Later, Jadzia meets up with Sisko, saying that Bashir hid her clothes and told her she couldn't leave, but she snuck out anyway. Bashir explains that the lifeform that they brought back (and which has since died) needed more carbon dioxide than their atmosphere. Dax asks if he'd like to go to dinner, but Bashir says he needs to wrap some things up in the Infirmary. He hears something and goes to check on his patient in the darkened ward. Something comes down from the ceiling and grabs him by the neck, throwing him across the room. He grabs a laser scalpel and cuts it, so that it goes back up into the ceiling. Then he calls for security. He apologizes that he can't tell Sisko anything more about it and he isn't even sure if he injured it at all. It turns out the thing that attacked him is a transformed Odo. Bashir waits with the others for the Odo-creature to come to a forcefield trap. He's there to scan Odo after the forcefield is released. As Odo wakes up in the Infirmary, Bashir delivers what I think is a very funny line: "I prescribe rest, because it's hard for a doctor to go wrong with that one."

Armageddon Game: Bashir and O'Brien are with the T'lani and Kelleran, who are trying to find a way to destroy the Harvesters, a nasty chemical weapon the two peoples have been using in a long war. The two sides want peace now and Bashir finds a way to destroy the horrid weapon. They finally succeed at the 375th try. The Kelleran ambassador congratulates them. Bashir and O'Brien call Sisko with the good news. O'Brien gives Bashir the credit, but Bashir reponds with modesty, saying it was a team effort. Sisko suggests they stay one more night for the celebration with the Kelleran and T'lani. But just as the last cannister is about to be destroyed, troops come into the lab shooting everyone. Bashir and O'Brien attack the attackers and escape to the surface, but not until a drop of the Harvesters falls on the Chief's arm. He and Bashir beam down to a deserted (because everyone was killed by the Harvesters) planet and hold up until help can arrive. The T'lani and Kelleran ambassadors report to Sisko that O'Brien caused a terrible accident that killed everyond, including Bashir and O'Brien. On the planet, Bashir finds a box of supplies and goes to open it. O'Brien stops him, wanting to make sure they aren't boobie trapped. Bashir collects supplies and he and O'Brien discussed what happened, thinking the Kelleran broke the treaty. Bashir wants to keep moving, but O'Brien advises against it, saying they'd be picked up on sensors if they started moving. O'Brien finds a comm station and sets to trying to fix it. Bashir wants to help, admitting he took Engineering Extension courses at Starfleet Medical. Bashir says he'll inventory the supplies. AT DS9, the senior staff watch a video of the accident that killed everyone destroying the Harvesters. Bashir still wants to help, on the planet, but O'Brien just tells him to keep a look out. Bashir keeps talking and they talk about women, and marriage. Bashir admits he has fallen in love once. O'Brien asks if it didn't work out? Bashir says "Not quite. Close." Bashir says he thinks marriage is unfair to the spouses, of career officers like him. He nearly gets in trouble when he admits he's seen trouble between O'Brien and his wife. After a bit, O'Brien acts like he's cold. Bashir notices that, and also that he's quite pale. He pulls out a tricorder and confirms the exposure to Harvesters, where the drop had fallen on his arm. Later, O'Brien has a tough time seeing, so Bashir takes over with O'Brien guiding him. On DS9, Kira and Dax talk about Bashir. He had loaned Dax his medical school diaries, but she never got around to reading them. She admits to caring about him. Quark offers drinks on the house, to have a toast to O'Brien and Bashir. He complements them as good customers, high praise for a Ferengi. Back on the planet, Bashir shows O'Brien a subprocessor and O'Brien tells him how to clean it. Bashir keeps an eye on O'Brien as well, keeping him awake. And O'Brien asks about Bashir's "Not quite. Close." We learn she was a ballerina named Palice Dellon, but his career in Starfleet called him away. In the meantime, Bashir got the comm system running, but not transmitting. O'Brien tries to get up to take a look, but can't. His legs are paralyzed. Later, Bashir gets it working; O'Brien helping quietly. Bashir starts a distress signal, hoping the T'lani and not the Kelleran get to them first. Bashir keeps telling O'Brien not to give up. O'Brien tells him he was wrong about marriage, that marriage is the greatest adventure of them all. Bashir tells him he needs to rest. After a time, O'Brien wakes up coughing and Bashir encourages him to keep breathing. O'Brien asks if he ever talks to his ballerina and Bashir admits he hasn't. He hears footsteps and find the T'lani ambassador steps into the room, followed by the Kelleran ambassador and guards with guns. The ambassadors inform them that they have to kill all involved with the Harvesters project to insure peace. They are about to shoot when O'Brien makes them wait, so he can stand and die on his feet. Bashir apologizes for not getting them home. Just before the guards shoot, O'Brien and Bashir and beamed away. Bashir stabilizes O'Brien in the runabout. Sisko sets up a ruse so that he, Dax, O'Brien and Bashir get away. Back home on DS9, Bashir checks in on his patient, O'Brien. He admits he appreciates that O'Brien said it was an honor serving with him before they were going to be shot. Julian keeps talking until O'Brien, thankfully, cuts him off.

Whispers: Bashir catches O'Brien as he arrives in Ops and forces the Chief into his annual physical. O'Brien says he'll be there in an hour, after some coaxing by Sisko. Bashir finally gets to examin him. He's actually trying to find evidence that O'Brien isn't who he says he is, but he can find none. Another funny line: During the physical, Bashir remarks something along the lines of: "I know you don't like doctors." O'Brien replies: "It's not doctors, it's ...." And together: "You, Julian!" Bashir tries to drug him to "relax" him as O'Brien is getting too close to the truth. But O'Brien gets away from Bashir, Sisko, Odo, Kira.... Finally, a door opens and O'Brien sees Bashir working on O'Brien. He leaves to help the O'Brien who wasn't himself: a replicant. He discusses with the real O'Brien how they couldn't prove the replicant wasn't the real Chief O'Brien.

Paradise: Bashir is not in this one, though I'm sure he had to treat Sisko when the latter got back to the station.

Shadowplay: Bashir is not in this episode either.

Playing God: Bashir returns to the station from Starbase 41 with a Trill initiate in tow, whom he introduces to Dax. He tries to tell him he shouldn't be nervous. He gives, through Dax, a gift to O'Brien, who is trying to deal with Cardassian voles, "the solution you've been looking for" with a note: "It worked for Hamlin." He's in Ops when Dax gives her report of the mass she and the initiate ran into in the wormhole. The discuss what to do about this mass, which is a proto-universe, which could expand to displace the existing universe. Again, he is in Ops when the proto-universe, which now is found to have signs of life, is discuss and the area the proto-universe was in (in the Science lab) is destroyed as it expands. Bashir suggests beaming it into space, to get more time to come up wiht a solution.

Profit and Loss: Bashir is having lunch with Garak trying to figure out if Garak is a spy or an outcast and arguing about a Cardassian general who executed his own brother. As they are leaving, they spot Natima Lang, a Cardassian dissident and her students.

Blood Oath: A Dax episode. No Bashir.

The Maquis, Part I: Bashir is watching with others from Ops as Odo rants about security and Sisko has a heated disussion with Starfleet in his office. He accompanies Sisko and Kira on an away mission to try and rescue Dukat from his Maquis kidnappers. He's relunctantly prepared for the possibility that they may have to fire on Federation citizens. They are all captured by Cal Hudson and the Maquis.

The Maquis, Part II: Bashir and Kira stay behind, under guard, as Sisko and Hudson walk away to talk. Bashir, Kira, and Sisko are shot (stunned) by the Maquis. They all return to the station safely. Bashir does not return to Ops with Kira and Sisko though. Bashir is in the next away team that goes to the Maquis hideout to rescue Dukat. He even tries to smooth things by suggesting the Maquis and the Federation work together to stop the arms shipments. When fighting breaks out, Bashir stuns one of the Maquis while Sisko shoots a couple others. Bashir confiscates the captured Maquis' phasers. He's at Ops when they discuss the attack on the depot and their response to it. He notes the odds (3 runabouts to 2 Maquis ships) are in their favor. He is in one of the runabouts with O'Brien as they wait for the Maquis to attack. They go to the Orinoco to help Kira and Dax when their navigational array was taken out by the Maquis in the fight.

The Wire: Bashir and Garak walk along the Promenade with small talk. Bashir yawns and admits he was up late reading The Neverending Sacrifice. He felt it was a little dull in parts; it got redundant. Garak begins acting strangely while waiting in line at the Replimat for his weekly lunch with Bashir. Bashir notes that he's in pain, but Garak refuses to come to the Infirmary. Garak even insults Bashir, saying he is tired of "humoring" him and has lost his appetite. Bashir admits he doesn't know what that was all about when Kira asks. Later Bashir arrives on the Promenade's upper level late in the day and watches Garak speaking to Quark. He goes to Quark after Garak leaves and asks Quark what they were talking about. He doesn't truly believe Quark's response. He refuses Quark's offer of Saurian brandy and a holosuite. Bashir treats Sisko's throat and tells him not to yell at admirals anymore. He had called for O'Brien to help work on some of the medical equipment. He'd like to get some Cardassian medical files. O'Brien says it could take 2 or 3 weeks, and Bashir says "that is that" and thanks him. Quark calls Bashir to his bar where he finds Garak very drunk. He pretends to join Garak but says it's too noisy and maybe they should go somewhere quieter. Garak says they can go to his quarters and Bashir says that's fine but he has to stop by the Infirmary first. Garak catches on and insists Bashir give his his bottle of kanar back. Bashir hands it behind his back to Quark and promises to return the bottle, in the Infirmary. Garak collapses at his feet and Bashir has them both transported to the Infirmary. He finds an implant in Garak's brain. It's a mystery because it seems to have been there for years but has only bothered him in the last few days. He suggest Odo check with Quark as to what he was really talking about with Quark. He questions if it's legal for Odo to monitor all Quark's communications. He sees Odo's point then in finding out what happened. He agrees to meet Odo at 0200 at the Security Office to watch Quark's transmission. Bashir says he hopes Odo doesn't have one of those in his quarters. They learn it has something to do with the Obsidian Order. He wonders if the Order put the implant in Garak's head. He returns to the Infirmary to find that Garak had left. Bashir goes to Garak's quarters and opens it with his emergency medical override. He finds Garak medicating himself. He insists Garak return to the Infirmary. Bashir tells him that Quark isn't coming and that he couldn't get the item he requested. He refuses to give Garak his hypospray back. He still wants to get Garak to the Infirmary but he refuses. Bashir asks if the implant is a punishment device. Garak laughs but Bashir wants to know what it's for. Bashir wants to know so he can remove it. Bashir wants to know why it is now malfunctioning. Garak admits he'd become addicted to the implant and it's been on for 2 years. Bashir asks if he's just going to give up and let them win. Another great line. Garak: "Doctor, did anyone ever tell you that you are an infuriating pest?" Bashir: "Chief O'Brien, all the time, and I don't pay any attention to him either!" Garak tries to push him away, telling him that he's done terrible things, and he tells him a story. He is disgusted by Garak's admission but Bashir says he's a doctor and Garak is his patient and that's enough. He tells him they have to turn off the device and he will help Garak through it. Garak tells him where to find the device and he shuts it off. He stays with him but has some medical equipment brought in. Odo wants to ask Garak some questions but Bashir will not allow it until Garak is no longer his patient. Bashir returns to Garak and stays with him all night and into the next day. Garak finally wakes up and his crying wakes Bashir, who had fallen asleep in a chair. He tries to calm Garak but Garak is aggressive, breaking his belongings and tossing a table. He tells another story, changing some of the details from before. Bashir takes it all in, even when Garak says he hates him, but still insists Garak lie down. Garak attacks him and they struggle over the bed. Garak collapses again. He tries to keep Garak from dying. Garak wakes up in time to refuse having his implant turned back on, a suggested by Bashir's nurse to buy more time. Garak tells him another story yet, the "truth" about the other stories. Garak asks for forgiveness, and Bashir grants it, for whatever Garak did. Bashir goes to the Arowath Colony in Cardassian space and find the former head of the Obsidian Order, Enabran Tain himself, in order to find the information he needs to save Garak's life. He beams into someone's quarters and Tain arrives and introduces himself. He calls Bashir by name, his whole name. He had alerted security that Bashir was coming. He offers Bashir his favorite tea, and how he drinks it. Garak offers to tell him everything he knows about medicine, biology and tennis. He tells Tain that Garak is dying and confirms that he is trying to save him. He wants Tain's help in saving him. He admits his knowledge of Cardassian biochemistry is limitted and reminds Tain of his own words, that information is his business. Tain says he'll get the data. He's disgusted by Tain's reasons, that Garak live a long time in misery surrounded by people who hate him. He takes a minute more to ask about Garak's friend, Elim. Tain says Elim is Garak's first name. Bashir beams back to his runabout and returns tot he station. He sits at the Replimat, twirling his fork, when Garak shows up. He says Garak should be in bed but Garak says he feels fine. He questions when Garak acts like nothing ever happened. He gets another book from Garak and says he doesn't Garak to spoil the ending. He wants to know which stories Garak saw were true. Garak assures him that all of them were true, especially the lies. A very good Bashir episode.

Crossover: Bashir and Kira are returning from New Bajor where they helped set up a new hospital. Kira would like to meditate and Bashir annoys her by telling her stories about studying meditation and doing some wierd breathing. And then he annoys her with his opinion of Bajoran music. He continues annoying her in various ways, though he never means to. As Kira takes them out of warp, the runabout loses stability. They come out of the wormhole and don't find DS9 waiting for them. They find it orbiting Bajor. A vessel approaches and they are boarded by Klingons. They escort the runabout back to the station. As they exit the airlock at the station, Garak meets them. Another Kira arrives, too. They are in the Mirror Universe. Bashir asks where they are and is told Terok Nor. The other Kira won't let them return. She orders Bashir to be taken below and put to work. Bashir is taken to Ore Processing and introduced to his keeper, Odo. He's asked his designation and gives his name. He gets slapped. He is forced to say "Sir" and gets slapped to learn it. He can't say why he doesn't have a designation. He is asked what he has been doing if never processing ore or mining. When he answers "Practicing medicine", he's slapped again. And then he's shoved over to start working. Kira does try to stop the other Kira, the Intendant, from killing Bashir, by saying he was a privileged Terran and he needed to learn how the other half lives. Bashir looks up and sees Kira there. Odo lets her talk to him. She asks how he is and he answers, "Learning a new trade." He asks if she found out what happened, and she mentions James Kirk. Bashir realizes then what happened. Kira has to leave to try to get help and Bashir has to get back to work. At a meal break, Bashir gives his food away then goes to talk with Miles O'Brien. He says O'Brien and he are best friends and tells him that he's Chief of Operations over there. He tells him other details about the other O'Brien. Bashir asks him about transporters. Bashir says they think a transporter will help them get back. O'Brien thinks he just made it all up to get some help and says "I'm not your friend!" Garak wants Kira to betray the Intendant and take her place. He'll kill Bashir if she refuses. Kira returns to visit Bashir and tells him they can't stay. He asks what has happened. Kira says she doesn't have time but to watch his back. They need to get back through the wormhole. She says she'll try to find a way to get him out. He mentions Quark having helped people but she says it's too late for Quark. He should take his chance if he sees one. Later, Odo kicks Bashir to get him working again. He'd fallen asleep. He says he has a lot to learn and it's a shame it's going to be his last night on the job. A thorium leak causes commotion and Bashir takes his chance, taking a phaser from a guard and making for the door. Odo tries to shoot him and Bashir shoots first, killing him. He ducks into an access tunnel to get away and finds O'Brien, called "Smiley" by the Sisko there. O'Brien doesn't want to see him, but Bashir just wants him to tell him where the runabout pads are. O'Brien says he can't help, they'd kill him. Bashir tells him he's already dead and heads off. O'Brien tells him it's the wrong way and asks if there's room on his ship for him. Bashir says Starfleet would have a problem but to hell with them. They set off together. They are caught fairly quickly and brought to the party where both Kiras are. The Intendant tells him they his side has a lot to learn and that Terrans do not murder their superiors. She tells Garak to set an example with Bashir, letting him die slowly on the promenade for all to see and hear. She says Bashir will be taking Smiley with him, but not where he thought. Garak starts to take them away but Sisko stops them, pulling out his gun. His crew backs him up, as does our Kira. They all leave with Bashir and Smiley and make their get away. Bashir suggests they follow he and Kira back to their side. Bashir says Smiley is still welcome, but he decides to stay with Sisko. Bashir and Kira take off quickly and they head to the wormhole. A Klingon cruiser fires at them. Bashir calls out the shield strength and reports they're hit. They enter the wormhole.

The Collaborator: Bashir really wasn't in this one.

Tribunal: Bashir, Kira, Dax and Sisko go to the cargo bay in tracking down O'Brien's movements after O'Brien is accused of a crime against Cardassia, which proves to be providing photon warheads from that bay. He doesn't believe it even though a security log recording plays O'Brien's voice. Bashir is with Dax when they prove that the voice in the logs was reconstructed from a recording. Later, a Maquis approaches Bashir in his dark Infirmary to tip them off that Boone (the forger) isn't a Maquis as it was thought. A couple security guards bring Boone to the Infirmary where Bashir and Sisko are waiting. They asks questions about his behavior in the last 8 years and Bashir notes that the odd behavior began just after Setlik III, a battle in the Cardassian Border Wars. Sisko insists Boone submit to an exam by Bashir and he tries to run but is forced into a chair and Bashir begins. Offscreen, he proved Boone was a Cardassian, because Boone's appearance with Sisko shook up the Cardassian court.

The Jem'Hadar: Bashir is in Ops with the senior staff (minus Sisko) when the Odyssey's captain arrives. He questions most of their combat experience. Bashir states they fought the Maquis but the captain is not impressed. He is in the Orinoco with Kira when they, the Mekong and the Odyssey (a Galaxy-class vessel) go through the wormhole. He asks where their welcome is. He picks up something on forward scanners, and the Odyssey confirms the ships coming. Bashir tells Kira to hang on as he banks. The runabouts are going after the Jem'Hadar to take pressure of the Odyssey. He spots a Jem'Hadar ship making a direct run at the Odyssey. Kira tells him to move to intercept but they aren't fast enough. The Odyssey is destroyed. Bashir and the other return to the wormhole and the station. He is in Ops with the others when Eris (held prisoner with Sisko and Quark) arrives. Sisko and Quark come in behind her and Sisko is armed. She beams away and Bashir asks to where, because there are no ships in the area.


Season 3

The Search, Part I: Bashir is in Ops with the senior staff, headed by Kira as Sisko's away. He replies to the statement that the similutions say they would lose in 2 hours against the Dominion wouldn't even be enough time to get reenforcements from Bajor and the casualties would be appalling. He goes to Dax's station as a cloaked ship comes in and Sisko hails them. In the Ward Room, the senior staff--including Bashir--are introduced to the Defiant. Bashir asks what if they Domiinion doesn't believe they want peace. The next morning, he complains about having to download the station's medical database since there was none on the Defiant. He leaves the bridge to help Odo find quarters, saying he has to return to "what's laughingly called a Sickbay." He leads Odo to Quark's quarters and explains that there's no other room as much of the quarters don't even have life support, besides, it would be good to have someone look after Quark. Quark says he takes that as an insult, to which Bashir replies that he should. He is at the Situation table (for lack of a better term) as they approach a communications satelite. He doesn't quite understand when Sisko says he should have taken Quark up on an offer for new replicators. When alarms go off, he reports three Jem'Hadar ships heading toward them. He protests leaving behind Dax and O'Brien on the communications satelite to continue the search for the Founders. T'Rul (the Romulan running the Defiant's cloaking device) says they are expendable and he argue that no one is expendable. He is not happy when Sisko orders them to proceed with the search. He later asks Sisko what he thinks will heppen to Dax and O'Brien. He says Odo doesn't sound like himself when he refuses to come to the bridge. When the Jem'Hadar do attack, he asks how they penetrated the cloak. The helm officer is killed and Bashir takes the helm and even destroys one Jem'Hadar ship. He takes evasive maneuvers but then reports three more Jem'Hadar ships approach. He reports losing helm control just before the Defiant is boarded. When Jem'Hadar appear on the bridge, and fights and even takes one down. But he is later captured from behind. Then he, Sisko, and T'Rul are overpowered.

The Search, Part II: Bashir and Sisko are in a damaged shuttle, and Bashir is pretending to sleep while Sisko records a dreary log. He is still optomistic enough to make jokes--or maybe he's just resigned to his fate. They are caught by what appears to be a tractor beam and aim their phasers toward the back of the shuttle. But then O'Brien and Dax show up and return them to the station where negotiations are underway. He is welcomed back by Garak on the Promenade and they share some small talk/banter, then Garak asks him to lunch. Bashir hopes Garak's worries about the negotiations. He meets T'Rul and she's upset bout the Romulans being left out of the negotiations. He thinks it must be a mistake, but she she lets him know this could mean war. Bashir and Garak have synthail in Quark's. Bashir wants to know how Quark got the information the negotiations are going to be finallized. Bashir really starts to be suspicious when the Jem'Hadar are allowed to beat O'Brien for a minor problem. He nearly gets beat himself when he tries to stop it. He calls to speak to Sisko about it. After Sisko is arrested, Julian, Garak, and Dax break him out. He helps Garak carry Eddington out of the office. Bashir gets a phaser as Dax is handing them out. He comments that this is the end of their Starfleet careers, though Garak reminds them all that it's silly to worry about their careers when they'll likely not survive. They make a run for the runabout pads where O'Brien is waiting. Garak gets them out of a sticky situation but is killed in the attempt. Bashir reluctantly leaves him behind and the runabout lifts off on the way to destroy the wormhole. Kira find them in a cave on the rogue planet where she and Odo found the changelings, the Founders of the Dominion. They are unconscious, going through a simulation to see what would happen if the Dominion made incursions into the Gamma Quadrant. Odo orders them to be released, saying whatever the changelings do to them, they have to do to him. The changelings won't harm him so they let them go. Kira explains briefly. They see another shapeshifter. Then they beam up to the Defiant.

The House of Quark: Bashir scans a Klingon that tussled with Quark and fell on his own knife. He and Odo question what happened. Bashir meets O'Brien one afternoon and O'Brien shows him a design for an arboretum and wants to know what he thinks. Bashir thinks it will be good for Keiko. Then he says that it will work, but for about 2 months. In the end, he'll still have to solve the underlying problem. He says this would be like a hobby, and that can't substitute a profession with a hobby. She needs to be a bontanist to be happy.

Equilibrium: Bashir is with the senior staff for a dinner a Sisko's quarters. He asks where Sisko learned to cook. He mentioned he doesn't like beets. When Sisko says they are a very understood vegetable, Bashir says he looks forward to understanding them better. Dax arrives and says she's starving. Bashir says "I hope you like beets!" and then gives Sisko a sheepish grin. When Jadzia comments that none of Dax's hosts had any musical ability, Bashir replies that life isn't fair. Then after she plays a bit, he says it's lovely and Dax angrily tells him to be quiet. Bashir tries to treat Dax, after she has hallucinations. He reports that her isoboramine levels are quite low after asking if she had any hallucinations in the past. He says the only trauma for Dax previously was an accident with Torias, who was in a shuttle accident and in a coma for six months until they removed the symbiont. Dax asks if she's in danger of rejecting her symbiont and he doesn't think they're there yet, but he suggests they take her to the Trill homeworld for the doctors there to take a look. On the way, he asks how long it will be. He admits he doesn't want anything to happen to her. Dax comes to his quarters in the night. She's having trouble sleeping and Bashir offers to get her something. She just wants company and she asks if he was busy. But he's just been reading. She admits a worry about going back to the Symbiosis Commission. He says it was important they have the right candidates or both the host and symbiont could die. She admits she's afraid of doctors. Julian tells her that he was too. They had the power over life or death. He used to think that, if he was bad, they would make him sick. He wanted to know what they knew. In the end, as he was learning, he realized he just wanted to help people. "Now if that little story didn't put you to sleep, I don't know what will." "You're a very dear man, Julian," Dax replies, kissing him on the cheek. He lets her sleep in his quarters and even gives her the bottom bunk. He climbs to the top and tries to read again, but asks if the light is too bright. But she's already asleep so he wishes her gsweet dreams. Later, on Trill, he asks if they did a biospectral scan on the symbiont. A doctor comes in and introduces herself. Bashir asks about the test results. She shows him what they have done. She says Bashir can administer further treatments. They go back to Defiant and Bashir insists she go to her quarters to sleep. She nearly hits Bashir as she comes out of a hallucination in which she was being attacked. He tries to calm her. Back on Trill, he admits he doesn't understand why she had another hallucination. The Trill doctor says to slow the treatments. Bashir suggests she might still have issues she needs to work out from her time there. She suggests going to the guardians and he asks who they are. They go to the caves where the symbionts breed. He goes to talk to a guardian, and Jadzia warns him not to be surprised if he acts strange as they're not used to visitors. Bashir asks what he's doing. The man asks about the weather outside and Bashir tells himit's nice and sunny. Then the man goes to Dax and says her balance is off and the problem must be in a host. He leads her away. Back on Defiant, Bashir plays the music Dax couldn't quite remember. He asks if Joran Belar's name is familiar. She collapses after viewing a picture of him. Bashir says she's in neural shock. They take her back to Trill. Bashir stands by as the Trill doctors work on her. The Trill doctor asks about the wormhole and Bashir asks if she thinks there's a connection. He and Sisko return to the caves and the guardian. He is cagey now, but they press him. Bashir says they want him to return to the Symbiosis Commission. When the guardian leaves, Bashir says he's not busy but scared. And that he can't think of a better reason to investigate than that they don't want them to. They leave to findout more about Belar. On Defiant, Bashir pulls up the information on Belar. They find his birth and death dates only. He checks and finds there was data deleted. They find that he died the same day Torias died. Then Sisko has him check enrollment for music academies. They find a relative and contact him. Bashir asks if he remembers the name of Torias Dax. Sisko has Bashir call up Dax's records again. Back on Trill, they arrive just after they decide to remove the symbiont. Bashir says they know about Joran Belar. Bashir says Dax's memory block is coming undone. Bashir asks how many people are suitable for joining. Maybe one in a thousand, so they're put through rigorous testing. He asks what would happen if a symbiont was given to an unsuitable host. But Joran didn't reject the symbiont in days, like she suggests, but was joined for six months. When Jadzia wakes up, she takes Julian's hand and he says she has a decision to make. Back on DS9, Jadzia tells Sisko Bashir came by to see if she was okay just fifteen minutes before Sisko did.

Second Skin: Bashir looks for Garak but finds his shop closed. He finds him in the Replimat and sits down at the table with him. Garak asks about his trip to Kleistron IV (spelling?) and Bashir briefly tells him about a new burn treatment they developed. Bashir tells him that he can leave the station if he wants after Garak says he hasn't left the station but once. He tells Garak perhaps he's too paranoid and asks if the Cardassians would kill him if he tried, to which Garak assures him his imagination is too vidid. Later Bashir, in the Infirmary, closes down for the night. Garak meets him as he is about to walk out the door. He invites him for a late night snakc, though Bashir is quite tired. Until Garak says he has important news about Major Kira. Bashir treats Kira offscreen, returning her to her Bajoran appearance, after her abduction and transformation by the Cardassian Obsidian Order. She said he verified she's genetically Bajoran.

The Abandoned: Bashir exams a baby Quark found in a load of salvage he bought. He notest the incredible matabolism of the baby but can't tell his species just yet. He and Jadzia look on as Sisko picks the baby up. Bashir agrees to keep Sisko informed about him. He later calls Sisko down to the Infirmary to show him that the baby is not a bay anymore. He's a child. He estimates the child, who looks to be eight or nine years old but he's only about two weeks old. He promises to get the child some food soon. Then they step away and discuss the boy's advanced cognitive ability and speech, which developed without any external stimuli. In the Replimat, Bashir talks with Dax about the boy's genetic engineering. He notes that the boy is missing a key enzyme and he's trying to come up wit a replacement. He's called teo the Infirmaty. Before he gets there, he runs into the boy in the hall. He tries to talk him back into the Infirmary but is punched to the floor. In the Ward Room, Sisko tells the senior staff that the boy, a Jem'Hadar, is to be transferred to a facility at Starbase 201. Bashir agrees with Odo that the boy can't be treated like a specimen. The others leave so that Sisko can speak to Odo privately. Bashir goes to Security to try and help the Jem'Hadar. He tries to keep him calm and tells him he's trying to help him. Odo drops the forecefield and tells the child to sit down and he admits that something is wrong and gives his symptoms. Bashir says he's going through withdrawal and he's got some stop-gap measures for a replacment. Odo makes the boy let Bashir run the tests. Bashir had left to get some equipment and returns to begin the tests. O'Brien shows Odo a machine with tubes on it. They think it might be the enzyme and Odo says he hopes Doctor Bashir can confirm it. Bashir shows the tube inserted in the youth's neck for delivery of the enzyme and says he'll have to test to see what the right dosage is before he'll know how long the supply will last. The boy wants to stay with Odo and Bashir says he doesn't need to stay in the Infirmary so long as he can monitor his condition regularly.

Civil Defense: Bashir is in Ops when a buried Cardassian security program takes over the station after a perceived "worker revolt in ore processing." He states the computer must think the station is still under Cardassian rule. He asks "Now what?" as Oops is sealed after Dax tries working on the computer directly. He states there must be a general dampening field in place when communicatiosn are cut off between Ops and Commander Sisko. Kira shoots a door control and Bashir opens the door but there's a forcefield in place. Bashir mentions he's been there three years and just starting to think of the station as home. He treats Dax when her hands are burnt by a force field. When Garak arrives, Bashir asks if he can use his seemingly still active security clearance to stop the program. Then he agrees that destroying life support is the only way to stop neurocine gas from killing everyone in the Habitat Ring. He looks on in horror as a recording of Gul Dukat says the station will self-destruct in two hours. He asks Dax how her hands feel and apologizes for not being able to repair her tissues. When they decide to try and cut out the sensors so that Garak won't be scanned and found to not be Dukat, he asks if they can do that without anyone else getting hurt. He smiles and Garak asks him why and he says he wonders where a tailor learned to rewrite access codes. He ducks when a device in the replicator starts shooting at people. He ducks under the Ops table and he attempts to retrieve Kira's phaser from it when but the device stops him. When Dukat arrives smirking, Bashir asks if he can help or not. He goes for the Kira's phaser again when Dukat uses the replicator to make red leaf tea. But Dukat warns him and the device starts shooting again. He tries to warn Garak as he stands up, but Garak realizes that it is only targeting non-Cardassians. Dukat turns off the device and Bashir and the others get up. When Dukat tries to leave, the program takes it as cowardice and locks him out. Bashir and the others in Ops, including Garak and Dukat gather around the Ops Table to try and stop the desctruction. When Dax suggests that they can shut down the laser fusion intiator for the reactor core on Deck 34, Bashir states that no one can get through the forcefields now. He is amused by Garak, but only so far. He tells Garak that his ribbing of Dukat isn't helping as time grows short. He watches as Dukat tries to reactivate the neutralizer emitters (so they can cause an overload) and braces himself during the overload.

Meridian: Bashir reports the second planet a system the Defiant is near is M class. He's there on the bridge when a planet just appears and they hail the ship. He beams down with the senior staff to the planet, Meridian, for "first meal." Bashir asks about the other dimension and remarks that it has some advantages when the Meridians say they only age when they are in this, corporeal, dimension. Bashir jokes that he feels sorry for Quark as he always felt he had a chance with Jadzia and that Quark lets her win at Tongo. Bashir checks Jadzia out after 6 hours in a transporter, which was set to alter her physiology so she could transition to the other dimension with her new love. He watches and says goodbye as Meridian begins to transition. But he notes intense seizemic activity, and states that something is acting like an anchor. They realize it's Dax and Bashir tells O'Brien to get her out of there.

Defiant: After Kira yells at him, Julian orders her, using that voice of his--the one where you have no choice but to obey--to relax by taking her to Quarks and ordering her to have a good time.

Fascination: Bashir laments Keiko and Molly's absense to O'Brien's surprise. Bashir asks him how many games of raquetball they have played. When O'Brien answers fifteen, Bashir corrects him with "Seventy." O'Brien tells him they'll only be back for two days and then gone again for four months. Bashir complains that that is another hundred and fifty games and he doesn't think his elbow can take it. He suggests that maybe there's someway to convince Keiko to stay. Offscreen, Bashir prescribed medicine for a sick Molly. Bashir is dressed in civies for the Gratitude Festival and smiles as Jadzia joins him as they watch teh ceremony. Everyone starts getting headaches. First, Lwaxana Troi, who is Betazed's representative for the Festival. Then Bareil and then Jake. Things begin to go downhill after that. Finally, Sisko calls Bashir to meet him in the Infirmary to examine Dax, who is coming on to Sisko. Bashir suggests they've both been victims of a practical joke. Bashir and Odo escort Troi to Sisko's Gratitude party in the Ward Room. Kira meets them and explains the strange things going on: Bareil going after Dax, Jake going after Kira. Bashir realizes there's something going on and tells her about Dax and Sisko. He excuses himself to go to the Infirmary but gets a headache. Kira decides to join him. Then they get to the Infirmary, they grab each other and start kissing. Sisko calls Bashir again after Dax gooses him. He tells Odo to go get Dr. Bashir and bring him to the Ward Room. Meanwhile, Bashir and Kira can't let go of each other. Bashir says that it's very embarassing and they both say they need to stop. Odo shows up and Bashir says to tell Sisko that he'll be there shortly. Odo insists and Bashir and Kira head off. Bashir and Kira enter the Ward Room, still kissing. He tells Sisko he needs his help to get away from Kira, that he can't take his hands off her. Kira concurs the same about him. Quark goes to get Bashir who is in the corner with Kira, and waves him toward Bareil, who got knocked out by Dax. Sisko finally figures out it's something to do with Troi. In the Infirmary, Bashir diagnoses Xanthi fever and explains it to Sisko. He says there would have to be a preexisting latent attraction on a subconscious level. He says everyone will be back to normal in a day or two. He excuses himself to go to Kira, but Sisko tells him he should postpone that for a day or two. As O'Brien leaves the airlock from saying goodbye to Keiko again, Bashir throws a raquet to him.

Past Tense, Part I: The senior staff has been asked to report about the Gamma Quadrant and an annual symposium on Earth. When Kira and Dax comment on the blue waters, he notes that there is no place like home, no matter the color of the water. O'Brien complains about one of the admirals and Bashir tells him that he's welcome to join them as all the senior staff was invited, but O'Brien doesn't want to go. Sisko, Bashir, and Dax beam down but end up unconscious. Sisko and Bashir are prodded awake by security officers. They are confused and Bashir asks where they are and where Starfleet Headquarters is. They find out they are in 2024. Dax was not far from them but not seen by the officers. Bashir and Sisko discuss what happened. Sisko reassures him that the first thing they do is to try to find Dax and then get home. They are put into a Sanctuary District. Bashir admits this part of history was too depressing so he's not too familiar with it. He asks why the people are in the Sactuary Districts, whether they are criminals. The officers process them into the system and find they have no fingerprint IDs or interface accounts, so Bashir suggests that if they don't exist, they could let them go. But the officer gives them forms to fill out and tells them to sit down. Bashir complains after three hours but gets rebuffed by the cynical officer. When he sits back down, he tells Sisko that some of the people there are mentally ill and need medical treatment. Sisko asks if he is familiar with the Bell Riots, which are apparently only a few days away. Bashir asks how bad the riots will be. Sisko explains what will happen, that hundreds will be killed. Bashir doesn't like it but knows he's constrained by Starfleet Temporal Policy. Sisko encourages him that the riots will be a watershed because Gabriel Bell will give his life to save hostages, the Sanctuary Districts will be torn down and the underlying problems will finally be addressed. The officer interrupts to tell them their next and they go to meet a social worker. She questioned the forms, as they aren't dims. She's pleasantly surprised and would have processed them sooner if she'd known they were Gimmies. Bashir asks about the Dims though, shouldn't they get help? She asks if they have jobs lined up or have a place to stay. Since they can't find their friend and they don't have a place, they'll have to stay in the District. Sisko asks how they are supposed to find jobs or a place to live if they're forced to stay in the District. She tells them to be patient and gives them ration cards. She says they can stay anywhere they like in the District. She tells them to stay away from District Security and Ghosts, people who haven't integrated well. It's night as they try to find a place but are turned away again. Bashir complains that all the buildings can't be full, but Sisko explains that it's possible because of the overcrowding. Bashir is distressed. The people could live a normal life with the right treatment, even in this day and age, if anyone gave a damn. Sisko says they do, but don't know how to deal with them. Bashir thinks that's worse, to forget how to care. He wonders if humans are really any different, would they stay true to their ideals, if they are pushed too far or frightented enough. Sisko says it's his job to make sure they never have to find out. They see someone being beaten and robbed, and Sisko has to hold Bashir back. The ghosts' leader, BC, smarmily introduces himself and welcomes them to the District. They walk on after being confronted with sarcasm and veiled threats. In the morning, Sisko brings breakfast to the concrete stairwell they managed to sleep in for the night. Bashir promises never to complain about the station's Cardassian beds again. Sisko suggests they should get on a roof and look for a way out. The approach a building but are brushed off again, though Bashir suggests a trade and as they leave, one them takes them up on it. They trade clothing. As they head toward a roof, they find a sick boy and his father, but his father pulls a knife on them. Bashir approaches and asks what happened. The man says his son was beat up by some ghosts. Sisko warns him but Bashir says he just wants to look, the he knows a little about medicine. He presses on the boy's chest and asks if it hurts. He finds no broken ribs and tells his father to find some clean rags; the boy will be fine. The man says the District could use another doctor, but Bashir tries to brush him off. The man says the only help they'll get is from each other. He thinks they need to get organized but Sisko insists he leave them out of it. The next night, Bashir and Sisko are waiting for dinner around a fire in a barrel and Bashir complains that it will be breakfast time before they get dinner. Sisko goes away and the ghosts they met earlier try to rob Bashir of his food card. Sisko returns in time and tells them to leave him alone and a fight ensues. Another man comes to their aid and joins the fight, but BC stabs him. Sisko tells Bashir to help him, and Bashir tries but says he's gone. They have to leave before Security shows up. They run into an alley and down into a stair well and cover up. Security goes by them. And Sisko says the man who died was Gabriel Bell. Bashir laments that if he'd had his medkit or got him to a hospital, he could have helped him. He worries how this will affect the future. Sisko says they have to make sure the hostages Bell would have saved survived. They go back the man who wants to organize, Webb, saying they've changed their minds about getting involved. He says they'll hold a rally the day after tomorrow, to remind those outside that they're not criminals. Sisko says they'll spread the word. Bashir and Sisko do go around telling folks about the rally, but alarms start going off and they catch Webb's son, who says everythings going crazy. Fires start and people are shouting and attacking the security guards. Sisko takes a gun they took and Bashir gets the guard off the street and into the processing center, where ghosts have taken prisoners. Bashir asks the ghost what he thinks he's doing. Sisko tells him to do as the ghost said and put the guard with the other hostages. Bashir is shocked when Sisko says his name is Gabriel Bell.

Past Tense, Part II: Bashir and Sisko are with the hostage takers in the Sanctuary Districts. Sisko wants to barracade the windows and Bashir explains that snipers could pick them off through the windows. He stops BC from hurting one of the hostages who gets hysterical when Sisko deflects a gun shot. He throws a shotgun to Sisko after he gets up from tackling the officer who tried to shoot BC. He then helps Sisko set the benches against the windows and he admits being concerned about Sisko, since Bell gets killed when the building is stormed. Sisko tells him he's not Bell, but Bashir says they're the only ones that know that. They go with BC and one of the guards to check the networks for news of what's going on. Webb enters and Sisko and Bashir join him. Sisko wants him to bring Gimmies in. Bashir says there's no telling what could happen with the ghosts. He stands by as Webb logs onto the interface and tries to transmit their statement and demands. But the connection is cut off. Bashir tells the older security guard to quiet down when he's mouthing off. He's still with Webb as the police contact him. Bashir takes the social worker back after BC brings her to the screen to show the hostages are alive. He returns to Webb and then Sisko leaves him in charge of keeping the hostages alive as Webb go to meet the detective and Sisko goes with him. He goes to check on the social worker. He finds her hypoglycemic and proves to her he's a doctor. He says he'll try and get her some medicine, or a candy bar in the meantime. He explains that Sisko, who is saying he's Bell, got into some trouble and didn't want to use his name before. He listens as she tells about a woman with a warrant she let into the Sanctuary. He tells her it's not her fault things are the way they are, to which she replies that every tells themselves that and nothing ever changes. Later, Bashir finds Webb's son and brings him in. Bashir found some medicine and gives the woman an injection in her leg. He asks the younger guard if a picture he's holding is of his family. He tells them he knows this won't make things any easier but something good is going to come from this. He says someday there won't be a need for places like this. He understands when the guard just wants to go home and says "So do I" under his breath as he gets up to walk away. He and Sisko try to get on the interface and Bashir wants to know why Sisko is so sure they can, when it looks like they can't. They are surprised to see Dax brought in. Bashir goes up to her and gives her a hug, rescuing her from BC's romantic intentions, and he asks if she remembers his "friend, Bell." He escorts her further in to the room. Sisko wants Bashir to help Dax find her comm badge and then get out. Bashir understands Dax leaving but he is concerned about Sisko and will stay. Sisko agress and he and Dax go to find her comm badge. Bashir explains they are having problems getting onto the Net and Dax thinks she can help with that. They go the building where the man who took her comm badge brought her before taking her to the processing center. He calls out and they find a guy who's obviously not well mentally. The man asks if they can see him, after he makes himself invisible and Bashir says "just barely." Dax talks him into giving her comm badge back and they leave. He returns her to the sewer and promises to take care of hiimself and see her at the beam-in site. Bashir is back at the processing center as people from the District give their stories on the net, after Dax gets someone she met to help. Later, they are lounging on the floor as the hostages discuss sports. The younger one asks Bashir if he agrees, and Bashir says he wouldn't know as he prefers tennis. He goes with the hostages, on Sisko's orders, as they are put in a back room. He says he'll try to find something to block the door. He kneels down next to them and waits. He goes to Sisko after the building is secured and he's shot. The older security guard tells the soldiers to leave him alone and asks how Bell is. Bashir says he'll live. Sisko's upset to find that Webb did not. The secuirty guards escort Sisko and Bashir out into the warzone the District has become. They agree to let Sisko and Bashir go, taking their ID cards to let them be casualties. Then they escort them out, promising to tell people what happened. They are returned to the present, thanks to Kira and O'Brien. Bashir visits Sisko in his quarters and shows him a file from the historical database. There's a story on Bell, with Sisko's picture. He says he doesn't understand how they let things get so bad in the twenty-first century, but Sisko doesn't have an answer.

Life Support: Bashir and a nurse responds to an emergency at an airlock for a Bajoran transport. He goes with Vedek Bareil, who is badly injured and carried by a Security officer and another Bajoran from the transport, to the Infirmary. Bashir performs surgery on Bareil's brain while Nurse Jabara works on his chest, but Bareil goes into cardiac arrest and Bashir has to use the defibulotar. He orders cordrazine and direct neuro-stimulation to the brain stem. Bashir leaves the surgery to tell Kira that Bareil didn't make it. He assures her that he did everything he could, and she says she knows he did. He tells her they can get along without her in Ops, but she wants to grieve in her own way. Jabara states they are ready to begin the autopsy and Bashir orders her to release the statis field. They setup a device to study his brain to see where the damage started. Doing this, Bashir finds his neurons are firing. He finds that he can stimulate Bareil's brain directly and revive him with a neurogenic stimulator because the radiation exposure he suffered might have fortified his cell membranes. His nurse warns him about going above what normal tissue can withstand but Bashir insists and Bareil wakes up. He reports to Sisko, Kira, and Kai Winn. Sisko and the Kai tell Bashir he's being too modest. Kai Winn wants him to advise her in the peace talks she came for. Bashir protests, but agrees if she will not tire him. He leaves to Bareil and Kira can have some privacy. Bashir interrupts quietly as Kai Winn and Bareil are talking. He tells Bareil he had to flood his brain with neurogenic radiation and it's caused abnormal bloodflow to his organs. He wants to put him back in stasis but he doesn't know how long it will be. Bashir tries to convince, saying his duty is to him as his physician. He's not happy, but does tell Bareil about an experimental drug, Vasokin, which might allow him to function normally though it's very risky. It can damage lung, kidneys, the heart or even the brain. It could kill Bareil in his condition. Bashir doesn't want him to risk it but Bareil requests that he do it. Bashir agrees to start in the afternoon, saying he hopes they don't regret this. He stays by Bareil as Winn asks Bareil questions about the peace talks. Winn tells him to give him more. Bashir stands up to her, telling her she can leave on her own accord or he'll have Security throw her out. Bashir uses a tricorder and reports that Bareil's internal organs have been damaged. He can replace them with artificial implants but he still thinks Bareil should be in stasis instead of continuing with Vasokin. Bashir goes to Winn in the Ward Room. She asks how Bareil is and he tells her the surgery to replace his organs went well. He wants her to tell Bareil isn't needed anymore, to free Bareil of his obligations to her, so that Bareil will agree to stasis. She persists, saying it's Bareil's choice, but he is asking her to help change his mind. He tells her the negotiations are hers, and she won't have to share the credit. Of course, if they fail, she'd need a scapegoat and calls her a coward. She says she won't forget what he said. He said he won't either. Later, he rushes to Bareil as he cries out in pain. He complains to the nurse that he left orders for no visitors for three hours, but Winn says Bareil called for her. The Vasokin has damaged Bareil's brain and the damage is irreversible. They go to Sisko's office to report. Winn asks if he can replace the damaged parts of Bareil's brain. He doesn't know but he doesn't want Bareil to lose his spark of life. Sisko says they should consider what Bareil would want. Bashir tells Winn she is not impartial, but Winn says there's more at stake than one man's life, but Bashir is only interested in that one man's life. Kira goes along with Winn though, and Bashir finally agrees to use positronic replacements to let Bareil finish what he started. After the surgery, Bashir tells Kira that it went well and Bareil is awake. He stays nearby as they talk to him. The treaty is signed and Bashir attends the celebration, though not in a celebratory mood. Dax teases him about his glumness, she says the celebration is for him too, though he can't see why he's done anything to deserve a celebration. Dax tells him to remember that he kept Bareil alive. He's called away to an amergency. Kira is with Bariel and asks him to replace the other half of Bareil's brain. He quietly tells her no, he won't take what is left of Bareil's humanity (in an non-species-specific sense.) Kira begs, telling him not to give up now. But he tells her he wouldn't be Bareil anymore. Bareil would be dead and he'd be the one who killed him. He will die, but he'll die like a man, not a machine, he says. He asks her not to fight him on this one. She asks how much time. He tells her within the next three hours and he allows her to stay with him, pulling the nurse out of the room as well.

Heart of Stone: Sisko and Bashir walk along the Promenade and Sisko asks Bashir about his request for reassignment for Ensign Vilix Pran. Bashir explains that he's budding and he doesn't want him to be in contact with hazarous substances. He and O'Brien are throwing a baby shower for him and Bashir invites Sisko who happily accepts. Bashir says he's put in an order with Garak for baby clothes.

Destiny: Bashir and Kira walk on the Promenade and he tells her about Morn coming to the Infirmary after getting sick from a bottle of Kanar Quark was giving away free.

Prophet Motive: Bashir is in the Infirmary and Sisko calls to report to the Ward Room. He's surprised by a party in his honor and Sisko tells him that he's nominated for the Carrington Award. He's shocked and thinks there must a mistake. He doesn't think it was up for consideration but Dax says she did it. O'Brien asks how he feels about being the youngest nominee ever. He rushes off saying he has to finish some work. Dax confronts him in a turbolift but he doesn't want anyone to make a big deal of it. He is sure he won't win. He says it's because the award is supposed to tribute to a lifelong career in medicine. He's way to young to be a serious contender. She asks if she shouldn't mention it again and he says that would be best. So she asks him who he thinks will win. He rushes away from her in disgust. Later, O'Brien and Bashir are playing darts in a cargo bay. Bashir is not so sure about darts, but he's getting tired of raquet ball. O'Brien says something about the potential winners as Bashir throws his darts, and the last one goes wide of the whole board. O'Brien does admit that if it was up to him, the award would go to Bashir, but of course, he has no chance. When Bashir throws his last dart from his next turn, O'Brien states that most people are wondering who he even is. Bashir's dart goes wide. But then he asks, as O'Brien is throwing, how long Keiko will be on Bajor and O'Brien's dart goes wide. Quark, Rom, and Mahar'du take Grand Nagus Zek to Bashir to be checked out. Bashir finds him in good health for a Ferengi of his age. Quark doesn't believe him but Bashir explains all the good results of his many tests. But Quark insists the Nagus is sick and Bashir tells him to get out. Quark tries to get him into stasis, but Bashir won't have it. Quark even says he can't believe Bashir is one of the five best doctors in the Federation and says maybe he'll take Zek to one of the other doctors. Bashir wishes him luck as that one is in Nairobi. Zek invites him to a ceremony on the Promenade the next night as he leaves. Later, Bashir is sitting alone in the Replimat when Odo joins him. Odo offers to tell him something from a friend of a friend of a cousin of a Federation Medical Council member. It's that one of the other doctor's won't win. Bashir is slightly exasperated. He says he didn't think he was going to win before and he doesn't think he's going to win now. But then Odo asks why he's been working on his acceptance speech. Quark, in the wormhole, Quark sees the Prophets as familiar people, including Bashir. In the Ward Room, Bashir and the others watch as the Carrington Award nominees and winners are announced. The others clap as Bashir's name is read, but Bashir does not win. Kira wishes him better luck next time. Bashir says maybe in forty or fifty years. Dax approaches him as the other leave, noting he seems to be handling it well. He tells her he's not and she says she didn't think so.

Visionary: Bashir is treating Chief O'Brien who had a mild case of radiation poisoningafter an accident. He wants him restricted to light duty and Sisko, who is also there, agrees. Bashir escorts him from Ops. Bashir tells O'Brien the pain he feels is a muscle spasm and that halucinations are a symptom of radiation poisoning. Bashir says he has a problem if all the can imagine are maintenance problems at Quarks. O'Brien thanks him sarcastically, and he replies he's always welcome. Dax wants to see the results of medical scans Bashir took before to see if the radiation could be causing the halucinations, which are actually time shifts. After O'Brien passes out again, Bashir explains to his patient and Sisko, that he's found damage to his cerebro-spinal nerve system due to the shift and that that damage is cumulative and if he keeps time shifting it could kill him. He looks up from his work as Kira enters and then returns to O'Brien when Sisko leaves with her. Later he beats Bashir is Ops for the tenth time and no fight has happened. He tries to convince O'Brien that the future has changed and there will be no fight, as O'Brien has seen in his last time shift. Bashir gives in, saying he'll beat him in another ten games. But just then the Klingons enter, the last ingredients needed for a fight. Back in the Infirmary after another shift, Bashir tells O'Brien he'll be fine but O'Brien says that in a few hours he'll be dead. In Ops, Bashir listens with O'Brien and Sisko as Dax explains what she has found, evidence of a singularity nearby. Bashir says it should effect Delta series isotopes, which is just what O'Brien was exposed to in the accident. He thinks he can treat O'Brien to neutralize the isotopes but not before he shifts a few more times. He and O'Brien leave to begin the treatment. A few hours later, Bashir, with O'Brien in Quark's, thinks O'Brien has cheated the grave and jokes that it could have been worse for O'Brien, he could have found Bashir dead. He hides his laughter as Quark tries to convince him to look at dabo tables the next time he shifts. He shifts into the Infirmary, where a dead body of him is lying. Bashir catches him. He explains the radiation accident damage was too extensive. He tells O'Brien to tell him to run a basilar arterial scan so he can catch this before it gets critical. O'Brien asks how he could let him die. Bashir says he tried everthing he could for over an hour. Back in the present, he calls for help when O'Brien passes out again. O'Brien wakes up with Bashir treating him. He tells him he's okay, but O'Brien tells him he's not and Bashir needs to run a basilar arterial scan. Bashir asks him who told him and O'Brien says he did. Bashir asks "Who am I to argue with me." In Ops, Bashir says he's eliminated nearly all radioactive isotopes from O'Brien's body. He's still there with O'Brien returns from another time shift where he saw the station destroyed. Bashir listens to the discussion of their options in the wake of the immanent destruction of the station. Then O'Brien wants him to flood his body with Delta wave radiation. Bashir worries that it could kill him. He's not happy, but thinks they might be able to control how far into the future O'Brien jumps. Sisko gives them two hours. In the Infirmary, he puts a device on O'Briens arm that will flood him with the right amount of radiation and then bring him back. He tells him to not stay too long, as the radiation will be too dangerous. He says he understands when O'Brien tells him there's a message for Keiko in his quarters. Back in the Infirmary, Bashir sees O'Brien in his robe. He scans O'Brien as O'Brien gives his report that there's a Romular Warbird orbiting, thus the singularity. He doesn't understand why he isn't flooded with radiation and O'Brien tells him there was a change. After it's all settled, he and O'Brien play darts, and he wants O'Brien to tell him what he'll hit as O'Brien saw it before, as he's the future O'Brien. Bashir says he's the same O'Brien, he just has a few more memories. O'Brien leaves and tells Quark, "Dabo". Bashir looks back as someone shouts "Dabo!" at that Dabo table.

Distant Voices: In the Replimat, Bashir asks if he can interest Garak in another piece of pie, but Garak declines, explaining he needs to lose a little wait. Bashir offers to help set up a fitness program. Garak gives him a birthday present, a few days early: a holoprogram based on a Cardassian Enigma Tale. Bashir is not thrilled and they discuss. Garak asks if Dax is throwing another one of her parties. Bashir supposes she is, but he's not happy about it. This will be his thirtieth birthday, a point of significance toward old age. Garak is surprised to find humans so hung up on age. Bashir says it's his birthday and if he wants to be grumpy about it he will. Quark interupts to introduce Altovar, who wants to buy some biomemetic gel. Bashir says it's illegal. Altovar says he'll pay whatever is necessary. Bashir asks why he needs it, but the Lethian won't say. Bashir says it's hazardous if handled incorrectly and is not for sale at any price. He tells Quark that even attempting to buy biomemetic gel is prohibited under Federation law. Quark tries to tell them they've introduced a new lunch menu at Quark's. Bashir says "Goodbye, Quark!" and Garak tells Quark to excuse him, he's turning thirty. He returns to the Infirmary to find Altovar there. The Lethian grabs both sides of his head, emitting some form of electricity. When Altovar lets him go, he falls unconscious to the floor. When he wakes up, the lights are flickering and he's alone in a ransacked Infirmary. He calls for Security but no one answers. He picks up a few things and tries calling Ops. He calls for anyone if they can read him. He asks the computer to locate Commander Sisko and then to just respond. He hears whispered voices and asks if someone is there. He steps onto the Promenade, still wondering where everybody is. He looks in the mirror and finds the hair at his temples has turned gray. He hears crashing and looks in at Quark's. He finds Quark quivering behind the counter while someone throws furniture. Bashir asks what's going on and Quark says he's going to kill them all. Bashir wants to know who and asks where everyone else is. He tells Quark to come with him to try to find them. Quark says if they move, he'll find them. He wants to stay there and Bashir still wants to know who he's afraid of. Quark runs off and Bashir must duck a chair thrown at him. He leaves Quark's, calling for the Ferengi. He finds a replicator in the Replimat pouring out Tarkalian tea. He hears something in Security and heads there. Garak ambushes him there and asks what he's doing. Bashir says he saw Quark, that there is something unfriendly in Quark's. Garak explains nothing but turbolifts and doors work. Bashir can't believe only the three of them are left on the station. Bashir wants to try and locate them. He hears whispers again, but Garak doesn't hear them. Garak asks if he's feeling alright; he noticed the hair turning gray. Bashir says they don't have time for that and need to find out what's going on. They split up with the agreement to meet on the Promenade in an hour. Bashir checks the Habitat Ring but can't find anyone. Lights start going off behind him. He backs into a forcefield and ducks into a turbolift, but the Lethian stops the doors. Bashir has to kick him out of the way. He slumps against the wall and is woken by a pounding on the lift's ceiling. He gets out as the lift stops and hears voices again. This time, he can hear more. He finds Kira, Dax, O'Brien and Odo arguing in the Ward Room. Dax is unusually brusk and phaser-happy and she wants to go after the Lethian. Bashir calls the computer to scan them for anomalies as they are all acting strangely. He wants to know where everyone else again. Dax asks if he's looked in a mirror lately. He's totally gray now and has obvious wrinkles. He hears voices again but no one else hears them. Kira thinks he's the one who needs help. Dax tells him to lay down. Bashir thinks there must be a logical explanation. He tries to get Dax to calm down. He thinks there's too much of a coincidence in all the strange things. He wants to get sensors working. O'Brien says there's a computer processing junction near there but he won't go alone. Bashir says they'll all go together and leads them out. In a Cargo Bay, he stands by as O'Brien works. He tells the others he last saw the Lethian in the Central Core. O'Brien thinks he has Subspace Communications relay working, and Bashir says to call Bajor. But O'Brien doesn't have them working, but he picks up an audio signal. They hear Dax, Sisko and Nurse Jabara talking about Julian being in a telepathic coma and that he'll be dead in three hours. Bashir scans himself and only finds low-frequency Delta waves instead of brain activity. He states that he is in a coma. Kira thinks that's crazy, but Bashir says he doesn't pick up any readings from the others at all. Kira is not happy about being a figment of his imagination. Dax wants to know what they're doing there. Kira thinks he'd pick better company to have someone to talk to. Bashir realizes that when he's talking to them, he's only talking to himself. O'Brien represents his doubt and disbelief. Kira is the perfect choice for his agression while Odo is his sense of suspicion and fear. Dax represents his confidence and sense of adventure. But Odo wants to know what the Lethian represents. Bashir thinks it might be the damage to his mind and realizes the station represents his mind. He thinks if they can repair the station, he'll wake up. The Lethian grabs Dax when they're not looking and he runs after her...and finds himself playign tennis with Garak on the Promenade. Garak notes they are running out of time, as Bashir is getting older. Bashir wants to get the computers back online, and Garak tells him to head to Ops. Bashir tells Garak to try to find the others and heads to Ops. On the way, he finds a corridor filled with wounded people. Sisko is there, triaging them with Nurse Jabara. He says he's just doing his job, but Bashir says it's his job. He says Sisko represents his professionalism and skill. Bashir tries to take him Ops to help restore the station, but the Lethian reaches through a wall to grab him. Bashir runs the other direction and runs right into him. Bashir fires a phaser at him, but nothing happens. The Lethian tells him he's destroying him piece by piece and will kill him when he's just an empty shell. Bashir runs away. He finds Kira dead and Odo melting in another corridor. Bashir says he has to get to Ops and Odo tells him to use the conduits. He climbes down a ladder and finds O'Brien. O'Brien knows Bashir's not going to stop the Lethian. Bashir says he likes the real Chief better than him. He crawls down a conduit and O'Brien follows, hoping he was wrong, but doubting it. They end up back on the Promenade and find a monitor displaying his vital signs. O'Brien asks how he is, and Bashir says he's dying. O'Brien says he could have told him that by just looking at him. They hear voices in Quark's and find people betting on Bashir's death. Bashir wants to bet that he'll survive. He looks back and O'Brien is lying dead. Then the Lethian grabs Quark by the neck. Bashir runs off. He falls and Garak finds him. Bashir says the Lethian is in Quark's and Garak tries to help him up, but Bashir has broken his hip and can't walk. Still, he wants to keep moving and wants Garak to help him. Garak says he is too weak and lists the problems. Bashir says "But other than that, I feel wonderful!" and orders Garak to get him up. Garak gets him to Ops only to find it decorated for a birthday party. A woman sings him to him and puts a hat on his head. She kisses his cheek. Bashir says he doesn't have time for this. He tells Garak to get him to the Engineering station. He wants to reactivate the central computer network. He thinks maybe he can use his knowledge from Engineering Extension Courses he took. He tells Garak if he was really Garak he could fix the station. He tells Garak to open a panel, but tennis balls come out of it and knock him down. Garak tells him to face it, there's no way to repair all the damage. Bashir rolls over to crawl toward the station and pull himself. up. He opens another panel and more tennis balls fall. Bashir thinks Garak doesn't sound like himself or even Bashir for that matter. He wonders why the Lethian let Garak live. He wants to know what part of himself Garak represents? He asks Garak pointedly who he is, and Garak transforms into the Lethian. The Lethian tells him to give up, like he's always done. He reminds about his desire to be a tennis player. Bashir says he wasn't good enough to play professionally. The Lethian says he was, but he knew his parents wouldn't approve, so he gave up and became a doctor instead. Bashir says he loves medicine and the Lethian tells him he loves tennis more. He brings up the final exam, suggesting that he purposely answered a question wrong. Bashir walks away, but the Lethian brings up Dax, saying she could have been more than a friend if he tried harder. Bashir gets in a turbolift and gets to the Promenade. He finds the Lethian by the Infirmary. He says he realized his mistake was trying to repair the computer from Ops, when the Infirmary is the center of his world. He dares the Lethian to kill him. He doens't think it's as easy for him as he says it is. The Lethian shows him the display that shows him dying. He tells the Lethian where he was wrong. He wouldn't exchange the friendship he has with Dax for anything, and while he could have been a good tennis player, he's a great doctor. And even if he hadn't missed that question, he still would have chosen this assignment. He calls for a quarantine field around the Lethian. He then tells it to begin sterilization and the Lethian is destroyed. Bashir yawns and wakes up to find Dax and Sisko with the nurse. Sisko welcomes him back, and he tells them they will never believe where he's been. Later, in the Replimat, Bashir tells Garak the Lethian didn't get two meters before Odo got him. He did some research on Lethians and found their telapathic attacks are almost always fatal and that he was lucky. Garak says cardassians don't believe in luck. He survived because he's strong. Bashir says he doesn't mind turning thirty after spending some time at one hundred plus. Garak wants to why he was cast in the role of the villian. Bashir says he should read too much into it. Garak acts shocked to think that after all their lunches, Bashir still doesn't trust him. Then he leans over and tells him there's hope for him yet.

Through the Looking Glass: Doctor Bashir isn't in this one. But there is a Bashir in the alternate universe. Scruffy Bashir discusses with others how Sisko should never have gone to Terok Nor and what they should do. He promises Rom they will take action, his way. They will smuggle explosives onto the station and put them in "her" quarters. Then Commander Sisko and Smiley enter, asking if Bashir is volunteering for the job. Bashir says he's glad Sisko's alright, though he doesn't sound sincere. Bashir does not think Sisko can persuade his wife to join the rebel cause. He shouts at Sisko getting his ship blown up and his wife hating her, until Smiley tells Sisko to hit him. Which he does. Bashir spits back that no one is questioning his orders, but they have to stop her, they have to kill her. He does not disagree when Sisko decides to keeping her alive. Back at the hideout, Sisko, Bashir and Smiley walk into the room where Dax and Jennifer have been talking. He leaves with Smiley and Dax so the Siskos can talk.

Improbable Cause: Bashir and Garak discuss Shakespeare at lunch at Quark's. Garak comments on his fast eating and asks if he's in a hurry. Bashir says he has a lot of work to do. Bashir complains that Garak was late and kept him from having time to eat. Garak continues on about humans and eating fast while Bashir is getting a bit exasperated. They finally get up as Bashir has to go back to work. Kira interupts them to ask about atmospheric specifications for visting delegates. Kira says the mixture is disolving the carpets and Bashir says he can't help it, that's what they breathe. He also tells her they can't see red or orange. An explosion in Garak's shop interupts them and Bashir goes into the burning shop to find Garak shocked but not seriously hurt on the floor. He treats him int he Infirmary while Odo questions him and Sisko stands by. Bashir tells him this is serious when he suggests Kira as a suspect. After they leave, Bashir hands him a mirror so he can see how he looks, and tries to get Garak to tell the truth. He asks if he knows the story about the boy who cried wolf. Then he begins to tell him the story. Garak thinks it's a charming story. Bashir says he's not finished and tells him the rest of the story with it's well-known conclusion. Garak thinks it's graphic for children. Bashir has to tell him the point. Then Garak tells him another point: You should never tell the same lie twice. Later, Odo confronts Garak stating that he's not Dr. Bashir and they're not sparring amiably over lunch and calls Garak on blowing up his own shop. Bashir sees Garak off as the latter heads off with Odo. He asks if there's any unfinished business Garak needs him to take care of. Garak strings a yarn about a data rod Bashir will have to eat if he's not back in seventy-two hours. Bashir calls him on the joke and hands him some Delavian chocolates as a gift. He offers him luck and Garak sets off.

The Die is Cast: In Garak's absence, Bashir tries to have lunch with O'Brien, who proves to be very unconversational at meal time. Bashir keeps talking about theater but O'Brien just keeps eating until finally Bashir asks if he's even listening. Bashir says Garak taught him to think of lunch as an arena for philosophical debate. He asks if there's any news about Odo and Garak. O'Brien is called away and Bashir is left alone. Bashir is the in the Ward Room with the senior staff to see Enabran Tain's message to Cardassia, courtesy of Starfleet. Bashir asks if the Cardassians or Romulans are going to do anything about Tain. He and the others leave after hearing Sisko's reasons for not volunteering to try and rescue Odo, something they've been ordered not to do. He, along with everyone else in the room, is present on the Defiant's bridge when it departs, thus he volunteered despite the risks. Garak credits Bashir for a Shakespearian comment he makes when the Tal'Shiar/Obsidian Order is being pounded. Bashir is also on hand to meet Garak and Odo when they're rescued by the Defiant, commenting on how painful Garak's bruised face looks. He stumbles onto the bridge to treat the wounded there as the Jem'Hadar are finally left behind.

Explorers: Bashir is in Quark's working on a PADD when Leta, a Dabo girl approaches. She fakes a cough as an attempt at getting his attention, and he orders Fenelian Toddies for the two of them. Only Jadzia Dax interrupts. He gives her the PADD saying he has an immunological analysis she asked for. But the PADD simply says "GO AWAY." Jadzia takes the hint but tells Julian that the Lexington is coming to DS9. He leaves Leta to ask when the ship is coming. Dax asks if he has a friend on board, and reminds him it's Elizabeth Lens, when he plays coy. She also reminds him that Lens was the valedictorian of Bashir's graduating class, while he was salutatorian. Julian is studiously studying PADD's in Quark's as Jadzia approaches in the Replimat. He explains that he's trying to learn all he can before Lens arrives. They were very competitive. Dax asks if he was also out for the post she was. He says no, he wanted Deep Space Nine, but she could have taken it from him and that will always make him feel second best. Later, he is meticulously straightening his Infirmary. Odo comes to tell him the Lexington has docked and "she's in Quark's." Bashir takes a deep breath then heads to Quarks. He sits at a table with O'Brien, watching Elizabeth Lens and her crowd. O'Brien asks if he's going to talk ot her but he says she's busy. Then she gets up. Bashir stands to be near her path but she walks right by without noticing. He and O'Brien share an amusing drinking scene where they drunkenly sing "Jerusalem" and Bashir says they should go to Quark's and sing it for everyone. O'Brien thinks they should switch to synthale but Bashir says it's not a synthale kind of night. He's upset that she didn't even notice him. O'Brien thinks she's in love with him, but Bashir doesn't think so. Then O'Brien says it might be because she can't stand him. Julian asks if there isn't something in between, but O'Brien says he's no "an in between kind of person." People either love him or hate him. For example, he hated him when they first met, and now...he doesn't. Bashir says that means a lot and O'Brien says it's from the heart. He suggests that Bashir should confront her. He stands up saying that he sould ask her flat out why she walked passed him like that. O'Brien says to wait, and Bashir asks why. O'Brien responds that he can barely stand up now. So he falls upside down over a chair and starts singing again. O'Brien joins him. Finally, after he's sobered up, Bashir sits just outside of Quark's screwing up his courage. Then he goes in and approaches Dr. Lens. He tells her they were at medical school together but she doesn't remember him until he tells his name. She's surprised because she thought he was an Andorian. Bashir says he had an Andorian friend named Erit. She had them mixed up. She was so nervous waiting to give her speech that she didn't hear his. She says he gave her quite a run for her money. He says he never got the chance to congratulate her. He asks about her adventures with the Lexington She said it was mostly just charting and she'd get excited just to find something living, even if it was just moss. She says sometimes she regrets not having taking his assignments. She asks about the things he's been working on with Bajor and he invites her to the Infirmary to see his results. She accepts and they leave Quark's.

Family Business: Bashir and O'Brien try to break into Quark's bar to get their dart board back. Odo is there and asks if this is really necessary and Bashir says he wouldn't call it necessary. Odo asks if they couldn't just replicate another one and Bashir says they could, but O'Brien says they want their board back. Sisko approaches and says it's their lucky dartboard, but O'Brien says they never called it that and Bashir says they're jsut used to playing on it. As Sisko leaves, he tells them that if they need any suggestions, he'll be in Cargo Bay.... O'Brien interrupts with 4, while Sisko finishes with 7. So O'Brien has to confess to knowing about Sisko's potential meeting with Captain Kassidy Yates. And Bashir manages to confess it, too. Sisko wants to know how many people Jake has told and O'Brien says "everyone."

Shakaar: Bashir enters Quark's, running into Sisko, who was just nearly beaten by O'Brien at darts. He asks if the Chief is in there and Sisko replies that he is and he's "in the zone." Later, Bashir shouts encouragement at O'Brien as he plays a Vulcan. And he's there to examine O'Brien when he gets a rotator cuff tear. He says O'Brien needs surgery. He escorts him out of Quark's to the Infirmary. After the surgery, Bashir asks how it feels and O'Brien thinks it's good and throws a dart. And realizes he's out of the zone. Bashir tells him to look on the bright side, he might finish his kayak program now. Then Bashir throws a dart, right into the bull's eye and Quark welcomes him to "the zone."

Facets: Bashir and Odo are walking to the Ward Room, and he ask if Odo knows why Dax called this. When Odo says Dax and Leeta have been spending a lot of time together, Bashir asks if Odo keeps tabs on everyone and Odo lightly chides him over his choice of breakfast, two Delvian Fluff pastries. Bashir just laughs. He greets the others as they enter. The other members of the senior staff, Quark and Leeta are there. Dax wants them to help her with a Trill ritual, the Zhiantara, and Leeta explains what it is to Bashir after Kira asked what it meant. Bashir asks how it's accomplished, the transfer of a past host's memories to a volunteer. And when Leeta helps Dax explain, he smiles and mentions that Dax is something of an amateur sociologists. He does have one question though, who will embody Joran. Bashir is the first then, besides Sisko, to agree. They all look to Quark when he's the only one who hasn't agreed yet. Bashir embodies Torias, a shuttle pilot who died in an accident. Jadzia tells him he might want to go easy on some snacks, because Bashir has been trying to watch what he eats. Torias says he should live a litle, life's too short. The guardian enters and says it's time to return Bashir's body and Jadzia says it was nice meeting him. Later, he's playing darts with O'Brien as they wait for Nog to arrive for his party after passing his Academy Entrance Exam. He smiles and claps with the others. Then he asks what's wrong with O'Brien, who's staring at Nog. He laughs when O'Brien says he realizes he'll have to call Nog "sir" when he graduates.

The Adversary: Bashir is with other members of the senior staff and other crew as Sisko gets his captain's pips. He drinks a toast with the others as Admiral Krajensky offers one. They all see "For he's a jolly good fellow" and offer three cheers. Two days later, on the Defiant, O'Brien hears noises behind in the Jefferies tubes near where he's working. He goes to investigate and finds Bashir craling around. Bashir says he was connecting a medical console to the main power grid. When O'Brien says he could have done it, Bashir says he was just putting his Engineering extension courses to work and he knew O'Brien was busy. He crawls off and O'Brien checks his handiwork, mentioning it's not bad for an extension course. When Sisko, Dax, and O'Brien discover sabotage by odd parasitic tube devices in the Jefferies tubes conduits, O'Brien reluctantantly says that he did see Bashir in the Jefferies tubes. Sisko wants to go talk to Bashir but Dax has a better idea. Sisko announces the sabotage to a gathered crew. Bashir looks as shocked as everyone else. Dax scans everyone for tetrion particles, staring with Sisko, then Kira, and then Julian. He holds out his hands for her. When Bashir comes up clean, he notices O'Brien sounds relieved. O'Brien says he saw him in the conduit earlier, and Bashir says he was never in any conduit. Admiral Krajensky scans positive and reveals himself to be a changeling. Later, after they lose control of the ship, Bashir, Kira, Sisko and Eddington discuss the situation, that the changeling can't be found. Odo says he, the changeling, won't leave until he finishes his mission and Bashir asks what that is. They realize, and Bashir states it, that everything Krajensky told them could be a lie. Eeddington bemoans the loss of the internal sensors, and Bashir confirms that Krajensky registered as human when they scanned him. Sisko then orders Bashir to review tricorder readings to find something to identify the changeling and to take Security with him, that no one is to be alone. Bashir and a Security officer go to Sickbay. Bashir responds to an emergency in Engineering. Dax has a concussion. He evacuates her to Sickbay. Later, he reports Dax as being still unconscious. He doesn't want to use a neural stimulater for the risk of brain damage. He leaves to return to his patient. Sisko calls Bashir to the Mess Hall to take a blood sample from each of the five members of the crew, including himself, after they all get separated from their partners and Odo explains that when a part of him leaves his body, it returns to a gelatinous state. He scans Eddington, and the sample changes. They all escort him to the Brig but just then the real Bashir manages to open his door but runs into the forcefield, yelling for someone to get him out of there. The Bashir Changeling smiles and shifts away. The real Bashir reports that Dax is still unconscious, the changeling had given her a lot of sedatives. Back on DS9, Bashir and the senior staff discuss the real Admiral Krajensky in the Ward Room. Bashir asks about the coup on Tzenketh that initiated their mission on the Defiant.

Season 4

(Special thanks to Blue Champagne, who helped me with some of these listings. If she hadn't, it would have taken me a lot longer, I'm sure. Mostly, I use her words as a resource from which to jog my own memory. But she has some really cool remarks in some places, so I'll reference those with "B.C.:")

The Way of the Warrior, Part I: Bashir runs through the Promenade with a Security officer as his partner, he orders a phaser sweep on the Promenade, but Odo "kills" him during a battle drill, as he was kneeling by an information panel. Kira dismissing all the gather crewmen and Bashir walks away. He teases O'Brien after the latter flips a sand pea from his wrist to his mouth. Quark comes by and asks if he hears anything, but Bashir says he doesn't, which is what is bothering Quark. Bashir asks what he thinks might be going on and Quark asks if he's ever heard a quiet Klingon. He tries to flip a sand pea from his wrist, but misses and tells Quark to relax because the Klingons are allies. He later treats Garak after the latter is beaten up after taunting a bunch of angry Klingons and is surprised that Garak isn't pressing charges. When Garak says that relations between Klingons and Cardassians have always been amicable. Bashir reminds him of the incident in the Batrekka Nebula and Garak calls it a minor skirmish. Bashir tells him it lasted for 18 years. Garak suggests the Klingons might just not have liked him. Bashir replies: "Not like you? Impossible." When Worf comes to the station, and then to Quark's, O'Brien introduces him to Bashir and Bashir invites him to try darts. Bashir asks what Kira did when she and Dax exit a holosuite arguing. He introduces Worf to the women. He and the others watch as Worf takes down General Martok's son in a fight.

The Way of the Warrior, Part II: In the Ward Room, Sisko tells the senior staff of Starfleet's decision to do nothing. Bashir asks if they really going to not warn the Cardassians. Bashir comes to the bridge and stands behind Sisko to his left. He reminds Captain Sisko that the cloaking device, by treaty, is not to be used in the Alpha Quadrant. However, since they're trying to save the Cardassian civilian government from hordes of invading Klingons, he cuts a deal with Sisko. He won't tell the Romulans if the captain won't. He asks if there are any survivors in a debris field of Cardassian ships. When Worf warns them not to look because there might be Klingon ships cloaked out there, he says that doesn't sound very honorable and he pleads to Sisko for the survivors there might be when he orders them to move on. As they watch Dukat's ship being fired upon, he laments the loss of two decades of peace with the Klingons. Bashir leaves the bridge in anticipation of casualties. Sisko orders him to have Security standing by as they'll be doing blood screenings. Bashir escorts the Cardassian government off the transporter pad and into the Mess hall. Dukat protests the test, saying he finds the procedure offensive. Bashir says he finds Dukat offensive and threatens him with Security's interference. They return to the station but there are many Klingons ships there waiting. In the Infirmary, Bashir prepares his staff for the types of casualties they can expect with Klingons: Lacerations, broken bones, blunt force trauma. He sends them to their posts. Odo approaches and says he'll be assiging a Security detail to the Infirmary, but Bashir would rather not have a firefight in the doorway as he tries to treat his patients. Odo warns him not to trust his blue uniform to keep the Klingons from attacking him. Bashir assures him that he'll be ready and asks Odo about himself, noting that the Klingons might think it worthy of a song to kill Odo. Odo says if one does, it would be worth a whole Klingon opera. Bashir replies that that may be but he doesn't want to listen to it. Bashir shoots a Klingon just in time to save Odo's life on the Promenade after the station is boarded. He is in Ops with the others to welcome the now permanent member of the crew: Lt. Commander Worf as Strategic Operations Officer. When Odo assures Kira that Dukat will take all the credit for saving the Cardassian government, Bashir adds "Poor Garak," with Dukat returning as a hero and Garak still stuck in exile in his tailor shop.

The Visitor: Bashir and the entire crew attend Sisko's memorial in a flashback told by the elder Jake Sisko. A year later, Sisko appears to Jake and he actually touches him. Then he's taken to Sisko where Bashir examines him. He says that Sisko will disappear again if they can't realign his temperal signature. Basir places a hand on Jake's shoulder as Sisko begins to disappear again. Then he pulls Jake to Dax, away from his father, and calls for a containment field. Sisko keeps disappearing and he tells O'Brien it's not working. Fifty years in the future, Bashir goes along with Jadzia Dax, Jake Sisko, and Captain Nog on the Defiant to try one more time to stabilize Captain Sisko in time. Bashir asks how they ever managed with 2-Dimensional panels back in the day. He suggests they all stop by Morn's (used to be Quark's) after they get Captain Sisko back for a drink, for old time's sake. When Dax complains that only the replicators were working when they got on board, Bashir teases that it's good because Dax would be useless without her cofffee. So Dax teases him back that it's the only thing keeping her away when he prattles on about his latest paper, his new back hand, or his kid's science project. He says there will be a path of bread crumbs to follow to Sisko since he and Jake are linked. He watches over Dax's shoulder as she works to get Sisko's signature. She says they're losing him a few minutes later, and he says they're losing them both, as they are both being pulled into subspace. He touches Dax's shoulder when he realizes Jake is back and Dax goes to comfort him as he cries, having left his father behind again.

Hippocratic Oath: Bashir records a log, saying he and O'Brien finished their survey and should return to the station two days earlier than scheduled. He listens to O'Brien's complaints incredulously, though occasionally defending him, though that seems to be a bit sarcastic when he reasons that O'Brien's workshop in his quarters would be away to be show his wife that he thinks of her while she's gone. O'Brien agrees, saying he wishes she was more like.... then he stops himself and says "a man" and Bashir just has to take that, saying "So you wish Keiko was a man?" They pick up a magniton pulse and then an energy surge caused by a plasma field forces them to crash land. Bashir is unable to get a distress signal out as the comm signal is jammed. They open the hatch and step out into a jungle with their phasers ready. Bashir says it smells like a garbage dump, and O'Brien apologizes for not finding a better place to land. The Jem'Hadar show up and take them prisoner. The Jem'Hadar First, Garan'Agar, asks if there are other Starfleet ships but they don't answer until he pulls a weapon. Bashir says no but Starfleet will come looking for them soon. He tells them about the magniton pulse and Garan'Agar orders the other Jem'Hadar to stop that. Garan'Agar identifies their rank and specialties by their uniforms. O'Brien is a high priority target and will be killed first. Bashir is in the sciences, and he corrects him saying "Doctor." Another Jem'Hadar suggests he's low priority and should be killed now, but Garan'Agar says to bring both back to camp. In the forcefield ring, O'Brien and Bashir discuss the odd behavior of the Jem'Hadar at the runabout but Bashir deduces that they need a doctor. O'Brien tells him not to help them. One comes for Bashir but says O'Brien stays. Bashir folls him to an area with some equipment. They want him to conduct scientific research. Bashir tells him he won't do any research that will harm the Federation or her allies. But Garan'Agar tells him it's about the white. He's surprised to find that Bashir knows about it and Bashir tells him they know of the addiction to white. Garan'Agar tells him they came to escape the Vorta who control the drug. Bashir is surprised that they want to leave the Dominion. Garan'Agar says they only have enough white for another 5 days. Bashir asks if he wants him to synthesize the drug, but Garan'Agar says he wants Bashir to free them of it and shows that he does not have a tube or white. Bashir is surprised to find that he survived and asks why he stopped taking white. He tells Bashir how he crashed and rationed his white then felt like he would die when it was gone, but he didn't and survived for 35 days without it. Bashir surmises that, since Garan'Agar thinks the place is the cause of his cure, that he brought his crew there. He tries to tell Garan'Agar that it's not as simple as coming to the same place. Garan'Agar takes him to see the men in withdrawal. Bashir says he'll try but he'll need Chief O'Brien to help and then asks that Garan'Agar give those men what they need. Garan'Agar reminds him that he has 5 days, after that they'll die but not before killing him for deceiving them and Bashir for not curing them. Bashir and Chief O'Brien stall in the "lab" area Garan'Agar gave them. They plan an escape to the runabout and loudly banter to keep the Jem'Hadar from being suspicious. Garan'Agar comes to ask what he's found, but Bashir tells him that so far nothing suggested works, but he shows him a plant that has a high concentration of cholorphil and that's odd given the planet orbits a red giant. One of the Jem'Hadar finds the device O'Brien made and sets it off, injuring a guard. O'Brien is forcefully thown onto a work surface but Garan'Agar tells the Jem'Hadar to let O'Brien go. Bashir diagnoses a bruised trachea, and O'Brien is sent back to the holding cell. Garan'Agar tells Bashir to heal the injured Jem'Hadar. Bashir is apalled that they seem to want to kill him since he can't repair the knee. Garan'Agar orders the injured one taken back to the ship, even though he argues to be killed. Bashir startes to believe in Garan'Agar's sincerity. Bashir studies Garan'Agar and finds his body is producing the right amound of ketracel white but he doesn't know where it comes from. He tells Garan'Agar about the child they found, mentioning what Odo did to help control him. Garan'Agar says he's never seen a Founder and Bashir is surprised by that. Back at the holding area, Bashir tells O'Brien about Garan'Agar and how he's developing his own moral order. O'Brien tries to get him to see that Garan'Agar is manipulating him. O'Brien says even if he's right, what is he getting at and Bashir says he wants to help him. He thinks that if they don't have the drug, they may react the same way. O'Brien argues that he doesn't know how they'll react and they might go on a rampage. Bashir says they're not animals. O'Brien tells him to stop being so naive, that they're killers. Bashir argues that they can be more. O'Brien says they should have asked for their help and not shot them down. O'Brien says they will not help them and that's the end of it. Bashir pulls rank and tells him they are and orders him to get a piece of equipment from the runabout. Bashir is frustrated. He can't find anything in the environment to explain the change in Garan'Agar. He thinks perhaps Garan'Agar is unique. Another Jem'Hadar comes saying O'Brien had escaped and asks if Bashir knows where he is. Bashri says no, and the Jem'Hadar says he's lying. Bashir asks what will happen to O'Brien but Garan'Agar says they can't help him, his men won't obey him anymore. Bashir says he needs to find O'Brien and keep him alive. He gives his word that he will stay and not escape. Bashir is working when O'Brien, who escaped via the runabout's transporter, comes for him. He has a Jem'Hadar weapon and asks Bashir if there's anything else to use as a weapon. O'Brien tells Bashir it's not far to the runabout but Bashir says he's not going. He thinks he's on to something, but O'Brien says they have to take this one chance. He tries to convince Bashir but he tells O'Brien they don't have time to argue and if he wants to go he can go. O'Brien uses his phaser to destroy Bashir's work, forcing him to come along, saying Bashir can bring him up on charges when they get back but they should get going. Garan'Agar captures them and orders them to move. Bashir tries to offer that if they had more time...but Garan'Agar says there is no time, they are running out of white. They find another Jem'Hadar in te runabout and Garan'Agar kills him. He frees Bashir and O'Brien, allowing them to return to the station. Bashir tells him that if he stays, the other Jem'Hadar will kill them. Bashir tells him there is no need to sacrifice himself. Garan'Agar tells O'Brien, who has been a soldier, to explain and leaves them. Bashir looks back but follows O'Brien into the runabout when he calls. The trip back is a quiet one, with a schism now between the two friends. Bashir gets a drink from the runabout and O'Brien tells him he can bring him up on charges. Bashir says that's not his style. O'Brien says he's sorry that things turned out this way and that he destroyed his work. Julian is upset that Miles disobeyed him and condemned the Jem'Hadar to death. Miles says only that he did it to save Bashir's life. Bashir remembers that is time for their weekly darts game, but O'Brien says not to worry, he doesn't feel much like playing either. Bashir says "Maybe in a few days," but it's clear his heart isn't in it.

Indiscretion: Bashir discusses Sisko's problems with Kassidy with Dax. He looks at the bright side, Sisko didn't says it was a "very" big step. He thinks Dax's plan to have Sisko go to her and pronounce his undying love is a bit extreme to him. He suggests Sisko should tell her he made a mistake and it was a misunderstanding and that he really wants her to live on the station. Quark interupts and offers his advice. When Quark asks who knows more about women than him, Bashir answers "Everyone." And then says it's a wonder the Ferengi ever reproduce at all. Sisko leaves, and he asks what Dax thinks about Kassidy moving onto the station. She says it's a big step and Bashir responds, "It's a very big step."

Rejoined: Bashir and Quark watch as Dax performs a magic trick. When Quark exclaims it's a trick, Julian says that it's of course, a trick but asks how she did it. She says one of her hosts dabbled in slight of hand. Bashir guesses Tobin, and analyzes his personality when Dax confirms it. She teases Quark that he can't figure it out because his head is filled with latinum, as she pulls a piece from his ear. Later, Bashir and Kira go over Dax's hosts with Quark, who is trying to understand and that Kahn was married to Torias, as Nalani Kahn, though now Kahn is with Dr. Lenara Kahn, a visiting scientist. Bashir reaches over and pulls a pice of latinum from Quark's ear, and makes Kira laugh. She akss if Dax taught her that. She wonders why Dax and Lenara can't just pick things up where they left off. Julian explains the Trill taboo of reassociation. She suggests there had to be some Trill who reassociated and asks what happened. Bashir says they were exiled, and so couldn't be joined to another host after the present one died. And nothing is as important as protecting the life of the symbiont. Bashir is with the senior staff and others for a reception. He toasts with the others to the creation of the first artificial wormhole and mingles. After Lenara and Jadzia talk for while at the buffet table, Bashir and the others watch them closely. After the first experiment with the artificial wormhole, he lets Jadzia talk him into playing chaperone on a dinner date between the two Trills and finds himself bored into a near catatonic state. Saved by a crewman with a broken leg, Bashir makes a fast exit.

Starship Down: Bashir evacuates the Infirmary after a hull breach on his deck. He is about to seal a bulkhead when he sees Dax and Muniz. He hesitates to close the bulkhead because Jadzia went down somewhere behind the smoke and gas, but Sisko orders him to do it. He helps Muniz in, then seals it, while he's on the other side. He pulls Jadzia into an unpowered turbolift, closes the door and gives Dax a hypo to wake her up. He calls for the Bridge while she coughs but gets no response. After the ship is hit very hard again, Bashir takes a reading on the atmosphere in the turbolift. Jadzia begins to really wake up and he asks her how she feels. When she says terrible, he says that's not surprising since she got a few lungfuls of flourine. She tells him to remind her to hold her breath next time. He says he thought about crawling up the turbolift shaft but it's filled with gas. She suggests they sit tight until someone finds them, but he says the crew probably don't even know their there. He can't contact the bridge, and they only have a few hours of air. She says thanks, anyway, for trying to rescue her. She says a year ago, if he'd done something like this, she'd think he was just trying to be a hero. And now? he asks. Now, she just realizes it was a really stupid thing to do. He laughs and says "You're welcome." They rub their hands due to the cold, since the turbolift isn't insulated. He pulls Jadzia close for warmth and the laughs and tells her of a fantasy that used to have that was a lot like this. She says that's a very strange fantasy, but he said it was the only way they could be together. She was always avoiding him. She tells him he came on too strong and never gave her a chance to get to know him. He agrees, and says she doesn't need to worry. He hasn't had that fantasy in a long time. She says, Oh? and he noticed she sounded disappointed. He says she liked him chasing her and now she misses it. She says it's preposterous and begins a threat if he should try chasing after her again. He says he doesn't need to now that he knows she liked it. Once the ship is safe, they are found and stiffly get up with help. Back on the station, Bashir gets caught in a long conversation with Morn, who has seventeen brothers and sisters. Dax comes to him and tells him it's his turn. He has to ask for what. Dax says darts, and he realizes she's rescuing him and thanks her as he goes to follws her. She whispers, "Now we're even."

Little Green Men: Bashir grins at Dax when Rom bargains with Nog for his old pajamas, in a ritual for Ferengi coming of age. He asks Nog what a data rod is. When Nog says it's his favorite holosuite program, and it's ten strips of latinum, Dax says he'll take it. She tells Bashir to consider it a gift. He says thanks. Later, he and O'Brien find Nog on the Promenade. Bashir calls out and Nog tells him there are no returns from the sale. They give Nog a guide book with everything he'd ever want to know about Earth. Nog thanks them and O'Brien wishes him good luck. Bashir says, "Make us proud."

The Sword of Kahless: Bashir is one of many people sitting in Quark's as Kor regales his listeners with Klingon stories of glory. He leans back and asks Odo if he believes any of it. He's not the only one to doubt the veracity of the Klingon.

Our Man Bashir: Bashir, in a tux, sends a bad guy through a glass window and then accepts a bottle of wine from a beautiful woman and catches the reflection of a bad guy in it. He turns and pops the cork so that it hits the bad guy in the forehead and knocks him out. Bashir kisses the girl after the quip: "A lot of kick for a '45 Dom." He's angered to find Garak in a tux clapping. They trade barbs a bit but Garak doesn't leave. He tells him it's not only rude but also illegal to intrude on someone else's holoprogram. Garak asks if he's hiding this program and Bashir says he's not hiding anything. Then why not let Garak stay? He does, reluctantly. He's still rather put off by Garak's presence and he's sure he'll regret letting Garak stay. They go to Julian's apartment in Hong Kong. A woman arrives, his personal valey, Mona Lovsitt. She asks if he'd like to change into something more comfortable. Bashir says to see if she can find something for Garak to wear. He goes to the bar and makes a martini. Garak guesses what Bashir's character is and Bashir tells him it's far more disreputable. He's a spy. He briefly explains the Cold War and that his government furnited the clothes, the apartment, the furniture, etc. Garak comments that perhaps he joined the wrong intelligence service. He tries to explain his cover to Garak, after they've changed, but they hear a thump on the other side of the wall. The wall turns, revealing a bed, and a woman, who looks like Kira with a Russian accent. Bashir thinks this is a joke and asks who else Garak brought. The woman, Anastasia says she thought she'd never see him again after he fell out of a dirigible in Iceland and he asks how she'd know about that. He finally asks Ops what's going on. They tell him to keep the program running for now and they'll get back to him. They do so in a few seconds, telling him the patterns of five crew members are now in the holosuite database after a transporter accident that happened when they were beamed off an exploding runabout. Col. Komononov gives her a folder with a report. She came on business about artificial earthquakes. She says her government and his are going to be workihng together to find out who is causing the earthquakes and why. She says a leading seismologist, Prof. Honey Bare, has recently gone missing. She may have been kidnapped. She gives him a dossier and when Garak asks if they should be playing games during an emergency, he turns a photo so he can see it. It's Dax. The door opens and Mona drops dead. Two goons enter with guns and then O'Brien in an eye patch, as Falcon. He pulls a gun saying they have unfinished business. He's about to shoot Bashir when Komononov asks for one last kiss. As they kiss, she says "earring." Bashir takes the earring and throws it. It explodes creating a diversion. He fights the goons, and Garak joins in. Bashir notices Garak is bleeding, and they realize the holosuite safeties are not working. Bashir has to stop Komononov from killing Falcon. Garak says he should think about that. He might not have the luxury of saving everyone. Bashir says he'll take that into consideration but they're not going to kill anyone yet. He gets Komononov back on the case and they get set to leave for Paris. In Paris, they go to a casino and Bashir asks to see Dr. Noah, who is suspected of having kidnapped Prof. Bare. Bashir, Garak, and Komononov enter a back room. Duchamps, who looks a lot like Worf, asks to see their invitations. Bashir says he's Patrick Meriwether and he admits he doesn't have an invitation. Duchamps says Dr. Noah does not like uninvited guests. Komononov says her "husband" is a renowned geologists. "Meriwether" feels insulted being left out of the group that so many other scientists have been invited to. Duchamps says there is still a chance for 5,000,000 Francs. Bashir pulls out some money and when Duchamps asks where the rest is, he says, "right here" and they play for the money. He wins and asks Duchamps when they leave. Duchamps answers "right now" and blows smoke at them. They collapse, unconscious. They wake up in the presence of of Dr. Hippocratus Noah, who has the appearance of Sisko. Dr. Noah tests him by having him look at some stones in his most recent acquisition on the table in front of them. "Meriwether" manages to identify them all and even the location in Tibet. Bashir comments that he must not get many tourists. Dr. Noah says he and his guests appreciate their privacy. He spells out his plan to flood the world, leaving Mt Everst, where they are, as an island. He shows a conrol console. Honey Bare says they are almost ready. He explains how they will destroy the world with earthquakes so they can build a new world, a new future. Then, he says it's a shame "Meriwether" won't be part of it. He knows he's really Bashir. Then he calls in his newest employee, Falcon. Bashir and Garak are taken to a laser drill and tied to the supports. When the laser fires, the cave they are in will be filled with molten lava, killing them. Dr. Noah sets the timer for 5 minutes. Garak is not happy, saying he doesn't want to die chained to a 20th century laser. He wants to end the program but Bashir won't do it. He won't even call for help through the doors because they don't know what will happen. Someone enters, a woman in a lab coat. He starts to sweet talk her, Prof. Bare. Garak asks if that's his plan, but Bashir tells him to shut up. Bashir asks for one last request, for Prof. Bare, Honey, to take off her glasses. He then tells her her hair would look so much better if it were not tied up. She drops it and he says it's the last thing he wants to remember before he dies. She thankshim and begins to walk away. But she turns back and kisses him before leaving again. Garak still mouths off, but Bashir unlocks his handcuffs. He then unlocks Garak's and they get out of the room just before the lasers fire. The ground shakes and the ceiling threatens to cave in. Bashir says they need to get to the control room. Bashir says one of the woman, Komononov or Bare, will die if the program goes on like it should. They need to save them both. Garak yells that the odds are against him and he needs to quit. Bashir argues asking if that's what he learned at the Obsidian Order. Garak says that's how he learned to keep alive and he would have learned it if he were a real spy. Bashir aks if that's what this is about, he's upset that Bashir is play-acting at what he takes so seriously. Garak calls for the computer, but Bashir points a tiny gun at him. Garak says he plays at hero because he knows he's not one and he's not one either, but he does know how to make a choice and so he's going to save himself. He calls for the computer again and Bashir shoots him. Garak is shocked and bleeding from the neck. Garak asks "What if you'd killed me?" Bashir replies "What makes you think I wasn't trying?" They go the control room, and Garak isn't arguing anymore. He rescues Komononov but Duchamps enters and the tides are turned. Ops calls to tell him they'll have things sorted out in a few minutes. Bashir says he understands, and Dr. Noah asks what he understood. He's about to kill Bashir and Bashir says he's thought about it and Dr. Noah's way may be the only way. Dr. Noah doesn't believe him. Bashir says there's no use in trying to defend the world when it's about to be wiped out. He uses Garak's words to prove he's willing to walk away form his duty. Noah thinks he makes an interesting argument but he's been looking forward to killing him for a long time. Bashir tells him to think beyond that to his new world order, where he might need someone like him. He moves to the control console. He presses the button to start the final laser sequence to destroy the world. As the map shows continents being flooded. Falcon congratulates Noah, who says he didn't expect to win. He prepares to kill Bashir again and is beamed away. Eddington calls to say they've got the crew and he can leave the holosuite now. Garak says they didn't teach him to save the day by destroying the world in the Obsidian Order. He says perhaps they should have lunch in his place in Hong Kong, unless Bashir is tried of this. Bashir says it's save to say that Julian Bashir, secret agent, will return.

Homefront: Bashir and O'Brien emerge from the holosuites in WWII flying gear and still somewhat in-character as they ask for drinks. Quark plays along, hating to think of the "Jerrie's" strafing that "green and pleasant land". O'Brien drops the cockney accent to ask Bashir if he wants to go back and stop the Jerries. Bashir admits his heart isn't in it, due to the attack on Earth. They go to catch Odo. Bashir welcomes him to a Spitfire next time he'd like to join them. Odo asks if there was someone he could look up for Bashir while he's on Earth. Bashir says no, but he'd like to be going with him. Bashir offers him luck as he leaves to catch the Lakota. Then he suggests he and the Chief get out of those uniforms.

Paradise Lost: Bashir is on the bridge as the Defiant heads to Earth. The Lakota approaches and orders the Defiant to stand down and prepare to be boarded. The Lakota targets weapons on the Defiant and O'Brien says they won't fire. Bashir says he hopes that true. But Lakota does fire. Bashir advises against dropping shields for the cloak and takes a wounded crewman away.

Crossfire: When O'Brien complains about having to be there to welcome Shakaar aboard, Bashir replies that maybe Sisko just wanted to see him in his dress uniform. "It does show off your figure." "Thank you," O'Brien replies before he realizes what Bashir just said. Sisko introduces Shakaar to the senior staff, including, of course, Doctor Bashir.

Return to Grace: Kira complains at the vaccinations Bashir is giving her before a conference she doesn't want to go to. Bashir reminds her that she agreed to go because of a personal request from the First Minister, Shakaar. She lays down, saying she's seeing spots. Bashir asks her if they're green and swelling, and if the room is spinning. When she says yes, he tells her the vaccination is working and it will go away in awhile and gives her another that will make her a little queasy.. Worf comes and he tells him he better be quick. He leaves them but returns with a tricorder just as Kira runs off. He remarks to Worf that he's glad he's not going to Cardassia.

Sons of Mogh: Off screen, Bashir states that Kern will survive after Worf stabbed him in the chest. In the Infirmary, Bashir tells Worf that Kern is stable and leaves them to speak in private. Later, he reports that Kern, again, will be alright, this time after being shot by a disruptor. He asks Worf if he'd like to see him and directs him to Kern's location. Bashir gets coffee from the replicator while explaining that the injuries from the damaged Klingon ship the Defiant towed back to the station were nothing unusual for a torpedo hit. When the others finally hit on "mine," Bashir says that mining a star system is an act of war and he didn't think they were up to that. For their plan, Bashir alters Worf's face and also gives him something to mask his DNA. He calls for Kern and has to call again. Then he offers Kern a seat. Finally, Bashir prepares to erase Kern's memory. He says it will take about an hour, but changing his genetic coding and changes his features will take about 5 hours. He asks if Worf has an answer for when he wakes up and asks "Who am I?" He asks Worf once more, if he's absolutely sure about this, as he can't undo it once Kern's memory is erased. Worf tells him to begin and Bashir tells the nurse to prep Kern for surgery. After the procedure, Bashir lies to the new Lodek about the cause of his "amnesia" and says he may never get his memories back.

The Bar Association: Leeta laughs at Bashir and O'Brien's costumes for the holosuite. Bashir is embarrassed, but she says it shows off his legs. He asks O'Brien about the program and why he gets to be high king. O'Brien replies that he's a direct decendent, and it's his program. Bashir says that sounds fair and they go up to the holosuites. Leeta is worried about Rom as he's sick and argues with Quark, who tells her that it's not her place just because she's dating Dr. Bashir. After Rob wakes up from fainting, Bashir examines Rom and asks how long he's had the ear infection. He's shocked to hear it's been three weeks as it could have killed him in another forty-eight hours. He asks Rom whey he didn't come sooner and Bashir is shocked that he doesn't get time off even if he's sick. Bashir says it sounds like he needs a better contract. He wants Rom to see him in the morning for a follow-up. Bashir says, as Rom is leading, that they need a union. Rom says Ferengi workers don't want to end the exploitation but to become the exploiters but Bashir says he doesn't see him exploiting anyone. Rom goes back to the bar and Leeta tells Rom Bashir is a great doctor. She also he says he might object to her helping Rom with his oomox problem. O'Brien goes to Bashir about a cyst on the back of his neck. He wants Bashir to take if off, but Bashir teases him first. Rom arrives, asking help from Bashir about unions. He is surprised Rom went ahead with his "theory" and continues working on O'Brien's cyst. O'Brien suggests a strike, but Bashir says it should be a last resort and they should give Quark a chance to be reasonable. But while Leeta is on strike with the rest of Quark's employees, Bashir sits outside with O'Brien trying to guess which patrons will cross the picket line and which ones won't. They see Worf go in and Miles goes after him. Bashir follows and they all three end up in a holding cell. O'Brien says they weren't brawling, but Sisko tells him to look at Bashir's forehead, which has a cut. O'Brien says he shouldn't have gotten in the way. Bashir does say he tried to break up the fight. Sisko says, according Odo, Bashir was shoved over a table. Bashir says things got a little out of hand. Sisko leaves them in the cell for the night and Bashir sarcastically tells Worf and O'Brien that he hopes they are proud of themselves as he sulks down onto a bed. Rom walks Leeta home after a day of picketing and she says she needs to get in and change for a night out with Julian. Rom says he's a lucky man and Leeta agrees and adds he's almost as brave as Rom. Bashir has to patch Quark up later that night. Rom says he made an exception in letting Rom visit after hours.

Accession: Bashir, on entering O'Brien's quarters after the holosuites and the Battle of Britain, complains that O'Brien hadn't cleaned up his quarters, seeing as Keiko would be returning. But then he says it's kind of sad to box all the stuff up as it's like a monument to his year as a bachelor. But O'Brien says Keiko would disassemble him if he didn't clean it up so they get to work. Bashir checks out a Bajoran man found on a derelict light ship that came out of the wormhold. He reports that he's disoriented. He stands by as the man tells his story to Sisko and Kira. He suggests that if the man would give them his name, they could contact some descendants. He asks what a dejara is when the man mentions Kira's family would be in the artists' dejara. Later, he sees O'Brien on the Promenade and congratulates him. He invites him to a drink. He tells Quark that O'Brien is having a baby. He says to just think, they'll be two little O'Briens running around and they say the second time is easier. He's surprised to learn that Worf delivered Molly and he jokes to Worf that he'll be sure to call him when the baby is due and laughs when Worf walks away shell-shocked. He says he doesn't know who's more anxious, Worf or O'Brien. O'Brien confides how he really feels and then asks if he wants to play a game of darts. Bashir reminds him that he needs to go home to his family. Later, he examines Sisko after an orb shadow, an hallucination after exposure to an orb. He offers medication to prevent them but says he'll risk finding out what the Prophets were trying to tell him and asks what he thinks it was. Keiko comments to Chief O'Brien that he must have spent a lot of time with Bashir. O'Brien says it kept him out of trouble and Keiko says she should remember to thank him. Later that night, O'Brien goes looking for Bashir and finds him in Quark's, playing darts with Morn. They start with small talk as if they haven't been best friends but sit down for a drink. They both says "it's not the same" now. O'Brien admits that he plays darts with Molly using magnets. Bashir says Morn couldn't hit a Uridian yak at five paces. Quark tells them their late for their holosuite reservation. Bashir says he didn't cancel it because he was hoping... O'Brien says he has to get home but maybe Morn could be better in a Spitfire. Bashir doesn't think so and forgoes the holosuite. In the Wormhole, a Bashir-Profit says that the Bajoran Emissary is the one who was insured. The man says he came to them first. The Bashir-Prophet says "first" and "later" like he doesn't understand them. He then says they kept the man with them. He says Sisko is "The Sisko." On the station, Keiko says she promised not to say anything to O'Brien, but Julian seemed depressed and really misses him. She suggests he go cheer him up. When he agress, she calls Julian to tell him that, though she promised she wouldn't say anything, O'Brien's been really depressed lately. He and O'Brien emerge from the holosuites in medieval garb, arguing about why Bashir didn't cover O'Brien.

Rules of Engagement: Doctor Bashir is talking to a Dabo girl at his bar, in Quark's testimony. The particular Dabo girl changes three times as Quark tries to remember.

Hard Time: Sisko tells Keiko that Dr. Bashir will do his best to try and remove artificial memories from Chief O'Brien after he's implanted with the memories of 20 years of imprisonment, and that Keiko can see him once Bashir has released him. Bashir meets O'Brien and Kira at the airlock. He admits to being pretty worried about O'Brien and says he wants to run some tests before seeing Keiko. He tells him he needs to take things easy and get used to the station again. He says he can't imagine what twenty years would be like. He asks if O'Brien was able to talk to anyone or see anyone in all that time, but O'Brien says he was alone. Later he tells Keiko that he can't remove the memories. He says O'Brien felt everything as if it was real, made decisions that changed the outcome. The memories or real. He could only remove them by wiping out his whole memory. He reminds her of many horrible things O'Brien has been through and still been okay. It will just take some time. He retuns to the Infirmary when Keiko and leaves her alone with O'Brien. Keiko tells O'Brien at dinner that Dr. Bashir said he'd be having sessions with Counselor Telnori soon. Bashir goes to find O'Brien where he's working. He knows O'Brien hasn't seen the counselor for 10 days. O'Brien gets upset and Bashir says he can talk to a different counselor. When O'Brien says he wants to be left alone, Bashir says he would have thought he wouldn't have being alone for 20 years. O'Brien yells at him saying he hasn't missed his "smug, superior attitude" and tells him to stay the hell away from him. Sisko called O'Brien to his office and says there was a confrontation with Bashir and that it wasn't "nothing" to Bashir as it was to O'Brien. He also Bashir said he stopped seeing his counselor. He says, in the judgment of the Chief Medical Officer, he's unfit for duty and on Medical leave, and that means he must cooperate in every way with his physician or be confined to the Infirmary. O'Brien confronts Bashir in the Infirmary and tells O'Brien it's for the best. He admits he doesn't know what O'Brien went through but he does know he's suffered and he's still suffering and he's trying to help. When O'Brien says he didn't ask for his to help, Bashir says he didn't need to ; he's his doctor, and his friend. O'Brien says he's not his friend and the O'Brien he knew died in that cell. Bashir says he didn't die, he just needs a little help. O'Brien tells him again to leave him alone and leaves. When O'Brien returns to his quarters, Keiko says Bashir has been trying to contact him. Bashir finds O'Brien in a Cargo Bay just as O'Brien is putting a phaser, set to kill, under his chin. Bashir says he doesn't want to do that, that nothing he went through is worth dying for. O'Brien says he doesn't understand he's doing it to protect everyone from him. He says O'Brien is a good man and whatever he's done, he doesn't deserve to die. When O'Brien says to tell that to Eechar, he asks who that was and O'Brien finally admits he wasn't alone. Bashir asks what happened to Eechar. Bashir realizes that O'Brien killed Eechar, and O'Brien admits it was for nothing. He says O'Brien didn't mean it, but O'Brien says he did. He tried to tell himself it wasn't real but it was. It was Julian...he killed his best friend. When O'Brien says he was not better than an animal, Bashir says that's not true, an animal would have killed him without a care where O'Brien hates himself so much that he deserves to die. He says the Agrathi tried to take away his humanity and for one brief moment they succeeded. But he can't let that brief moment define his life. If he does, the Agrathi would have succeeded in destroying a good man, and he can't let that happen. He reaches over and takes the phaser from O'Brien and deactivates it. Later, he gives Bashir a medication to help prevent hallucinations and lessen the depression. O'Brien says, "Now's the part where you tell me I have to start seeing Counselor Telnori again." Bashir says, "Unless you want to talk to me," and O'Brien quickly replies, "Telnori will be fine." They laugh and then O'Brien thanks him sincerely, for everything. Bashir leaves him to go to his family.

Shattered Mirror: Captain Bashir is a cocky rebel fighter, co-leader with Smiley. He walks in on Smiley and Sisko and asks, none too nicely, if Sisko is with them or not. Then he halls off and hits Sisko and tells him he knows who he is now. O'Brien tells him he'd stay clear of Sisko if he were him. Captain Bashir happily tortures the Intendant in the hallway. He explains she was trying to escape. She tells him if he was trying to teach her a lesson then he should turn up his little toy. He gladly concurs, but Sisko pushes him away and tells him there is a difference between interrogation and torture. Bashir tells him the Alliance never made the disctinction. Sisko replies that "you should." Bashir tells the others to take her back to her cell and walks away. On the Defianthe complains that Smiley's crews won't let him into the torpedo bay. Smiley explains its because they're trying to get the torpedo chamber mechanism online. Dax says they need to buy some more time. Bashir asks how many raiders they still have so he can buy more time before Alliance fleet comes. O'Brien says he'll never make it back and Bashir asks if that's what he was worried about. He was thinking it was because he'd get all glory. O'Brien asks what's the good of glory if you're dead, but Bashir asks who said anything about dying. Dax asks when they're leaving, which makes Bashir happy. Sisko says they should make sure he can buy them the time and then goes to talk to the Intendant. In the cockpit of a the one raider on the mission, Dax says she hopes his warp shadows, the Intendant told them about, will fool them, and Bashir says they'll know as soon as they start firing. They keep flying and topedoes explode around them. Just as the Defiant looks like it's on a suicide run, Bashir comes to the rescue in his raider. He asks if they're going to welcome them back. Sisko orders him to concentrate fire on the big cruiser's forward shields. He happily obeys.

The Muse: Bashir is at Odo's wedding to Lwaxana Troi. He leans over and whispers to Kira that he didn't know Odo was getting married until the morning on the wedding. He claps with the others and congratulates the couple. He examines Jake after he collapses. He explains that Jake's brain has been overly-stimulated. He assures Captain Sisko that Jake will be alright but he'd like to keep him in a neuro-stabilization field for awhile. He tells the captain that he'll let him know if anything changes. Later, O'Brien checks the Infirmary and finds psionic energy traces in the bulkhead, and Bashir notes that Jake's brain was stimulated by some psionic energy, possibly telepathic in nature. They need to find Jake and get him back to the neuro-stabilizing field.

For the Cause: Bashir is not at a security briefing on DS9. He is in the audience for a springball contest between Kira and an opponent. He asked Garak if he saw a particular move. Then he tells Garak to stop watching Ziyal. Garak says he thought that was the point. But Bashir says it's not to watch the spectators. Garak wants to say hello but Bashir points out that she's Dukat's daughter and no one hates him as much as Dukat. He also warns that she's Kira's friend and he wouldn't mess with her if he were him. Garak argues it would only be polite and accuses him of thinking he has a nefarious motive behind everything. When Bashir tries to clarify, he misses an impressive move on the court by Kira and Garak tells him he should have been paying attention.

To The Death: Bashir joins Dax and O'Brien in the mess about Defiant. He agrees that Jadzia is right about Molly not sleeping and needing attention and thinks she's just jealous about the upcoming baby. O'Brien asks what makes him an expert and Bashir answers he was top in his class in pediatric medicine. Dax suggests he might not like to sit in that seat. He asks if O'Brien spilled something. O'Brien tells him it's Worf's seat and Bashir says that his living on the Defiant doesn't give him proprietary rights in the mess hall. Dax replies that it doesn't but he just likes that seat. Worf arrives and looks a bit put out and Bashir smiles and offers him the seat. The senior offers are called to the Bridge to see half a pylon destroyed on DS9. Bashir and the other run past Kira and Bashir triages injured crewmen. He asks how many casualties. As Sisko plans to take the Defiant after the Jem'Hadar ship that caused the damage, Bashir says he'll be staying to take care of the wounded, including Kira.

The Quickening: Bashir annoys Kira and Dax with his enthusiasm for space travel while preparing for a bioservey with new scanning equipment, until they receive a distress signal from a planet in the Teplan system in the Gamma Quadrant. Bashir and Dax beam down to the planet and find a city in ruins. People point at them as they walk down a dustry street. Bashir asks what happened there. A woman with red lesions on her face approaches and asks them to take her to Travean. Bashir gives her something for the pain and another man approaches after Dax goes off for help. He tells Bashir there's no hope for her now that she's quickened. He says they should go an leave this place. Bashir notes that the pain medication isn't helping her much but the Blight, as the other man had called it, shouldn't affect he and Dax. Dax secured a ride and they take her to a building that surprises them as not so much a hospital as they thought. Dax notes that everyone has lesions and Bashir notes that another man's are inflamed as the young lady's were. They listen as the man thanks Travean and then watch as he takes a drink from a chalice. Travean approaches, asking if they brought Norva, the young woman, in. He says if she'd come sooner they could have helped her. Bashir asks if there is a treatment for the Blight, but Travean says there is no cure. Bashir didn't understand as he'd said he could have helped her. Travean asks why they're there. Dax tells him about the distress signal and Bashir says he's a doctor and has sophisticated diagnostic equipment. Travean says they used to and tells them what how the Jem'Hadar attached two hundred years before. He warns them to not defy the Dominion lest they pay the same price as their world. Explains the Blight as a punishment they are born with and all die of. Bashir suggests that if he tells them what he knows about the Blight, he might be able to help. Tavean tells them to go. The inflamed man convulses and Bashir goes to help though Travean tells him to stop. He says the man is dying and Travean says that's what he came here for. Bashir and Dax are stunned to find that he killed the woman they brought in, that he poisons people when they come in. Bashir says he thought this was a hospital and that Travean was a healer. Travean says he is; he takes away pain. He says they've disrupted Tamar's death and asks them to leave. They leave and Dax finds the distress signal while Bashir waits restlessly. Bashir says there is nothing for them to do there and they should just go. A woman approaches and asks if he's really a doctor. He says yes, and she says she's never seen a doctor. She says there's a woman in Nekalia who makes an herb to help withstand the pain of Quickening. She says she'd go there but it's too far away. He asks when she's due, as she's pregnant. She says two months, but she never knows when the Quickening will come. Julian introduces himself and she says her name is Ekoria. She asks if they came to help and Bashir says no one seems to want their help. She says she does and there are others. Kira calls to report a Jem'Hadar ship in the vacinity. They beam up and discuss the situation. Kira says they should get under way but Bashir says they can't just leave. Kira says they'll notify Starfleet who will put together a relief mission. He says that may take weeks or months. He has her remember the plague on Boranis III where people were dying by the thousands but it only took three days to solve the epidemic. Kira agrees to take the runabout to a nebula and return for them in a week. A little girl reports to the othes in her house that "they" are coming. Ekoria leads Bashir and Dax inside. She apologizes for the lack of space, but Bashir tells her not to and asks if he can use the table to set up his equipment. Bashir explains what he has to do in medical terms and Dax translates: "....he needs a volunteer." Ekoria volunteers and Bashir offers to show her a picture of her baby. He and Dax analyze the blood samples they receive and Bashir finds the virus. Dax translates what he says: "...yes, it's a very good thing." Ekoria says she hopes they are hungry and Bashir says he's starving. Later, Bashir is frustrated and hopes Dax has better results. Ekoria asks why he needs volunteers who have quickened. A man bumps into him and he says "sorry." It's the same man from before. The man says that it seems the Blight has spared them, that it doesn't like the taste of his blood. Bashir notes it does like his. The man says he'd invite him to his death but he doesn't know him that well. Bashir tells him there's a chance he didn't have to die and that he's a doctor, but the man laughs and asks what his cure will cost him. Bashir says nothing. Ekoria says to trust him. The man asks what he'll do, see how loud they scream when the Blight burns through them. Bashir says he has medicines to dull the pain. He offers to fix a boy's arm so he can play with his friends. He fixes the boys fracture and removes his sling. The boy runs off to play. Trevean arrives and says fixing a broken bone and curing the Blight are two different things. He says others came and stirred up hope, but all their promises were just lies. Bashir says he's not making any promises, that he just wants to try. Travean warns him not to, as those who stirred up false hope had a much worse death than the Blight. Later, Bashir is trying to chart the life cycle of the virus, but he's frustrated. Ekoris suggests maybe he should go home, that her people don't deserve his help. He says they have suffered so long, they've lost hope that things could be better. But Ekoria explains that they've come to to worship death. She says she hasn't since the baby. She asks if his machines can show her what he'll look like when he grows up. Bashir says no, not really. Bashir tells her with any luck, she'll see her son have children of his own. Dax comes in saying there are people to see him. The angry man says he supposes Bashir will bleed him and says he cancelled his death for him. That night, Bashir prepares a treatment and tells Ekoria to give everyone, including herself 3 miligrams. Dax comes to Julian to tell him Epran, the angry man, is no longer responding to cordrazine. He says Epran is further along than others and may be the first one to respond to the antigen. He says to think of it, Ekoria coudl be holding the cure in her hands. He asks if they should tell her, but Dax says she's nervous enough about the hypo and they should wait until they are positive. Bashir looks defeated and Dax tells him to take a break. Ekoria joines him out by a fire. She reports that Epran's white count is up. He says that's great news. She says she trusted him from the start, though she doesn't know why. He says he likes to think it's his bedside manner, but then has to explain what that means and says she was doing it. She was good with the patients. He says some people don't like to be around sick people; it reminds them of their mortality. She asks if it doesn't bother him. He admits it does sometimes but he prefers to confront mortality and that when he makes someone well, he's chased death off for one more day. She reminds him that death comes to everyone eventually. He says, "Excecpt Kukalaka." She asks who that was. He says it was his first patient, a teddy bear (and has to explain it). He says he took it everywhere he went when he was a boy. Eventually he was threadbare and his leg tore and some stuffing fell out. His mother was going to throw him out but he wouldn't have it. He performed his first surgery, sowing him up and putting his leg back on. He says he must have sowed every inch of that bear through the years. Ekoria asks why he kept it and he says he wouldn't be much of a doctor if he gave up on a patient. Ekoria asks where Kukalaka is now and Bashir says he must be in a closet somewhere, but after a moment he admits the truth "on a shelf... in my room." Dax comes and says urgently that something is wrong. They go in to find Epran convulsing. Bashir tries to help but realizes something is causing the virus to mutate. He asks for a microcellular scanner. Epran asks for help and Bashir realizes it's the EM field from the instruments. He orders everything shut down. But the mutation rate doesn't slow. He says to give everyone more cordrazine. Epran dies and Bashir comes over. He tries to revive hijm, but it doesn't work. Dax has to tell him to stop. Travean comes and asks "What have you done?" One of the patients ask for his help and he tells Bashir he has not right to interfere. Travean gives her some herbs and she dies. Other patients ask for him as Bashir stands helpless in the midst of it all. In the morning, he says he says he remembers running a hemotology scan on Epran the other day and that there were changes in the viral base pair sequence, and he didn't know why. Dax tries to tell him he had know way of knowing. He says he should have put it together. He admits to her that he was looking forward to seeing Kira again and asking casually how the nebula was and saying, "Oh and I cleared that Blight thing those people had." Dax tells him it's not a crime to believe in himself. Bashir says these people believed in him and look where it got them. He says Travean was right; there is no cure, and he was so arrogant he thought he could cure it in a week! Dax tells him that might have been arrogant to think that, but it's more arrogant to think there's no cure just because he couldn't find it. Bashir takes a walk, and a man spits on the ground when he walks by. He accidentally finds a mural painted by Ekoria's husband. She says she's glad he got to see it before he left. He turns and sees that she's quickened. She says she really did think she'd make it. He apologizes but she says not to be sorry. He gave her hope and she hasn't felt that since her husband died. She kisses him on the cheek and then says goodbye. He tells her to wait. On the runabout, Kira asks if he's sure, and he says he can't leave these people, not now. Kira tells him to contact the station when he's ready. Dax says what worries her is that, without her, he won't have anyone to translate for him. She wishes him luck and he beams back down with some equipment. He picks up his equipment and sets off. Later, he mixes up something and Ekoria asks what it is. He says there's no trace of the antigen in her blood stream and thinks her immune system must have rejected it. She struggles with the pain and he says he'd give her another hypo but she already has had so much cordrazine, it might be hard on the baby. She says she'll wait. She wakes up later and asks what the smell is. Bashir tells her he's making a salve. She says "As long as I don't have to drink it." He asks her to sit up and listens through a makeshift stethoscope to her breathing. Then he checks the baby. He listens and then says his heart is getting stronger every day. He says maybe another six weeks. She says she won't make it that long and he says he can induce labor in two weeks. She nods and agrees, "Two weeks." Bashir returns later to find Travean with Ekoria. He says he didn't realize he made house calls. Travean says he was concerned she might be too weak to come to him. Bashir tells him he doesn't understand why he's so concerned with death. He's heard Travean has lived longer than anyone. Travean says yes, but he's seen more suffering than anyone. He leaves and Ekoria tells Bashir Travean means well and that he's a kind man in his own way. Two weeks later, he coaches her through the delivery of her baby. She finally pushes the baby out and Bashir finds the baby has no lesions. The baby absorbed all the antigen. He shows Ekoria and she's gets to hold him a moment and then dies. Bashir takes the baby to Travean's hospital and he and the others wonder. Travean asks if he found a cure, and Bashir tells him it's not a cure, but a vaccine. Every pregnant woman should get it to protect their babies. He says it's not hard to make, but seeing that everyone gets it will be a huge task. Travean says, "Oh, not a task, a privilege." He asks Bashir to show him how to make it, and Bashir admits he was hoping Travean would ask. He hands the baby to Travean, who smiles. Outside the whole town begins to gather as Travean holds the baby up. Bashir stands in a doorway and watches. When Bashir returns to the station, Sisko finds him still trying to find the cure. Sisko tries to encourage him. Bashir tells him people are still dying back there. Sisko says, "Yes, but their children won't." Bashir says that is what he keeps telling himself. He goes back to work when Sisko leaves.

Body Parts: Worf reassures O'Brien that he's sure Dr. Bashir and Kira are taking care of his wife in the Gamma Quandrant. Rom suggests Quark get a second opinion from Dr. Bashir when he gets back from the Gamma Quadrant. But Quark, who believes he's dying of Dorik Syndrome, asks how good Bashir could be when he doesn't charge anything? And what could a human doctor know about Dorik Syndrome. A runabout returns with Kira, Keiko, and Bashir and Bashir requests emergency transport to the Infirmary, reported by Worf. Doctor Bashir performs surgery offscreen on Keiko while Kira explains the transfer of the baby to her womb. Later, Bashir explains what happened to O'Brien and Sisko. He tells of an accident where an asteroid hit the runabout and Keiko was severly injured. He got her stable but the baby was in danger, so he had to transfer it and the only other people were Kira and him. Sisko tries to support him, telling him he made the right choice. O'Brien asks how Kira, a Bajoran, can carry a human baby. Bashir explains that he had to stimulate Kira's estrogen and progesterone and help the baby to be able to work with Bajoran nutrients. He says Keiko can go home in a couple of days, but that the baby will have to stay with Kira until he's born. When Kira goes to visit Keiko, Keiko tells her that Dr. Bashir said she'd be on her feet tomorrow. Bashir approaches Quark but Quark doesn't seem to hear him. He has to say his name louder. He tells him that he just got a message from a Doctor Orpax on Ferenginar saying he's very sorry but Quark doesn't have Dorik Syndrome and asks if Quark knows what that means. Bashir is the first one to enter Quark's bar with an alterior motive after Quark's left destitute by the Ferengi Commerce Association. He offers a case of Alvanian brandy, saying a patient sent it as payment but he can't except it. Quark doesn't want his charity but he tells him it's not charity, he won't touch the stuff. So he asks if he wants it or if he should dump it. Others follow and Bashir takes the case and stores it behind the bar. Quark finally realizes that Sisko, Dax, Bashir and others are his assets.

Broken Link: Odo collapses in Garak's shop and Garak uses Odo's comm badge to call Doctor Bashir to bring a medical team immediately. Bashir examins Odo in the Infirmary but Odo tells him that it's no use becaus ehe doesn't know enough about changeling physiology to diagnose him and reminds him that no one does. Bashir surprises him by saying he does have some idea, based on scans he's taken over the years, there are some differences, such as a fluctuation in mass and density which usually stay constant. Odo asks if he knows what's causing it. Bashir says no. Odd asks if he knows how to prevent it. Bashir says not yet. Odo says to let him know when he does and moves to leave, but Bashir tells him he has to stay, as movement increases the fluctuations and may bring on another attack. Odo does not like the idea of staying there until Bashir finds a cure. Bashir suggests the fluctuations may stop on their own. For all they know, it could be changeling puberty or menopause. Odo says that's an interesting theory but he should keep it to himself. Bashir smiles, telling him not to worry, it could just be a virus or bacterial infection. He tells Odo to lie back and promises to get him out of the Infirmary as soon as possible. When Kira sneezes after a briefing, and complains about it, Sisko asks if there isn't anything Doctor Bashir can give her. She replies that humans get nauseous with pregnancy, Bajorans sneeze. Besides, she says Bashir's hands are full right now, with Odo. Kira visits the Infirmary later and asks if she can come in. Odo replies that if she's looking for Bashir, he's not in. Later, Bashir asks Odo, who's melted in another attack and can't hold his shape, how he's feeling, but Odo lists his sheet to show him how he is having trouble holding his shape. Bashir says the latest test reslults are not encouraging. Odo's molecular structure is destabilizing at an increasing rate. He gives one week, maybe two before Odo can't hold a shape. He says he sent his findings to Doctor Mora, who was a baffled as he is. He tells Odo Mora wants him to come to his lab for some tests. Odo says seven years was enough and reminds Bashir that he has all of Mora's data and would have found something if it was there. Bashir says, "I don't suppose you'd agree to a trip to Starfleet Medical. Odo says he thinks they both know where he has to go. Bashir says he was hoping it wouldn't come to that. Odo tells him there's no choice; he has to go back to his people. In Sisko's office, Kira worries that they won't find Odo's people in time, but Bashir says they'll get their attention by flying into their space uncloaked. She asks when they will leave, and Sisko asks Bashir. Bashir says as soon as possible. Sisko tells him to prepare Odo and they'll prepare the Defiant. On Defiant, Bashir says the medical bay is ready but it will take awhile to get Odo on board. He doesn't want to put Odo through a transporter buffer. Odo asks to come about and Bashir says that if he's asking, he's sure he has a good reason. Bashir and Kira escort Odo out of the Infirmary. Odo shakes their hands off though stay close close. Bashir asks if Odo would like him to have the Promenade cleared, but Odo says it's not necessary. In Sickbay, Bashir works while Garak keeps Odo occupied with stories of his path. Bashir notes that it must be hard to keep all those dead Romulan dignitaries straight. He suggests that Odo needs rest, but Odo wants to hear more. P)On the Bridge, O'Brien gives testimony to a seeming conspracy in his quarters, where Kira has moved in. He jokes he's thinking of inviting Bashir to come live them to even things up. In the Infirmary, Garak asks Bashir how he looks for the Dominion representative, but Bashir asks what it matters. The Femling (as I like to call the Female Changeling) enters and speaks to Odo. Bashir interrupts to ask if there is anything she can do for him. He stands by as the Femling links with Odo until he solidifies (mostly) again. Bashir says his structure is still fluctuating but it's not as bad as it was. The Femling tells them to leave now, but Bashir says Odo is his patient. When Odo says it's alright, he says he'll be right outside. He stops Garak from addressing the Femling at this time. She leaves, telling Bashir can go in but Odo needs his rest. Bashir says he'll keep that in mind. Later, Bashir escorts Odo to the Mess to see Sisko. On the Bridge, Sisko insists that Bashir will be transporting down with him and Odo and the Femling. Bashir and Sisko wait on a rocky platform for Odo to come out. Bashir nearly throws a rock in his boredom, but Sisko reminds him where they are. When Worf catches Garak trying to launch quantum torpedoes at the planet below. Worf asks what that would mean for Odo, Sisko and Dr. Bashir. Garak says they'd die, but then so would they on the Defiant when the Jem'Hadar realize what they're doing. Back on the planet, Sisko gets Bashir's attention when something happens. They see Odo thrown out of the link and then deposited on the rocky platform. Bashir scans him with a tricorder and reports he's finding strange readins. The Femling emerges and says he has been judged. Bashir reports he's reading a heart, lungs, digestive system as if he were human. The three of them (Bashir, Sisko, and Odo) beam up. In the Infirmary, Bashir takes a blood sample and Odo tells him that staring at it won't change anything. Bashir tells him it's type O- in case he was wondering and that physiologically, he's human. Odo says they did, except for his face. Bashir replies that he was wondering about that, why they didn't change it. Odo says it was to remind him who he was, and what he lost. Back on the station, Bashir is with others listening to Gowron deliver an ultimatum that will likely lead to war on the Federation.

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