Lt. Malcolm Reed


Lieutenant Malcolm Reed, Tactical Officer, USS Enterprise is my favorite character on Enterprise. He's a by-the-book, military guy, but he's got an easy-going manner and even a bit of a sense of humor he lets out now and then. He's soft-spoken and kind. And he likes explosives. An intriguing combination. We're just getting to know Lt. Reed, so I can't tell you much just yet. But that should change. We'll get seven years with him, if all goes well.

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I'll recount a Malcolm Reed history of episodes here. As I rewatch the episodes, I'll try to update is as I've done with the Bashir one.



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Season 1

Broken Bow: As Enterprise is being prepared for launch, Reed admits to Mayweather that he's not enthusiastic about having his molecules scrambled by the transporter. He read the profile report on the Klingons, which Mayweather has not. He is impatient to get his supplies so that he can ready the ship's defenses. He impersonates Trip's Southern drawl after his supplies don't come: "Keep your shirt on, Lieutenant." He shares small talk that gives us some information on Mayweather as they walk down the corridor to Engineering. Reed introduces Trip to the new helmsman and warns that without the deflector up and running, space dust could poke a hole in the hull. He is at the launch ceremony and enters the bridge with the rest of the senior staff just before the ship takes off. When the ship loses power, Reed thinks he sees something off the starboard bow. This is confirmed later to be the Suliban ship. He is on the landing party that goes down to Rigel X and is paired with Mayweather to gather information about the Klingon. They see two butterfly-eating dancers and Reed asks if the butterflies are real or holograms. Mayweather and he are back in the pod when the others are fighting to escape the attacking Suliban. He opens the pod door for T'Pol, but a passing ship knocks her away. Reed and Trip rush out, firing their weapons, to bring the captain in after he'd been shot. Reed tends the captain's wound on the trip back to the ship. Reed tries to track the Suliban after they follow the Suliban to a gas giant, but the sensors only read unmatching fragments. With T'Pol's instructions, he retunes the sensors and detects fourteen different trails. As they enter the atmosphere of the gas giant and are fired upon, Reed reports tactical information on the attacking ships. He suggests using the transporter to get Klaang but is happy to try the grappler instead. He fires twice at a passing Suliban ship and hits his mark both times. Reed gives the captain a device to change the polarity of the magnetic locks holding the Suliban helix together. He also introduces the phase pistol--the first phaser--to Captain Archer (and thus all of us), with a soon-to-be classic line--"They have two settings: stun and kill. It would be best not to confuse them." He warns the bridge of oncoming blasts by the Suliban and insists that they must change position or be destroyed. He reports again on the tactical situation as they go back for the captain. After the successful mission, Enterprise is ordered to keep going. Reed reports on the atmosphere of a possibly inhabited planet close by.
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Fight or Flight: Reed ran targeting simulations and was unhappy with the results. He's allowed to shoot at an asteroid and is chagrined when the torpedoes miss. Reed is on the away team to the derelict ship. He wants to take rifles but the captain tells him he's seen too many science fiction movies. He is ready to blow the hatch to enter the ship, but Archer manages to open it mechanically before he gets his chance. He discovered blood on the floor of the ship. When they return to Enterprise after discovering the bodies of the ship's crew, he gives an accurate count of the dead while Archer only guesses. Given the reason for the ship's crew's deaths, he'd like more target practice for his torpedoes. He is left behind when the Enterprise returns to the derelict ship a second time. He is not confident about fighting the bad guys. He tells T'Pol he could hit a stationary barn but not a moving target. His torpedoes get a real target when the murdering aliens return. He fires two torpedoes, but they are ineffective, one bouncing off the bad guys' shields and the other being shot down. As the bad guys try to dock with Enterprise, Reed is ordered to distribute hand weapons, but he doesn't get the chance. The Axanar (the species of the dead crew) show up and are convinced to help out. Meanwhile, Reed gets the targeting scanners aligned and gets a chance to show them off, firing one torpedo as the Enterprise moved away from the bad guys, and making a nice explosion.

Strange New World: Reed stays on the Enterprise when an away team beams down to the surface of a nice looking planet. Since Archer, T'Pol, and Tucker are on the planet, one can assume Reed is in command of the ship until Archer returns. He reports the worsening weather conditions to the captain after catching a water polo (?) ball the captain was tossing about. He doesn't appear amused by the ball. He suggests taking a shuttle down to get the away team but T'Pol thinks they'll be fine until the winds die down. Later, Reed and Archer attempt to get the now-paranoid away team, but the winds are too rough. Reed warns that they must return to the ship after they lose a thruster. He beams Crewman Novakavich up to the ship, but calls Sickbay when contaminants enter the matter stream, and thus Novakavich's body. He checks for a pulse. He's in Sickbay with Archer when he goes to check on the crewman. He later reports that the winds should die down in nine hours' time, thus leaving the away team on the planet until morning. He and Phlox synthesize inaprovaline to beam down to them.

Unexpected: Reed answers the captain's call when the latter's shower begins to float around him. The captain asks him if they ignited the plasma exhaust behind the ship. He replies that if they polarized the hull plating and kept at least half impulse the ship should be alright. Reed joins Trip in the mess hall and asks a few polite questions about his time on the alien ship that was hiding in the plasma exhaust. Then he asks about the weapons. Reed is the first to notice (except perhaps for Trip) the nipple growing on Trip's arm. He suggests a visit to Sickbay. He works with T'Pol to find the Xyrillian ship so that Trip can be relieved of his new, ahem, passenger, though Reed is unaware of the passenger at all. Reed detects the ship, but they find a Klingon battle cruiser instead, with the Xyrillian's trailing behind. He is wary of contacting the Klingons, but he appeared curious about Trip, in civilian clothes on the bridge. He's very curious when he hears of a pregnancy.

Terra Nova: Reed is on the away mission to investigate the lost colony at Terra Nova. He notes an upside-down bicycle and spins the tire. Archer orders him to walk the perimeter. Reed spots and follows a "native" to a cave entrance. He describes the "alien" to the captain and T'Pol. The captain wants to go in, but Reed suggests that he go first. He and Archer investigate the caves and discover the unwelcoming inhabitants. When one of the natives draws a gun, Reed stuns him. They try to leave, with T'Pol's help, but Reed gets shot in the leg while Archer makes his exit. He tells the captain that he's okay, and the Captain reluctantly leaves him. He is taken by the cave in habitants before Archer can come back for him. Reed is then held hostage, under guard by two "Novans" ninety meters below ground. Archer brings Doctor Phlox to the planet, and the latter treats Reed's wound. However, he can't remove the bullet until they get back to Enterprise. The inhabitants still do not trust the outsiders. But Archer is getting the idea that these are the descendants of the missing colonists. To prove themselves trustworthy, he offers to take the oldest of them up to the ship for healing. Reed must wait in the cave for their return. He tells the captain that he will be alright. He handles the situation calmly and even tries to converse with his watcher, to no avail. He's witness to the beautiful music that echoes through all the caverns though. Eventually, the old woman remembers who she is, trust is created, and Reed is released.
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The Andorian Incident: Reed is left in command while Archer, T'Pol and Trip go visit a Vulcan monastery. When another ship is detected on the landing platform, he suggests that it should have been standard procedure to check for such things before such a trip. He also complains when they don't check in and suggests that it should be standard procedure to check in every ten minutes. He also doesn't back off when the Andorians who have captured the captain, T'Pol and Trip tell them to. As Archer comments, he didn't recruit his tactical officer to "sit on his butt when threatened." Reed orders Shuttlepod Two to be put on standby and tells Mayweather that he does not take orders from a comm voice, unless it's from the captain. Reed is pacing the deck when Trip calls from a hidden transmitter. He tells the commander he's already looked up the Andorians in the Vulcan database. He agrees to sit tight while those on the surface come up with a plan. Once the plan is in place, he beams down with two security crewmen, after assuring Hoshi that the transporter console won't bite and ordering one of the crewmen to get on the platform. They immediately tuck into the catacombs to avoid capture. After setting some explosives as a diversion, Reed and his men attack the Andorians in the atrium. One of Reed's men gets shot. Reed shoots one of the Andorians and checks on his injured man, but the other two Andorians disappear into the catacombs. Reed and his remaining man go to the the room where the captives are held. Reed enters just in time to shoot another Andorian who was about to kill Captain Archer. He and Archer enter the catacombs to go after the remaining Andorians. One Vulcan goes along. A shootout follows, with several artifacts being blown to bits. However, Reed spots something when a thick curtain is hit. Archer opens the newly found doorway and Reed and the Andorians join him there. The secret Vulcan installation is found, proving the Vulcans had violated their treaty with the Andorians. Reed loans his communicator to T'Pol so that she can order Enterprise to let the Andorians go.
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Breaking the Ice: Reed reorts that the comet they've spotted isn't in the Vulcan database. At the briefing discussing the comet, Reed suggests using a portable drilling rig to get core samples. Archer asks if he's up for a little comet walk. Reed and Travis set off in a shuttlepod and land on the comet. Reed admits he's never stood on a comet before and suggests they commemorate the occassion somehow and "see how the spirit moves" them when they get there. Reed explains that ice records everything, history in layers of ice. He helps decorate a snowman that Travis builds. Archer calls to check up on them and subtly chides them on the snowman after reminding them that the Vulcans are watching. (The snowman is not neglected and ends up with Vulcan ears and a hairline to match. Reed's work apparently.) Reed sets the last charge and calls to let Enterprise know. Archer gives him the go ahead. Reed and Travis take cover and Reed sets off the charge. Travis is impressed with the crater they created, but Reed was hoping for more symmetry. Reed crawls down in the crator while Travis goes to get the drill. Archer warns them to pick up the pace as the charge has shifted the rotation of the rotation so that a nearby star will raise the temperature a few hundred degrees. Travis hands up equipment to Reed, but falls, hurting his knee. Reed goes down to help him to the pod, saying he'll come back for the gear. Reed takes the core sample at Travis's sugesstion. They can see the "sunrise" coming on the horizon. The ice begins to crack and crumble beneath them. They keep going, trying to hurry a bit. They barely make it to the shuttlepod, but as they launch, the ice cracks beneath them and they fall into a crevice. Reed helps Travis out of his exterior suit and crawls into the helm to answer a hail from Enterprise. Reed and Travis are shaken some more as Trip tries to pull them out with a grappler cable. They slip farther down when the grappler lets go. The comet threatens to seal them up again as that part of the comet turns away from the star. They are surprised when it's the Vulcans who pull them from the crevice and tell them to stand ready to ignite their engines.

Civilization: Reed and the rest of the senior staff tell Captain Archer what his options for exploration are, including an Minshara-Class planet. Reed is on the bridge as they approach the planet. The Captain, Trip, T'Pol and Hoshi head down to the planet, made up to look like the locals. Which would mean Reed has command of the ship. When Archer calls, he reports that blowing up the source of the neutrinos would do too much damage and he when he scans the shop where the neutrinos are coming from, he finds no basement, no bottom to it. Reed is on the bridge again when another ship approaches and threatens them while Captain Archer is still on the ground. They fire and then tell Archer to leave. Reed reports they are powering up their weapons again. Reed gets a fix on the generator after Archer gets the dampening field down. The vessel fires again and Reed fires back, but the vessel isn't damaged. He prepares a torpedo as Trip beams up the generator and then beams it to the space. As the vessel goes to retrieve it, Reed fires and blows it up. It knocks their shielding out and Reed is ordered to target their weapons array.

Fortunate Son: At the briefing about the Fortunate, Reed asks what kind of weapons the cargo ship has. At his station, he reports hull damage to the Fortunate and a lot of systems offline. Reed and Travis join Archer on a shuttle to the ship; Phlox is with them as well. Reed reports the main hatch is damaged, so they used the auxilliary hatch. Reed questions why they sent a distress call when the cargo crew doesn't seem to want their help. Later, Reed again joins the captain and Phlox, this time with T'Pol on a trip to the Fortunate. They intend to see the Nausicaan prisoner but are fired upon by the Cargo ship's crew. Reed fires first and tells Phlox to get down. Archer motions Reed to work his way around on direction while he goes another. The cargo crew escapes out an airlock but not before firing into the hull to create a breach. The cargo pod is then jettisoned with Reed and the others inside. Once rescued, Reed reports that they've been unsuccessful in tracing the Fortunate's warp signature as long-range sensors are out, but the crew realizes they can find the Fortunate when they find the Nausicans. After they reach the area, Reed reports that he can't tell who is doing the shooting, but wouldn't rule out their "boomer friends." Reed finally detects the Fortunate and three Nausicaan ships. Reed reports about the Nausicaan's weapons so that the Nausicaan's will take Archer seriously. He tells Archer that one of the Nausicaan ships has locked onto Enterprise and warns before they fire. Reed returns fire on Archer's orders. After the prisoner is returned, Reed again reports, telling us all that the Nausicaans are moving off.

Cold Front: Reed is the first on the bridge in the morning and greets Sato and Mayweather when they arrive. He jokes that he'd like the two hours spent at the awful movie the night before back. Reed hopes that the touring aliens might be shown the armory and says it should be procedure that tactical systems shouldn't be shown to new species. When he goes off to fix something for a moment, he leaves Mayweather in command and returns to find him sitting in the captain's chair. Reed asks him for permission to return to his station. An embarrassed Mayweather mutters "sorry" and returns to the helm. During an ion storm Enterprise is trying to go around, Reed reports damage. After Daniels detects Silik, he tells T'Pol to tell Reed to bring a security team and lock off C deck. Archer orders him to lock down every outer port and post security on every deck. He orders Malcolm to meet him at the access to the launch bay taht Silik took through some conduits. He hands the captain a phase pistol and stares in awe as Archer, using a futuristic device, steps right through the bulkheads. At the end of the episode, he locks up cabin E-14, which had housed Daniels, the agent from the future.

Silent Enemy: Reed launches echo two (a subspace amplifier) and reports a vessel dropping out of warp. After the ship leaves he reports that he got nothing on sensors, no readings at all.
Hoshi reports having tracked down Reed's family in Malaysia. Archer talks to Reed's parents. Mary Reed seems concerned and asks if he's alright. Malcolm's father wonders if he's in trouble and says they haven't heard from him in some time. They didn't know he was Enterprise's Armory Officer. We learn that Reed's family has been in the Royal Navy for generations. Malcolm is not comfortable making requests. His mother doesn't know his favorite food. His father says he always ate what was put in front of him. Archer assign's Hoshi to snoop and find Reed's favorite food for his upcoming birthday. Archer asks Trip if he's talked to Malcolm much. Discusses how it was strange that the Reeds didn't seem to know very much about their son.
The alien vessel returns. Reed reports hull plating is offline and gives damage report after the ship fires. This time he is able to scan inside the alien ship. Biosigns, unknown DNA. He doesn't think torpedoes could have harmed them. Reed and Trip argues that they could install the phaser cannons they were supposed to have in two weeks. Archer insists on going to Earth, so Reed suggests they could at least begin the work while going back to Earth. He and Trip introduce the crew of engineers to the new cannons. They believe they can do the work themselves. Reed reassures them that the cannons will help them be ready for anything so the ship will not be as vulnerable.
Hoshi talks to his sister, Madeline, who tells her Hoshi that Malcolm told her likes octopus, especially the suction cups, but she thinks he was pulling leg. She tells Hoshi about a time Malcolm didn't eat for a week and went on water and apple juice. She says he's hard to get to know. Malcolm's best friend tells Hoshi of a seafood restaurant. He tries to remember what Malcolm would have when they went there. Then he remembers Malcolm had a thing for the waitress and that he thinks Malcolm hates fish. Hoshi concludes that Reed "occasionally eats." T'Pol suggests she asks Reed himself.
Reed is eating in the mess hall, studying schematics. He allows Hoshi to eat with him when she asks to join him. They share some small talk that he is mostly ignoring. He says he's been working since 0700. Hoshi fishes for his favorite food. He keeps reading schematics or reports on a PADD. He apologizes for not paying attention, but then, once he is paying attention, he thinks Hoshi is coming onto him by asking to cook for him. He seems troubled, taken off-gaurd, or out of his element. He tries to explain that it would be awkward since they work together. Hoshi laughs and apologizing. He apologizes for mistaking her. She leaves anyway. Reed is still eating when ship comes back. He calls bridge and armory, but gets no answer, so he orders the others in mess to get to their stations. Later, when working on the cannons, he snaps at an engineer who makes a mistake on his report. He is impatient with the progress. He shocks his hand on a grid that was supposed to have been depolarized. He has been trying to tie the cannons in to impulse engines. He and Trip argue over whether it's an an acceptable risk. Reed is worried that going by the book will take too long and the aliens will return. Trip pulls rank, and Reed gives in reluctantly. Trip later changes his mind and goes with Reed's idea. They install the cannons in two days. Reed fires the first test shot at a mountain in a crater but it destroys the whole crater because of a surge. Reed goes with Trip, T'Pol and Archer to find what caused the surge that destroyed the whole crator. When they find the device the aliens left behind, he says the aliens are toying with them.
Hoshi goes to Phlox to try and get information on Reed's favorite food. She asks doctor if he's eaten with Reed. Doctor Phlox tells that Reed has eaten lots of things: Eggs--many ways, pancakes with peanut butter, sausage, bacon, etc. No one food stands out. Phlox goes into Reed's medical records and noting allergies to dust mites, oak, pollen, tropical plants, and bromelin. Reed is taking injections to tolerate bromelin. Pineapple!
The alien ship returns. Reed is ordered to fire and does. Minor effect. He explains that the test had an overload and Warns that overloading could knock out two decks. With Trips help, taking a risk, they overload the system. Reed fires again. The alien ship's shields fail. Reed fires torpedoes and drives off the ship. He reports the cannons held up and can be online in an hour. The aft cannon will be online by next day. Archer, Reed, and Trip have a toast in armory. Archer congratulates them. Hoshi brings in a "component". Reed tells them they shouldn't have gone to any trouble. He is touched and surprised by the cake. He cuts a piece and holds it up. Pineapple! His favorite. He asks how on Earth they knew.
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Dear Doctor: Reed apologizes to Doctor Phlox who invited him to sit with him in the Mess Hall, as he was due in the Armory. He later reports that a ship found adrift is pre-warp, possibly an unmanned probe, though T'Pol does read two, very faint life signs. When they reach the planet the ship came from, he reports that there is a lot of traffic in orbit, spacecraft and satelites. He is on the bridge when Captain Archer returns and asks to speak with T'Pol about the request for warp drive.
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Sleeping Dogs: Reed sets up a target to help Hoshi learn to use the new phase pistol. After her first try, he tells the difference between firing a phase pistol and an M33. He later sneezes in Sickbay and complains about catching a cold. He admits not knowing how he caught it, perhaps from a case of plasma coolant he opened--back in space dock, five months earlier. He can't stay in bed, as the doctor suggests, because he must go on the mission to the shipwrech the Enterprise has discovered. As he, T'Pol, and Hoshi are preparing to go, Reed reassures Hoshi that if there was a hull breach she'd be crushed to the size of a fist and wouldn't need her backup oxygen. Reed pilots the shuttlepod to the ship. He also assures T'Pol and Hoshi that they will be back to Enterprise before ship sinks (in about one hour). On the ship, and at Hoshi's suggestion, Reed is the first to remove his helmet. Since he has a cold, can't smell the stink of the ship. He asks T'Pol if she knows how many Klingons are on board and resists her idea of leaving the Klingons they find behind to be crushed. Honorable death or no, he doesn't want to leave them. He wants to do something and suggests a distress beacon, but he draws his gun when he hears something and goes to check out the sound. He gets ambushed by a Klingon woman who then steals the shuttlepod. When Hoshi suggest escape pods, Reed says it might be safer to stay on the ship. T'Pol suggests they put the ship in to a standard orbit and Reed tells her he hasn't had much experience piloting Klingon ships. However, they proceed with the plan. Hoshi translates consoles and Reed's interest is piqued when she reads "photon torpedoes". He estimates they have a few hours at most, since the hull is failing. The others let Reed sit at the helm, but when pressure fails in the fusion manifold, Reed impersonates Trip again to explain that they are "dead in the water." He also comments that the one time they need the chief engineer is the one time they leave him behind. Hoshi finds a log entry and Reed watches with her and T'Pol. When it's finished, he concludes that they need to find the port fusion injector. He keeps his gun ready as they go to "reactor pit". He and T'Pol pull a Klingon off the port fusion injector console. After working awhile, Reed wipes his brow and drops his instrument. He stands up and nearly falls. He burns his hand when he reaches for a support. He says he's getting light-headed, and T'Pol reports that he's dehydrated. Reed is left in engineering while the others go to find water. He does get water and argues that his plan will work. He wants to try using weapons to push them up in the atmosphere and argues that they're running out of time. He says that if there's one thing he should be able to work, it's the torpedoes. He detonates a torpedo 3000 meters from the ship, but the shock wave dissipates before it reaches the vessel. He wants to detonate another closer, arguing that they will be crushed if they don't so they might as well try. He fires a second torpedo and the ship moves up only 200 meters. He wants to fire more, but the others argue that it won't matter. Then Hoshi surprises him by suggesting they fire them all, at only 500 meters away. He fires them. When the captain, on his way with the Klingon woman, asks what's going on, Reed reports what they'd been trying. He is at the airlock with the others to meet the Captain, and he is on the bridge with everyone when the captain calls Enterprise. In the decon chamber with T'Pol and Hoshi, he doesn't want to get up to answer the comm. He tries to stall so that they can stay longer. He and Hoshi look to T'Pol to help stall the doctor. When it works, he estimates they bought themselves a half an hour and tells a story about a spa in Mexico that was very relaxing but doesn't compare to the decon chamber just then. He's very glad to be clean again.
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Shadows of P'Jem: The rest of the bridge crew, including Reed, are told of the kidnapping of the captain and T'Pol. He questions the Chancellor when she says they are "almost certainly alive" and asks if that's how they protect their visitors. Reed detects something that could be the shuttlepod but not bio-signs. He reports about the shanty town about the outskirts of the city. He says he has a landing party standing by and argues that he's only suggesting going down and having a look. He notices the kidnappers call the captain "her". He says they only have 15 phase pistols, not the requested 40, and argues that they need to move now while they have the element of surprise. Reed is in on a consultation with the Vulcan captain. He interprets the Vulcan's words as meaning they are preparing an assault. He says the Coridan government might agree but the Vulcan has considered that. He is ordered to warm up the shuttlepod, but only he and Trip go down to the surface. He and Trip walk through the shanty town and get ambushed by a few Andorians. He concludes that the Andorians are working with the rebels. He takes an interest in the Andorian's tactical plans, asking how many guards and figuring it will be difficult going in with all those guards. He and Trip are armed and allowed to participate. While Trip goes to the gate offering ale, Reed takes care of one of the guards who rounds the corner. The Andorians let them both in, but the Vulcans who up then, shooting, completely messing up the escape plan. Reed stays to lay down cover fire while Shran and Trip go to get the hostages. He and the others stand between the Vulcans and Andorians. Reed reports that the pod to return to Enterprise is close when the captain asks.
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Shuttlepod One: Reed and Trip reach asteroid belt where they were to meet Enterprise but they are early. Trip works on fixing the comm and sensors while Reed sits back to read the Ulysses. They have a light-hearted argument about European and North American cultures until Reed sees debris out the viewport. Trip has him take a closer look. They see debris from the Enterprise.
They argue about whether or not there could be survivors. Reed says they need to figure out what they are going to do. Trip doesn't want to leave. But he begins to get some of what Reed says. But they only have 10 days of air. Trip wants to make it to Echo III but Reed says they'd be long dead by the time they reached it. Trip orders him to steer the ship in that direction, telling Reed that he comes from a long line of Navy men and has a really good memory. Reluctantly Reed follows the order.
Reed begins a personal log telling about the fate of Enterprise. Trip keeps interrupting and Reed keeps editing out his interruptions. They had left Enterprise to test the targetting scanners on Shuttlepod One. They had to cut their trip short when they experienced a jolt and lost their sensors. He goes on about how they found the ship destroyed and they couldn't determine the cause because the shuttlepod's sensors were fried.
Trip and Reed argue again this time about their hopes or lack there of. Reed thinks they will not find any planets or anyone for years at their present speed. Reed finally decides simply to heat up some rations. Trip has the meatloaf while Reed has sea bass. He doesn't appear to like it but he tells Trip that it's fine. Reed finds some Kentucky bourbon and Trip remarks that it's theirs now.
Later, Reed continues his log, recording letters to his family. Trip gets very upset as Reed is keeping him awake. Reed no longer edits out the interruptions. Reed promises Trip that when Trip decides to record logs of his own, he won't interrupt. Trip warns him that he's getting cranky and orders him to rest.
Reed wakes up in Sickbay with the captain congratulating him on his brave rescue of Trip and himself. T'Pol stays to talk of his heroics, without mentioning specifics. T'Pol begins to show affection in response to his courage. They begin a strange conversation on Malcolm's name. Reed teases that he was thinking of changing his name to Stinky and even elicits a smile from T'Pol. They start to kiss but static wakes Reed up. Apparently he'd been talking in his sleep because Trip asks who Stinky is. Someting hits the ship and air starts to leak out. Trip lets out some hydrogen so they can follow the fog the gas creates. They each find a hole. Reed gets the idea that Trip's leftover mashed potatoes will seal the holes temporarily. Then Reed notes that they've lost one of their O2 cylinders, leaving them less than two days of air.
Now that they can, they seal the holes with sealant and theorize about what destroys the Enterprise. Reed argues realism, while Trip perceives it as pessimism. They begin to talk about women, including Trip's dream woman, Ruby, whom Reed apparently "knew" as well. They decide to add a half day more air by lowering the temperature. Reed begins to shave and Trip reminds him that corpses' hair continues to grow, including a beard. Reed gives up shaving.
Now shivering, Reed is now leaving messages to several old girlfriends, annoying Trip again. They hear static again, but it's just white noise, "the universe giggling" at them as he said before. They reminisce a bit about the crew, Travis and Hoshi being so young. Trip is still not letting go of optimism that they'll survive. He tells Reed he's a regular "grim reeper" and decides they both could use a drink. Reed at first doesn't want any, saying he's on duty. Trip orders him to live a little. Trip lights a candle and they toast to the brave men and women of the starship Enterprise. Reed reminds him that it uses up oxygen and Trip says they'll be dead five or six minutes sooner and that Reed probably thinks the sooner the better. Reed admits then that he doesn't really want to die. He had never gotten close to any of the women he wrote to, or to his family. But he was starting to feel comfortable with the crew. Trip blows out the candle saying five or six minutes now sounds kind of nice.
After drinking more than half the bourbon, they hear static again and discuss pretty women, including T'Pol, on the Enterprise. But the static becomes a garbled message and the message becomes Hoshi as Reed reminds himself to think happy endings. They are both happy to find that Enterpise survived, but the ship is two days away and they don't have enough oxygen to get there.
They change coordinates but Reed reminds Trip that they are moving at the speed of a garden snail compared to Enterprise. They'll be out of air for 11 hours by the time Enterprise reaches them. They need something to bring attention to their little blip on T'Pol's screen so that Enterprise will speed up. Reed thinks of weapons, but they are too far. Then he thinks of blowing up the jetisoned impulse drive. Trip is reluctant to blow up their engine, but Reed asks him if he has ever held his breath for 11 hours. Trip gives in.
With no impulse drive, they drift in space. Later they bet the rest of the bourbon on how many hours of oxygen they have left. Reed loses. They have 10 and a half hours. Still Trip shares the bourbon. Trip theorizes that one man would have 20 hours and attempts to seal himself in the airlock, leaving the air to Reed. Once Reed realizes he's serious, he threatens to stun Trip. Trip threatens to demote him, but Reed welcomes it saying he could use less responsibility. Reed finally convinces him that he'd rather take one chance in a thousand with Trip than accept that it was all for nothing. Reed wakes up in Sickbay with the Captain there to welcome him. He and Trip suffered from hypothermia. The captain confirms that they saw the explosion and that they only had a few hours of air left. Reed tells them, vaguely, what they thought had happened to the ship. Reed stops T'Pol to ask if she had something to say to him about heriocs. She walks away. Reed smiles and tells Trip, lying nearby, to sleep well.
Shuttlepod One Screen Captures

Fusion: Reed reports a Vulcan ship to Archer. He is on the bridge when that vessel is contacted. Much later, Reed joins Trip and a visiting Vulcan just as their about to talk about Vulcan sex practices.

Rogue Planet: While Archer is having his photo taken, Reed reports a small planet on their present heading. No system, just a planet. As they approach, he picks up a power reading and reports there's a ship on the planet. As they go down, he reports infrared is useless due to heat from the thermal vents. When Archer says he used to be able to land a shuttlepod with his eyes closed, Reed responds that "The proof is in the pudding, Captain." He takes point after they land but Archer pulls rank. When Archer mentions his merit badge and Reed asks, Archer says he was an Eagle Scout. Reed says he was, too, and when Archer asks, says he had 28 merit badges. He asks Archer in return, who has only 26. They spot a glowing creature and Archer says that if they see more like that, they'll earn their exobiology badges. Reed says he already has that one. He sends Malcolm and T'Pol to check out the ship. He hears something and T'Pol confirms. Someone jumps from the brush and ambushes him, threatening to shoot. They are taken back to the other people's camp site. When Archer introduces the others to T'Pol and Reed, Reed says their friends nearly shot him back there. They have dinner together and Reed wants to know why they couldn't detect them. He asks about their gear, sayings it's rather elaborate for taking down game animals. He asks to join one of the hunts. He'd like to see how they managed to sneak up them with their night vision sensors. Trip changes places with Hoshi on the trip and they camp for the night. Hoshi and Malcolm warn Trip about the bore worms that get in your ears when you're asleep. Their hosts tells Malcolm they'll be leaving in six hours so he should get some sleep if he's going to join them. He says he wouldn't miss it. During the night, after Archer sees a woman, Reed returns with one of their hosts from searching and reports they found nothing. He questions some of what Archer says about the woman. The hosts and Reed prepare for the hunt. The hunting team, including Malcolm, spot a Drayzhin (spelling as best as I can). The others in the party see something but Malcolm doesn't. The leader sends two others to to sneak up on it, while he and Malcolm follow. He didn't see what happened to one of the hunters who got attacked. Archer sends Trip and Malcolm to return to Enterprise with the injured hunter. T'Pol reports to Archer that Reed reported that they had docked with Enterprise. He and Trip return to the planet with the now-healed hunter. They have dinner together again. The hunters tell them about "wraiths" that read a hunter's mind. Back on Enterprise, the senior staff is discussing the hunters. Reed suggests they are well-armed but that they could take their weapons from them.

Aquisition: Reed is unconscious at his station, like the whole crew (except Trip, who was in Decon), thanks to a Ferengi device in Engineering. He misses all the action, though I suppose, he might have been woken up at the end, when Trip, T'Pol and the Captain take the upper hand.

Oasis: Reed detects the ship a trader told the captain about. The captain leaves Malcolm in command as he, T'Pol, Trip and Travis go down to the ship. Later, Malcolm reports to the captain in the Situation Room. He shows that there is only impact damaage, not indications of weapons fire. He admits it's possible that it was a different kind of weapon but he questions why they'd still be hiding after three years. He reports the airponics bay is not big enough to feed the whole crew. Trip is pulled away from giving Liana (a girl from the ship) a tour of the ship. He meets Malcolm and the captiain in the Ready Room. Malcolm tells Trip what Hoshi found from translating a data chip. He tells of a catastrophic malfunction, causing decompression. Malcolm says he was ordered to run some details scans and that the ship went down well earlier than three years ago. He says the data shows they launched escape pods and the captain says Malcolm found on. They go down to the launch bay and Malcolm opens the pod, revealing a very dead guy, though Trip had seen the same guy an hour before alive. He is on the pod when Lianna is returned to her ship. He is ordered to find T'Pol but he says they should stay together. They are captured before they can split up. Trip is taken to work on the ship and Archer and Reed have to return to the ship. Archer, Reed, Travis and a Security officer prepare to go back down in a shuttlepod. He reports why they can't use the transporter and hopes they'll go in near T'Pol and Tucker. Once they reach the ship, they split up, Travis and the Security guy going down the port side. The captain and Reed are ambushed. The first sign they have is Reed getting shot in the back. Archer pulls him to the side and helps him as they try to get away. They both fall as another shows up suddenly. They get cornered. Reed shoots back, but they've found their shots go right through them. One shows up and jumps Reed, tackling him but Archer tackles that guy in return. Then they start disappearing, much to Archer and Reed's surprise. Reed seems fairly recoverd as they confront the one real guy still left in the room. But he holds his right arm as the captain questions the man and Lianna (his daughter).

Detained: Reed wants Hoshi to trace the colonel's signal, when the latter called to inform them of the captain and Travis's detention. Malcolm isolates the carrier frequency of the second communication from the colonel so Hoshi can trace it. He says that the source is 5.2 light years away. Reed listens in when the captain calls on a transported comm badge. Reed is transformed into a Suliban by Dr. Phlox and transported to the detention center. He surprises Travis who doesn't recognize him at first. They meet with their Suliban friend to discuss the captain's whereabouts (in isolation) and the escape plan. He asks the Enterprise to speed things up when the evening inspection comes early. Reed is caught during a communication and zapped with a guard's prod. The guard doesn't seem to have noticed the comm badge. Reed directs the Suliban prisons out of the corridor and sets off three explosives on a wall. He calls Tucker in a shuttlepod to tell him the wall is down. Reed then surprises the captain, but after a few seconds the captain recognizes him. The colonel surprises him though, and konks him on the head. He attacks the colonel when he wakes up though and turns the tables for Captain Archer. They leave the colonel in isolation. He and the captain join Travis in the original shuttle pod. He asks that the doctor meet him in Sickbay as his skin is itching.
Detained Screen Capture

Vox Sola: Reed is eating with Travis and Hoshi, discussing the mysterious offense given to visitors. Travis changes the subject to ask if Reed is staying for the movie. Reed asks which one it is and Travis answers that it's a classic French film. Reed gives a "hmm" with a dubious tone. Travis responds that he's sure to like it, because "things blow up." Reed decides that does sound like fun and asks Hoshi if she's staying saying they could use some help with the language as subtitles come quick. But she declines.While waiting for the movie to start, Reed is having seconds thoughts when he learns it's nearly two and a half hours long. He thinks it sounds awfully long for a movie about four men and a truck. Travis says he'll be on the edge of his seat but he says he was promised explosions. But then they see scenes from the rest of station on the static-filled screen and he calls the Bridge and suggests that unless they're going to give them a song and dance they might want tot check it out. After a creature has taken two crew members, the captain, Trip, Reed and a couple Security officers cautiously enter Cargo Bay II to check on them. Reed warns the captain to be careful as he approaches one of them, wrapped in tendrils from the creature. Reed reports she's alive. They back away when Crweman Rostov tells them to leave, but Reed calls for the captain as he's dragged awy. Reed tries to shoot the tendril but it drags the captain up anyway. When Reed is the last one standing, he runs out, slamming the hatch on to a couple of tendrils. One of them is cut off and he stares in horror at it onthe floor. He reports to T'Pol in the Situation Room (Travis and Hoshi are there as well) that it's growing and suggests that they should evaculate the deck. Travis speculates taht it might have come with the visitor's ship. He wonders if they left a souvenir, but T'Pol doubts they gave them reason to attack. She is not certain the organism is hostile. Reed responds that she didn't see it attack the captain. They all watch on a monitor as Phlox examines the tendril. Reed questions if it is wise to cut it. He then questions Hoshi's ability to learn it's language as it could take days. T'Pol agrees. She wants to confirm that phase pistols have no effect, and Reed confirms and T'Pol says he need to find a method that does. Phlox suggest it might be sensitive to EM radiation and T'Pol asks if Reed can make some EM emitters. He says it will take a few mintues. He and a couple Security officers enter the cargo bay with EM emitters which they aim at the creature. It reacts but it hurts the crewmembers, too. T'Pol orders Reed to withdraw. He and T'Pol are in Siskbay with Phlox while Hoshi works on a way to communicate. Reed suggests there must be some way to cut them out. As he and T'Pol leave, he says they need a way to contain it and he thinks an EM barrier (Starfleet's been working on a stable one for five years) might do. He's been working on a prototpye and has it effective at blocking phase pistol blasts sixty percent of the time. He thinks he can improve on it. T'Pol tells him to work quickly. Reed visits Phlox. He wants to test EM radiation on the tendril. He needs to know how much bioelectric stress it can tolerate. Phlox protests as he will not allow Reed to "pummel this appendage until it cries for mercy" as it is an intelligent being. Reed tries to impress on him that if they can't contain it, it could take over the whole ship. Phlox offers a microcellular analysis. Reed asks how long it will take, to which Phlox says nearly an hour. Reed says it could spread to another deck in that time, but Phlox will not allow him to torture it regardless. Reed tries to pull rank, but Phlox says not in his Sickbay. Reed gives in but says they need to get to it. Reed and a Security officer work on the EM barrier (aka force field). The officer adjusts it and Reed turns it on. The officer shoots, but some of the blast gets through. Reed thinks the problem is with the particle densite in the lower left quadrant. The next test goes better. T'Pol calls saying they are nearly ready for a test. When they are ready, he and the Security guard enter the cargo bay and set up four emitters. A tendril comes for them and he turns on the barrier. The tendrils hit it and turn back. Reed makes some adjustments and the field stabilizes. He reports it's working but he can't guarantee for how long. He goes back in with Hoshi, Phlox and T'Pol. He questions when Hoshi's device emits a solid tone, but she says she's going to make distortions in it to try and communicate. When it finally works, he asks if it's good or bad that Tucker's heart rate is increasing, as Phlox reports it. The creature releases the crew and T'Pol orders him to lower the forcefield. He goes to the planet's surface with T'Pol, Hoshi and Phlox. They each carry a corner of the box containing the creature. Reed asks why the part that got on board took their people. They return on the shuttle without incident.

Fallen Hero: Reed is on the bridge as Enterprise reaches Mazar to retrieve a Vulcan ambassador. After dinner, he calls the captain to the bridge. He reports that the Mazarite ship that's caught up to them is charging weapons and then reports the damage to the port hull plating after taking some shots. He fires after torpedoes on the captains orders but reports there was no effect due to some sort of energy shielding. The captain asks if he the phase cannons would have more effect. He replies that they would but they can't fire them at warp. The captain is incredulous. Reed explains that it would likely destabilize warp field and probably blow out both nacelles due to particle discharge, though he has been working on the problem. The captain orders them out of warp and then has Reed fire cannons. The cannons take out the Mazarite's shielding and the captain tells him to take out their engines. He fires a torpedo and does that, reporting that they are "dead in the water." Another shot jars the ship and Hoshi quips, "Not dead enough." Archer orders them back to warp. After their escape from the ship, Reed goes with Trip to replace power couplings. Trip asks him if he really enjoys this, the getting shot at part. Reed replies, "If you must know, I much prefer the shooting back part." Trip says he thought the mission was about peaceful exploration and Malcolm says he needs something to do on the ship. Trip says that's fair enough but he hopes they won't keep Malcolm quite so busy in the future. They then quip about the upcoming shore leave to Risa. Later three Mazarite ships approach and fire. Reed suggests dropping out of warp to use the phase cannons, but the captain doesn't like the odds. Enterprise speeds up but after T'Pol reports they are catching, Malcolm calls out their distance. Enterprise increases speed again and Reed reports the Mazarites are holding at warp 4.9 with Enterprise. When Enterprise is having trouble maintaining the speed, Reed reports the other ships are having the same problems, that they are releasing drive plasma to keep their warp coils from overloading. He smiles when Archer tells the Mazarites to slow down before their engines explode. But he also reports that they are reentering weapons range as the ship speed up. He sits anxiously as Enterprise increases toward warp 5. Then he reports the Mazarites are matching their speed. Even after reaching warp 5, Reed reports they are still gaining. When T'Pol estimates the Vulcan ship they are to meet is 53 minutes out, Reed says they'll be in weapons range long before that. He suggest they try deflecting the jamming signal from the Mazarite ships and that it might blind their sensors as well. Enterprise is hit again and Reed reports a direct hit to the starboard nacelle. They drop out of warp. Reed says they can't hold off the ships for the 10 minutes it will take the Vulcan ship to get there. Archer stalls the Mazarites. As the Mazarites tell him to prepare to be boarded, he tells Malcolm he's counting on him and heads with T'Pol to meet the Mazarites. In Sickbay, the lead Mazarite gets a message that their sensors are down and that the Enterprise is deflecting their jamming signal.

Desert Crossing: Reed is on the bridge with T'Pol in charge while Trip and the captain are on a desert planet. He reports that there are a number of ships strafing the encampment the captain is in. Travis asks about the transporter but Reed can't isolate their bio signs. He says he'll take a shuttle down, but T'Pol doesn't think that's wise in the middle of an assault. He later reports he's lost sensor contact with the surface. In the Situation Room, Reed shows T'Pol a grid of the dispersion field that's blocking the sensors and suggests he could disable some satelites and get through. T'Pol says that could offend the forces on the planet and he'll need to find something less intrusive. Reed reports that Zabral, the host who invited the captain and Trip down, is approaching. He and T'Pol meet him in the launch bay. Zabral had wanted that captain, as a warrior because of the escapbe with Suliban prisoners. Reed explains that only 89 Suliban were rescued from the camp and that there was no army but a few doesn't guards. Zabral asks about Archer's desert tactics. Reed admits he's the tactical officer and he doesn't know any desert warfare. He asks how Zabral got there without being scene. He wants all the data Zabral can give him. Zabral says he needs more than data. Reed says he's a quick study. Zabral says his men are waiting for him and he doesn't have time to go with them. Reed says Zabral is the one who got the captain and Trip stranded there and that he is responsible for them. In the end, though, Reed pilots a shuttle with T'Pol and Zabral and T'Pol scans for the captain and Trip. He reports weapon fire to the south. T'Pol tells him to set a course and prepare to fire. Reed says he has a lock and T'Pol give him the order fire, which he does. She picks up Trip and the captain on her sensors and Malcolm heads toward them. He sets down right near them. Once they're on board, he takes off.

Two Days and Two Nights: Trip and Reed join the captain, Travis and Hoshi on a shuttle down to Risa for shore leave. The captain asks Reed what he plans to do. He says Risa should be very cosmopolitan and they want to meet many cultures. Hoshi asks if that's all they think about. Hoshi says she's going to learn some languages. Trip teases her about spending her two days just talking to people and Reed laughs. Reed and Trip go to a bar on Risa and evaluate the women there. Neither of them are very nice about the other's observations. I'll leave it at that. They toast to themselves and a well-earned two days and two nights. They consider going to another bar as nothing much gets going at the one they are at. They discuss the Vulcan 7-year plan a bit, then see another woman. But then two others come up to them and introduced themselves. Malcolm asks if they'd like to join them for a drink. They accept and Trip orders another round. They ask where Trip and Reed are fun and then say they haven't heard about Earth when they answer. The promise to make their time on Risa memorable. The continue having a nice conversation with the ladies at the bar. They get a bit drunk and tell stories. Apparently Trip said he was the captain at some point. The ladies invite them to visit the subterranean gardens. Malcolm remarks that it's a strange way to get to a garden as they go down some steps. Then the ladies how much they get paid on their world and how many valuables they have. The ladies change into rather different-looking alien men and pull guns on them. One goes through their pockets and don't find anything. They discuss selling their clothes. Trip tries to make a deal, but he gets shot. Then they shoot Reed. They wake up in their underwear, with their hands tied behind their backs. Reed is up before Trip. Trip tries yelling, but Reed says he's already tried it. Reed says the Vulcan database didn't say anything about crime. Trip said their warnings. Reed is upset and Trip gets upset that Reed thinks it's his fault. They argue about whose fault it was, whether the ladies were gorgeous. "They were men," Trip says. "Not at first!" Reed shouts back. Reed is ashamed about the probability of the captain seeing them this way. They eventually get loose (apparently Trip broke a bottle and the smell of it got all over Malcolm but Trip used the bottle to cut them loose) and walk, in their underwear and getting stared at, out. They ride back on the shuttle in robes and Hoshi asks what the smell is. Malcolm says he doesn't smell anything and the captain asks if they had an interesting time. "Fascinating culture," says Trip. Malcolm asks the captain if he got a good night's sleep.

Shockwave: Reed pilots a shuttlepot to a sensative colony. The atmosphere can ignite. He locks off his plasma ducts early. But the atmosphere ignites, sending the shuttlepod spinning and wiping out everything below. Back on Enterprise, Reed, obviously shaken, insists he closed the plasma ducts. When Archer asks if they malfunctioned, Reed says there are alarms for this sort of thing. When they return to the bridge a few hours later, the captain is trying to see what caused it. When he gets to Reed, he asks where the point of ignition is, and Reed says it was directly below the shuttle, apparently at the starboard plasma duct. The captain asks pointedly if that was the one he closed. T'Pol confirms that sensors from the pod say they were both closed. Later, Reed asks Hoshi to put up the analysis of a probe and he reports that there are borocarbons in the atmosphere. But again, he insists the plasts ducts were closed. Later, after meeting Daniels again, the captain calls the senior staff to the bridge and Reed to his quarters. Then Reed arrives in the bridge where the others are with a device in his hand. He asks how the captain knew a phase pistol blast would reveal it. Later, the captain and Reed go to Daniel's quarters, which are locked up. Reed would like to get some of the technology in there, but the captain says he made a deal with Daniels. They'd only get what they need. Reed unseals the door and they go in and get a device from one of the cabinets. Reed watches as the captain activates it and a display shows up. Reed sees schematics for Klingon ships but the captain tells him the stealth cruiser and nothing else. When they approach their destination, the captain calls Reed in the Armoury to ask if he's programmed all the target points. He then asks if Reed is ready, but he says the closer the better. Then he fires and knocks out the cloaking device that was hiding the target. He fires a torpedo that should seal off the lower two decks. He is left in command as the captain, Trip, and T'Pol head down to the Suliban target. Reed guides them from the ship. The captain calls to say they need help. He says to take cover and then he fires again. After they finish successfully and heading toward a Vulcan ship, Reed calls the captain and Trip to the bridge. They are having trouble balancing the warp field. He said it will be stable for a moment and then go out of alignment. Trip says they're fine, but Reed says they had to realign them several times over the last hour. The captain tells Reed to load torpedoes. They find a bunch of cloaked cell ships surrounding the ship. Reed charges the phase cannons, on the captain's orders. He reports they are armed with high-yield particle weapons and answers Archer's question about how many he could take out before they fire, "Not enough, Sir." Archer decides to give in to Silik's demand that he go with them and says goodbye in various ways to all the senior staff. Silik calls about Archer not showing up. Reed reports they are all targetting Enterprise's warp core.

Season 2

Shockwave, Part II: Reed calls Security teams to Docking ports 1, 2, and 3, but T'Pol overrides him. When Trip argues, he asks Reed for confirmation that the Suliban are still targeting their warp core with thirty ships. He reluctantly nods. Enterprise is boarded and taken to a Suliban helix. The crew is confined to quarters. Reed paces in his quarters when someone starts talking through his communicator on the wall. He tells them he can't hear and gives tips to fix it. Trip finally gets through, explaining how he can contact anyone on B deck. Reed asks if he's got any thoughts on how to get rid of the Suliban. Trip tells him he hasn't yet and to sit tight. Reed says he wasn't planning on going anywhere. The senior staff discuss how to get the doors open, using door comms. Travis suggest using shafts that house EPS conduits, which are adjacent to the air ducts, but Reed tells him it's too tight a squeeze, they wouldn't fit. Trip asks if Hoshi could, and Reed says maybe but it would be hard. Hoshi is reluctant but asks how far to the doctor's quarters then how far to Reed's. Trip says it's not that far and she goes. Reed's door opens and he finds a half-naked Hoshi standing there with her arms crossed over her bare breasts. She tells him not to say what he's going to say and get her a shirt. Reed quickly complies. While T'Pol provides a diversion to attact two Suliban, Reed and Trip drop from the cooridor ceiling and anesthetize them with hypos given to Hoshi by the doctor. They take their weapons and hand them to T'Pol. Trip and Reed the Suliban to another room, where Hoshi is waiting. Trip asks Reed if he's positive he's willing to do "this" as it could get ugly. Reed says he's positive and Trip says he has thirty minutes. He wishes the others luck. Reed opens a wall panel after Suliban enter a turbo lift and crawls out. He opens the lock on Daniel's quarters and opens a locker. He pushes his hand into--well--nothing, but pulls out a futuristic device. He checks the door when he leaves and replaces the lock but finds Suliban just after. They take him to the bridge and beat him. Silik ask if he thought they wouldn't be watching Daniel's quarters. Reed says he guesses he wasn't thinking. Silik drages him back to the command chair and says he should be thinking now, thinking about what will happen to him now if he doesn't answer his questions. He asks if he's thinking about that. Reed nods but when Silik asks what the device is or what it does, he says he doesn't know. He gets another punch to the face that knocks him over in the chair. Silik asks again and when the other Suliban goes to hit him again, he pleads, "Please!" and Silik holds the other off. He tells Silik he was told to destroy it. Silik ask who told him and Reed chokes out "Captain Archer, before he left." He says Archer didn't want Silik to find it. When Silik asks why, he says Archer thought he'd use it to contact someone but he doesn't know who. He swears it. Silik has him returned to his quarters. T'Pol and Trip orchestrate an immenent warp core breach to get rid of the Suliban boarders and after the Suliban ships back away, Enterprise goes to warp. Trip sits at Reed's Tactical station on the Bridge as Suliban cell ships return and fire. When they finally have contact with Archer, he asks if everyone is alright. T'Pol replies that Lt. Reed sustained minor injuries and is recovering in Sickbay. A bruised Reed is back on the Bridge when they report to Starfleet after docking with the Vulcan ship, Tekir.

Carbon Creek: T'Pol tells a story at dinner with the captain and Trip. Reed was elsewhere.

Minefield: Reed anxiously makes his way past the mess hall to the Captain's dining room for breakfast. Archer welcomes him and asks him if he slept well. Reed says "Well enough, and Archer says he didn't know what he he wanted for breakfast so he had Chef whip up his famous eggs benedict. Reed says that's fine while still standing stiffly at the door. The captain then asks if he plans to eat standing up. Reed sits but still seems to be at attention. The captain tells him he didn't get called to the principal's office and orders him to be "at ease." Reed says thank you but he wasn't sure if the captain called him there to discuss something. The waiter arrives with their food and the captain tells him he heard that England made it to the finals in the World Cup. Then he has to tell him that it's for soccer. Reed says he doesn't much follow football, which prompts Archer to ask if he follows any. Reed says, "Not particularly." Reed changes the subject by proposing a third crewman to be posted in the Armory. Archer asks if his mother ever told him not to bring his homework to the table. But when that gets another confused "Sir?", he approves the change. T'Pol calls to say they've found an uncharted system. The captain tells her to drop out of warp as he's on his way. Reed stands, surprising the captain, who stands and waits for Reed to step out of the door. Reed offers, "After you, sir," and they manage to make it to the Bridge where Reed takes his station. Reed is thrown back from his seat as an explosion rocks the ship. The captain asks for a report and Reed reports there was a thermokenetic explosion on the outer hull, port forward quarter, breaches on C and D decks. The captain asks about emergency bulkheads. Reed says they're in place but 8 subsections have decompressed. Archer asks if anyone was in them and Reed says he can't tell yet. Archer tells him to find out what happened then checks on Hoshi. He calls back to Reed, but Reed says he would give him an answer if he could. The sensor logs aren't showing anything. All systems were functioning normally. The captain speaks to Trip then turns to Reed for casualty reports. Reed gets the figures: 17 so far, including Hoshi, no fatalities. Something strikes the ship and Travis notices. He pulls up a visual of a small cloaked thing. Reed reads that it's armed with tricobalt explosives and thinks it's a mind after the cloak fails. He thinks something similar damaged the ship. Archer asks if it's active, and Reed says there's no reason to think that it's not. Archer asks if polarizing the hull plating could help protect the area of the hull adjacent to the mine. Reed says that they don't know how it's triggered. Someone has to go out there and diffuse and it should be him, as he has the ordinance training. Archer doesn't like it but he nods and Reed leaves the Bridge. Reed puts on an environment suit and enters the airlock holding a case. He seals it then preps his suit. He opens the outer hatch and calls the Bridge to report, and ask for luck. He floats up past the hatch and walks out to the mine. He reports the surface is pockmarked and that it looks like it's been in orbit a long time. He notes that only two of the magnetic spikes have latched onto the hull. He runs a magnetic scan and finds proximity sensors that are offline. Perhaps the man doesn't think it's hit anything. He finds an access panel to try and get inside. Trip comes to the Bridge and Archer tells him he's not sure Reed's going to be able to disable the mine, and wants to know if they can detach that section of hull plating. Trip says it's possible and Archer says he'll consider it a last resort. Reed reports he's removed the panel and an arming mechanism is extending, but then he sees a ship approaching. Archer tells him he sees it, too. The ship fires a couple warning shots, one right near Reed on the hull. Archer calls to tell Reed they are going to break orbit, slowly. Reed says "Understood. If you plan to go to warp, sir, you'll let me know." Reed sees the ship cloak, but Archer says it doesn't mean they're not still close. Reed gets back to work and reports the 4 detonation circuits and thinks that if he can activate them in the proper sequence, he should be able to diffuse the mine, but it's only a theory. Archer asks how good a theory, and Reed says he's diffused half a dozen torpeodoes that are similar. Archer tells him he has a backup plan but he hopes not to use it. He tells Reed he's his best bet and wishes him luck. Travis pilots the ship slowly through the minefield but has to make an adjustment that jars the mine, and the third spike attaches itself to the hull, stapping through Reed's left leg, from the inner thigh to the outer, as it goes. He screams and looks in time to see his suit close off the breach. He calls the Bridge the tell the captain about the spike attaching to the hull. Archer asks if that's a problem and Reed tells him it went through his leg. Archer says he's on his way, though Trip argues it should be him. Archer joins Reed on the hull and scans his leg. Archer says the spike missed the bone and is applying enough pressure to slow the bleeding. He prepares to cut the spike, but Reed warns him against it. He says his scans showed detonation circuits in the spike. He jokes that he'd consider letting him amputate, but if Chef got hold of his leg, he's be serving roast Reed for Sunday dinner. He says to just give him something for the pain and he'll try to get the access panel. Archer says that would cause more damage to his leg, but Reed asks which is more important: his leg or Archer's ship. Archer says he intends to save both. Reed says he doesn't know how. Archer tells him about the backup plan. Reed says it's still a good idea to detach that section of hull plating, but Archer says not with him attached to it. He gives Reed a shot of anesthetic and tells him he doesn't want him too sedated and Reed has to talk him through disarming the mine. Reed reminds him it's very delicate and he's trained for it where the captain isn't. Archer says he's a quick study but Reed thinks it's too dangerous. So Archer reminds him how close they are to an impulse reactor. Then he reminds Reed that he doesn't have much choice, seeing as he's stuck there. Reed says he hopes Archer has a steady hand. Archer tells Trip that they got 2 of detonation circuits off-line. Reed tells him the next one will be tricky. Using a scanner with a display, Reed guides Archer through turning six timing relays in the proper order. Archer then asks where they were, confusing Reed. He says, "this morning, at breakfast, before we were interrupted. You said you didn't follow any particular sport." Reed says, "Well I'm afraid I haven't started following one since breakfast, sir." He warns Archer the next one appears damaged and Archer acts about hobbies. Reed asks if he really thinks this is the time for a chat. Archer says it calms his nerves and Reed says it doesn't calm his. Archer notes he was nervous at breakfast, too, and asks why. Reed says he was honored but he wasn't entirely comfortable having a casual meal with his captain. He was trained not to fraternize with superior officers. Archer says it's never to late to learn, but Reed tells him, in his point of view, there's not place for that on a starship. Archer tells him about a CO had once who felt the same way, and he's thought about it a lot, but he realized they could be out there for years, only depending on each other. Archer says he appreciates Reed's suggestions and ask for any others. Reed tells him Bridge protocols have become lax, too many people offering too many opinions. Archer says there's not point in a senior staff if they don't give opinions, he relies on them. He tells Reed to keep going. Reed tells he sometimes thinks he could show more caution, and Archer says he is aware of his concerns in that area. Reed says it has been a privilege to have served with him, but Archer catches him using the past tense. Archer gets the all the relays turned, and Malcolm tells him to reinsert them in the reverse order. He tells Archer he's doing fine, and Archer thanks him. Reed tells him the last detonation circuit has a backup arming system and they'll have to fool it into thinking it's still online. He tells Archer how to do that. Archer tells him he must have realized it wasn't going to be a typical Armory posting and that his command style lacked a certain spit and polish. Reed admits it was obvious. Archer comments that it's strange and Reed asks what is. Archer says he understands Reed comes from a long line of Royal Navy men, so why not continue the tradition. Reed says he tried and Archer asks what happened. Reed tells him he needs a circuit probe and Archer takes one too him, but asks him what happened again. Reed works as he says he was raised on the water and knew how to handle a boat before he could ride a bicycle. He studied all the great naval battles. He says he supposed he'd just grow out of it. Archer asks what he'd grow out of and Reed replies, "Aquaphobia" and corrects Archer that it's a fear of drowning rather than of water. Archer comments that instead of a life on the sea, he chose a life in the vacuum of space. Reed hands him the device he was working on and tells of his great uncle who had the same problem and faced his fears,joined the Navy and had a distinguished carrier. He tells Archer to attach the device to the cylindar on his upper right and is happy to see that it's working. He guides Archer how to lift, turn, and reinsert a cylindar. He says his uncle was a hero to him. He says he signed up for the submarine service. He was brave man and worked his way up through the ranks. He was Chief Engineer on the HMS Clement. He asks the captain if he knows the story of the Clement but Archer says he doesn't. Reed says they were on a routine patrol when they hit a mine left over from some world war. They were trapped under an ice field. Several compartments were flooded, including Engineering. His Great Uncle sealed himself in the Engine Room and kept the reactor running long enough for his crew to get to escape pods. Archer says he appreciates what he's telling him but he hopes he can save his heroics for another time. Reed says he's afraid they have another problem: he has to relieve himself, and Archer says he won't tell anyone. Reed laughs at the thought of doing that in his EV suit but then stops when he sees two Romulan ships (they were identified). The Romulans order Enterprise to detach the hull segment and leave the system. Trip tells them they have a man trapped out there, but the Romulans says it's just one crewmember, they have 82 others. Archer ask for a report and they give it. He says he's diffusing the last component and to standby. He deactivates the final circuit, but it tripped a subdetonator and Reed tells him to put it back. Reed says it's too deep in the mine; they'd have to dismantle the mine. He says he thinks it's time for the heroics they talked about. He tells Archer he's done all he can and says he'd make a fine Armory Officer. Archer tells him to show him the subdetonator, but Reed says he'd like a burial at sea. Archer raises his voice to say he thought he was afraid of the water and to hand him his scanner. Reed repeats that there's nothing they can do. Archer says they'll take it apart piece by piece if they have to, but Reed says that will take days. Archer says his schedule is open and Reed reminds him of the Romunlans and their lack of patience. His only option is to detach the hull plating. Archer says he won't leave one of his crew behind and Reed tells him he's putting Enterprise at risk. Archer tells him they are wasting time and orders him to help him figure out how to get him off of there. But Reed pulls the oxygen hose off his helmet. Archer puts it back and looks at Reed's air tank with very little air left. He plugs in his hose and gives Reed his air. Then he tells him if he was the kind of captain he thinks he should be, he'd bust his ass back to crewman. Reed says if he was that kind of captain, they wouldn't be having this conversation, he'd have cut him loose by now. Archer says they aren't going to do that and asks why the mine didn't explode when they tripped the subdetonator. He wants to know how many seconds it was before he disarmed it. They argue whether it's 10 or 20. Archer asks how big the yield would have been. Reed guesses about a quarter of a kiloton and wants to know what Archer is getting at. Archer goes back in and tells Trip and T'Pol they are going to detach the hull plating. Trip is shocked and T'Pol says she's sure he did all he could, but Archer says he's going with him. He asks if a shuttle pod hatch can withstand the blast. He orders two be brought up on the double. A bit later, he's back on the hull with Reed. T'Pol reports they are ready, and Trip detaches the plating. Reed is holding a hatch and the plating lifts up away from Enterprise with he and the captain on it. Archer cuts the spike and the mind begins to rearm. Once Reed is loose, Archer helps him up and then pushs him off. He jumps off and they face the hatches toward the mine. It blows them backwards. They are picked up by Enterpise in Launch Bay 2 just before the Romulans fire. Archer removes Reeds helmet and asks if he's alright. Reed says, "All things considered," and laughs. He says Archer's style of command does have its advantages. Archer helps him sit up and asks how long it was. They briefly argue again until Archer says he isn't going to argue with him. "It was 20. That's an order." The doors open and Doctor Phlox arrives with Trip and T'Pol.

Dead Stop: In Sickbay, four days after the mine, Reed complains about the physical therapy Phlox is putting him through. He says, "It can't be ethical to cause a patient this much pain." Phlox replies, "It's unethical to harm a patient; I can inflict as much pain as I like." Then he tells him a positive attitude is vital to the healing process and his complaining is only slowing it down. Reed asks when he can return to duty. Phlox says a week or two. Reed is not happy with that and Phlox says it would go faster if he'd let him use some more Regulan blood worms. Reed says, "You're not putting anymore of those things inside. You still havne't found the last one." Phlox says he'll come out on his own eventually. Enterprise approaches a repair station they were told about by a Tellarite freightor. Archer, T'Pol and Trip go aboard after it scans the ship and reconfigures itself to fit it and its crew. They see a display of Enterprise, showing every bit of damage. It even shows Reed's left leg. T'Pol comments the facility may be able to repair Lt. Reed as well as the ship. The crew is invited to the Recreation Area, a room with chairs and tables with replicators. A device hovers near Reed in Sickbay, and a beam of light reaches to his leg. He asks Phlox if the thing knows what it's doing. Phlox says it's the third time he's asked. Reed tells him he didn't answer the first two times. Phlox says it's remarkable, how it's accellerating cell regeneration at an exponential rate. The device finishes and vanishes. Phlox scans Reed's let and says it's completely healed, even the scar. He tells Reed to stand up and asks if there's any pain. Reed is pleasantly surprised and says, "None." Later, over a meal in the Recreation Area, Reed tells Trip that he started feeling sorry for the doctor, who had nothign to but to just stand there and watch this thing work. Reed tells him that with technology like this, ships wouldn't even need Chief Engineers, or an Armory Officers. Reed says he can't see the point in a ship without an Armory Officer. Trip says it would take a huge computer to do all this. And then asks where it is. Reed doesn't follow. Trip shows him the scan he took of the station. Reed says the Diagnostic Room on the station is the only place it could be, and it's barely half the size of the room their in. Trip wants to get a look at it. Reed tells him he could ask, but he says he tried and the machine told him his inquiry was not recognized. Reed says that's that. But Trip shoes him a cooling duct that runs to the middle of the station. Reed reminds him the computer may not take too kindly to someone snooping around. Reed seems dubious. Trip says he didn't see any "No Trespassing" signs. He reminds Reed that they're explorers and asks where his spirit of adventure is. Reed says he left it in a Romulan minefield. Trip sighs and seems to give up, but after a couple seconds, Reed motions for him to give him the padd again. Later, Trip balances on Reed's shoulders and removes a panel. Reed tells him that if the captain finds out about this they'll both be scrubbing plasma conduits for a month. Trip gets in the duct and then pulls Reed up. They crawl along the duct and after a bit, Reed asks if he's sure it's the right direction. Alarms go off and a hatch closes and then they are transported to the Bridge, still on their knees. Trip offers T'Pol a "Good evening, Subcommander." The captain later reprimands them in his Ready Room, asking them if they knew how stupid that move was. He says they could have been transported into empty space. They should be setting an example as senior officers. Trip says it was his idea, but Archer says he thinks Lt. Reed is old enough to make his own decisions. Archer tells Reed that he made it clear to him that discipline on Enterprise has gotten lax and he's starting to agree with him. He restricts them both to quarters and dismisses them, but he stops them to ask if they noticed anything interesting. T'Pol calls Archer away. Trip, Reed, and T'Pol investigate the area where Travis was when he was killed. Archer asks when he went off duty. Trip says he and Malcolm saw Travis about a half hour after he got off duty, having dinner with Hoshi. Archer tells Trip to talk to her, then he tells Reed to check the comm logs to see if he talked with anyone else. Reed suggests looking in his quarters. Archer orders a Security detail be posted everywhere that's under repairs. Archer enters Travis's quarters, where Reed is sitting at the computer. He asks Reed if he found anything but he says it doesn't look like Travis used the comm system last night. He says Crewman Hays said she saw Travis on his way out and he seemed to be in a hurry. Archer asks what is on the computer and Reed says it is a letter to his sister, and it was there when he came in. He says there isn't much there. He says Travis mentioned cancelling breakfast with the captain. Archer says they had to postpone it and asks if they've been able to locate his parents. Reed says T'Pol is working on it but it can take some time to find a cargo ship. On the Bridge, Archer asks how close he and Trip managed to get to the computer core. Reed says they were within 20 meters. Archer asks if he thinks they can get past them. Reed thinks so. While Trip stalls the computer, the captain, T'Pol and Reed get into the cooling duct. Reed points to where he and Trip tripped the sensors before. The captain and T'Pol hand back while Reed goes forward. The sensors trip and Reed is transported back to the Bridge. Back on the Bridge, Reed reports to Trip that three arms clamped onto the hull. Trip orders him to polarize the hull plating, but Reed reports that there is no effect. Trip orders to stand by weapons and Reed reports they are going offline. The captain returns to the Bridge after he and T'Pol rescue the real Travis. Reed reports they are losing main power and Hoshi says life support is failing. Archer tells Reed it's time to deliver their payment. Reed presses a button a few times and the warp plasma they'd delivered explodes. Reed reports some heavy damage but the plasma hasn't ignited the air tube conduits yet. Archer tells him to be patient as it has to reach 3000 degrees. Finally, there's another explosion and Reed reports secondary explosions in the station. Computer systems come back but Reed reports one arm is still locked on to the hull. Archer asks him if he can launch a torpedo. He says he wouldn't recommend it at this range. Archer says they don't have much choice. Reed launches it at the arm holding the ship, but it doesn't break. Archer orders another shot and this time it breaks. Enterprise pulls free as the station explodes.

A Night in Sickbay: Reed might have been on the Bridge when the captain entered to find out if T'Pol was able to contact the Cretassans about what he might have done to offend them. But it didn't show his station, so I can't be sure. He also might have been on the Bridge when the captain returned after midnight. Hoshi was, so it's possible. Reed, dressed in a long black coat and holding and umbrella, does appear at Porthos' grave side in Captain Archer's dream, as do the rest of the senior staff. It can be assumed he had command of the ship while the captain "apologized" to the Cretassans, as both T'Pol and Trip accompanied him, and Hoshi, too.

Marauders: Once again, it can be assumed that Reed is in command of the ship because Archer, T'Pol and Trip are down on a planet. He is in command when Travis reports a ship closing, a Klingon ship. He answers a call from the captain and confirms there's no indication the Klingons have detected Enterprise. The captain calls again and Reed reports the Klingons have gone to warp and he'll be bringing a shuttlepod down. Later, in his Ready Room, Archer tells T'Pol that the Klingon ship is hardly more than a freighter. Back on the planet, Archer tells Tesik, the leader of the settlement, that he had a talk with his tactical officer, and he said they had the means of protecting themselves against the marauading Klingons. Tesik tells Archer that even if he and his tactical officer want to help, they'll soon be gone and the Klingons will be back. Later, Reed inspects a rifle and admits he was hoping he'd have more to work with. He says that with a few modifications the rifles can be effective against more than lizards. When the younger man there asks if they must have a weapons store on Enterprise, Reed tells him that this battle won't be won with firepower, but deception and suprise can be just potent as brute force. T'Pol backs him up, as does the captain. Reed asks if the gullies shown on the map they're using are deep enough to hide in. Reed brings some of the settlement members to the ship for taget practice with their modified weapons. Hoshi asks if Reed minds if she helps the guy out and she tells him his mistake (one she used to make) and fires a few quick shots at the target, hitting it each time. A kid tells Trip that Lt. Reed said he had to hide in the gullies. Trip tells him Reed doesn't want him to get hurt, and says Malcolm has a rule: you have be taller than a gun to shoot it. He says when the Klingons show up, he wants him to do exactly what Lt. Reed said. Then a montage of everyone getting ready plays, including Reed watching improving target practice. After the Klingons return and beam down, Reed fires at the Klingons when they chase after a decoy. He's about to fire again when he notices a woman desparately trying to keep away from a battleth. She finally gets away and he fires to keep them from going after her. T'Pol calls the captains attention to the Klingons coming toward the gullies. The captain notes the Klingons are too far south, and Reed says they have to get them 50 meters to the left (Klingons' right). The captain leads them all that way. They stop and Reed tells them they need to go a little farther. They stop again and Reed confirms that it's good. They watch the Klingons walk onto the field and Reed holds his gun ready, then the captain gives the signal and Trip ignites the deuterium field.

The Seventh: The senior staff is standing around the Situation Room table. When the captain says they're supposed to wait at Pernaia for a few days while T'Pol and Travis complete their mission, Reed says he could use a few days to ercalibrate the torpedo launchers. While the captain and T'Pol are away, Trip, in command of the ship, invites Phlox and Reed to the captain's mess where Reed notes, with a question, water polo is on. He invites them to sit and tells them that he's had the Chef make a special lunch, with Bangers & Mash for Reed and Denobulan stew for Phlox. Reed asks if he's sure the captain wouldn't mind him using his mess. Reed says he'll need to divert computer access from Main Engineering to recalibrate the torpedo launchers. Trip argues he's have to shut down the warp engines. Reed reminds him that it's only for a day and they're not going anywhere. Trip tells him they're also not at war. When Trip says he's not comfortable taking the engines offline right now, Reed asks if that's the Chief Engineer or acting captain talking.

The Communicator: An away team returns to the ship in disguise: Hoshi, Archer, and Reed. They comment on what they've seen but Reed says it was worth every step of the hills they climbed for the architecture alone. As they remove their disguises, Reed asks for permission to write the report, as it was his first visit to a pre-warp culture. Hoshi challenges him about it being about the tactical situation down there. He asks if he's that office and they share a laugh. The captain gives him permission, saying he can't think of a better man for the job. As they remove their costumes, Reed comments about the speaker at the political rally's speech reminding him of Churchill, before the 2nd World War. Then he realizes, with a panicked and defeated look, that he doesn't have his communicator. He frantically searches the areas he'd been, where they took off the make-up in decon. Hoshi checks the shuttlepod and Archer checks the launch bay. Reed reports it's not in decon and asks about the launch bay crew, but Archer says he already spoke to them. He throws up his hands in frustration. Archer asks him when he used it last. He says he called T'Pol to let them know they were entering the city. Archer asks if he had any reason to take it from his pocket after that. He says no, he'd remember. He dropped it or someone picked his pocket. Hoshi thinks she can isolate, so they head to the Bridge. She narrows it down to 3 city blocks. Reed recognizes a structure, a fountain with statues and the tavern across the seat, where they sat and the communicator might have slipped out of his pocket. Archer agrees it's a good place to start and he and Reed head to Phlox to get disguised again. Once the shuttle is launched, Archer says they'll be range of surveillance in 2 minutes and Reed reports the hull plating has been polarized. Archer asks if his feet are ready for another hike and Reed says that's a problem. Then Reed tells him his carelessness was inexcusable and he's prepared for any reprimand the captain feels appropriate. The captain asks him about 30 years in the brig or maybe a good flogging. He says it was an accident and it could have happened to any of them. Reed reports 3 military aircraft and recommends a lower altitude to avoid them. They return to the tavern and look around, trying not to look conspicuous. Reed checks under the table where they were. He doesn't find it. The captain asks if he's sure this was the table. The captain tells him to try his scanner. The waiter arrives and Reed hides the scanner. Reed gets it back out after the waiter leaves. He finds the scanner in a room off a cooridor. The captain asks if he was in there, and he says no. They head toward the corridor and Reed finds the door, but there are 2 people in the room. The captain decides to wait until they get out and they head back toward the main room, but several military officers are now standing up in their way. They rush the officers and Reed gets a few punches in before going to the floor. The captain gets one guy in a head lock but another puts a gun to his head. They are both taken in to custody. An officer holds up the communicator and asks if it belongs to them and what it does. When Archer says he doesn't know, they are both pushed roughly against a wall and their pockets are emptied, including a phase pistol, two scanners and another communicator. They are asked what kind of weapon the phaser is, but they don't say anything. The man tells an underling to contact the general to say he's found a couple enemy spies and an another to take them to the complex. He tells Reed and Archer they won't be seeing their friends in the alliance for a long time. Then they are taken away. On the ship, Hoshi isolates the captain's comm signal 30 kilometers from the tavern, while the shuttlepod hasn't moved. T'Pol tells her to try and isolate their biosigns. On the planet, Archer and Reed are in a holding cell and Reed rubs his sore feet. He says he wonders if the guards would bring them some Epson salts if he asks politely. Then he complains that they came down to retrieve his communicator and now they've lost two of them, the phase pistol and two scanners. The captain say to just hope they don't find the shuttlepod. Reed says if they really think they're spies, perhaps they should consider telling the truth. Archer says he's not sure they'd belive them or how they would react to visitors from outer space. He tells Reed the less they say is better and Reed acknowledges. The officer from before comes for them and tells them to follow. They go to a room where the general is waiting and they are foced into chairs in front of a table. The general asks which of them is the captain and says someone named T'Pol sounded very concerned. Archer admits he's the captain. Reed keeps quiet and the captain gives minimal answers, denying being part of the military. When he doesn't answer, the general nods to the other officer who backhands Archer. Reed snaps his head toward him but doesn't say anything. The general asks where this T'Pol is and when they don't answer, the general nods again. The officer walks over and hits Archer so hard he falls out of his chair. Reed gets up, but gets a rifle butt to the stomach and then his face. They are both picked up and placed on their chairs. The general notices the prosthetics on Archer's head and removes it. He nods and the other officer removes Reeds. He notices Reed's blood is red. The general orders them taken to Temik for a full examination. On the ship, Hoshi pinpoints them in a heavily guarded compound. Trip comes up with a plan and T'Pol suggests monitoring the communiques from the compound as they might tell them what's happening to the captain and Mr. Reed. Back in the complex, Temik shows the general what they've found, that their prisoners are another species. When Reed and Archer are brought back the general, he tells them their doctor has found they're not surgically altered and that they're more abnormal on the inside. He says their blood's hemoglobin is based on iron, a toxic element. He says Temik's theory on where they came from was hard to believe until he say, and he holds up, a photo of their shuttlepod taken from a patrol aircraft. He says they suspect a larger ship must be nearby. He asks what their orders are and if they've made contact with the Alliance. He drags Archer up and hits him in the stomach when he doesn't answer. Reed just watches. And then looks up a bit confused when Archer laughs and calls them delusion, spinning a tale to make it seem they are with the alliance. He explains the shuttlepod and when the doctor asks about their biological anomalies, Reed says they've been genetically enhanced. When the general asks what kind of enhancements, Reed makes up that they are immune to chemical and biological weapons and their organs have been modified to increase cellular regeneration by 30% so they can recover from their wounds faster. The general asks how many there are. Archer says they're prototypes and confirms the weapons are too. The general orders them taken back. Then he discusses with the other officer and Dr. Temik whether they were telling the truth. They decide they need to verify it. Temik suggests that he could study them in more detail if he could extract the organs. He orders the other officer in charge of the execution and leaves to inform the prisoners. On the ship, Hoshi picks up the general's comminique to the chancelor saying they've captured two enemy spies and are going to hang them. T'Pol goes to Trip at the cell ship and tells him Archer and Reed will be executed in less than 2 hours. In the cell, Archer asks if Reed really thinks they'd fall for an upset stomach. Reed says it might be an old trick where they come from but maybe they haven't heard of it. Archer says even if they got out of the compound they'd never get to the shuttle. He tells Reed he was very creative with the genetic enhancements. Reed admits improvisation isn't his strong suit. Archer says he made him sounds like the Suliban. Reed asks what Enterprise will do, after they are.... He grimaces slightly. Archer says T'Pol will find a way to get everything back, including their...remains. Reed stands and says it's ironic," Reed says as he stands and barred door, "giving our lives to protect people who want to kill us!" He drops his head and puts his arms on the bars. Archer says it's a big planet and he's sure they're not all like that. Reed says he's not afraid. Then he pulls his arms back and puts his hands in his pockets. Archer asks what if they did tell them the truth. Reed reminds him that they won't believe them. Archer hypothosizes what if they took them to the shuttelpod and gave them a tour of Enterprise. He says T'Pol never mentioned anything about sacrificing crewmen to prevent contamination. Reed moves closer to him and says maybe it would do the planet a world of good to reveal who they are, comparing it to the Vulcans visiting Earth. But Archer tells him it's different, the Vulcan's waited until Earth was ready. Reed shakes his head in frustation and leans against his arm on the door. Then Archer tells Reed they're doing the right thing as he puts his hand on his shoulder and he's sorry he won't get to write the report. Reed says it could still happen. He's expecting a rescue party to come barging through the door any minute. He goes and sits down again. After a bit, the soldiers come for them and tie their hands behind their backs. Reed is pushed out of the room and Archer is brought out behind him. They are led by the general into an area with a gallows. They are pushed forward toward the gallows, but Archer stops in front of the general. He says Reed is his tactical officer and he can tell them everything he knows about the Alliance's troop deployments and weapons. He says they don't need to kill him, but they are both pushed up the steps and stopped in front of the nooses. The captain's head is put in first, then Reed's. Archer watches Reed, who stares straight ahead. A sound at the back of the room distracts everyone and dust disrupts their sight. Then an arm reaches out of the air and shoots the guards on the gallows. Trip and T'Pol jump down from the cloaked cell ship and Trip runs and releases the captain's hands, then Reed's. Reed and Archer remove their nooses while Trip and T'Pol fire cover then they all jump down to cover a safer spot. Reed reminds the captain of the phase pistol and equipment. Reed is given a phase pistol and he, Trip, and T'Pol cover the captain as he makes a break to recover the equipment. While he's gone, Reed and the others get to the cell ship, whose open door allows them to see inside. Reed keeps firing as the captain runs back and jumps in. He climbs out of the way as the door is shut. On the cell ship, the captain is relieved but then begins patting his pockets. Reed smiles and reaches down, then sits up and holds out a scanner, asking if the captain is looking for that.

Singularity: Reed, and every other human on Enterprise--and Phlox--is unconscious. T'Pol tells, in a log, how the symptoms came about and a flashback begins. T'Pol tells the captain Reed has a new security protocol he'd like to discuss with him. She tells him Chef has a virus. In the Armory, Reed tells one of his crew to keep the target discriminators online. The captain enters, asking if he wanted to see him. Reed says he would have come to him. Archer asks him what's on his mind. Reed says he's been reviewing their previous encounters with hostile species and, while the crew's response has been admirable, he thinks they can do better. He says he's been thinking about a ship-wide comprehensive alert. They've been taking too long to react to threats. With a single order from the captain or an impact to the hull, the plating could be polarized, the weapons could be online, critical systems secured.... The captain reminds him it's not a warship. Reed says that's obvious. Then he rattles off their inadequate responses with the Suliban, the Mazarites.... Finally, the captain says to run it by the senior officers and get their feedback and they'll talk again. As he leaves, he tells Reed not to call it "battle stations" but to think of something less aggressive. At dinner, Reed runs "condition red" past Trip who just suggests "security protocol". Then he asks Reed if a cup-holder is too much for the captain's chair he's adjusting. Reed laughs saying all he needs in a crisis is a place to rest his beverage. Trip says he's also improving the status displays. He says the captain will be able to access tactical data from the armrest. Reed says if he really wants to improve tactical readiness, he could help him with his protocol. Trip says he's a little busy. Reed says "It's a chair!" Trip says it's the captain's chair and it's just as important as his "Reed alert." Reed mulls that over and says it's not bad. Hoshi comes by to ask how how they like their lunch, that she made. She notes that Reed has hardly touched his. He says it was lovely. She says she'll get him a fresh bowl. He says no, please, he's not hungry. She asks if he's sure there was nothing wrong with it. He finally admits it was a bit salty. She tastes it and says it's fine. He says, as he gets up to leave, it must be him then as everyone else seems to be enjoying it. Then he walks out the door. Later, Reed goes to Trip in Engineering, telling him the reactor needs to be secured during a Tactical Alert. Trip asks about the name. Reed says he considered his suggestion of "Reed Alert" but it seemed a bit narcisistic. Trip asks him to hand him a hypospanner and he does, saying he's also been working on an alert signal. He asks what he thinks and plays an example. Then he plays another. He asks which Trip prefers, but Trip says they both sound like a bag of cats. Reed says they were designed to get attention. Trip says he look it over and get back to him. Reed says he also needs his help for an emergency shutdown procedure for the EPS grid. Trip says again that he'll get back to him. Reed says, "Fine. Let's hope we don't suffer a catastrophic reactor breach in the meantime." Trip calls out to him as leaves that one of his men borrowed a tool and asks if he'll get it from the Armory. Reed just leaves. Later, in the Armory, T'Pol comes in saying she needs his-- "Clearance code," he calls out. She asks for clarification. He asks her for her clearance code, as the Armory is a restricted area. "Even to the First Officer?" she asks. He points out that they've encountered species that can change their appearance. He says he's issued codes to all senior officers. She asks if it's for his security protocol. He says he sent it to her console as a voice encrypted command packet. She says she hasn't been to the Bridge in hours. She says she needs assistance setting up a sensor interface in her quarters. She asked Trip but he became uncharacteristically agitated. She asks if he's noticed anything abnormal about Trip's behavior. But he stands and asks why she wants to access sensor array in her quarters. She answers with her orders. He says he wasn't informed and she says it wasn't a tactical issue. She notices that he's armed and asks him about that. He says that from now on, all security personnel are required to wear sidearms in all restricted areas. She asks if he's cleared that with the captain. He says it's in his proposal. She asks if the captain has approved his proposal. Reed says he's been trying to get the captain to pay more attention to security since they left spacedock. But the captain is more interested in fraternizing with the crew and watching water polo. He says he's going to implement long-overdue changes and if the captain won't approve them, he'll go directly to Starfleet Command. He asks if there's anything else, and she says "No," and leaves. Back in the present, T'Pol tells the log that she then realized that Trip wasn't the only one acting strangely. Flashing back again, T'Pol asks Hoshi for Plomeek broth but she won't give speical orders. The captain comes in and says he can't wait a minute for her food so he grabs her pot and then an alert sounds and Reed's voice says it's a tactical alert and orders all hands to their stations. The captain hurries to the Bridge and orders Reed to report. Reed reports the crew's reaction was unacceptable! 38% failed to report to their station, critical systems haven't been secured, and Engineering hasn't even responded. Archer orders him to shut off the noise and says he didn't authorize a tactical drill. Reed tells him if he told everyone, it wouldn't be much of a drill. As Archer stomps away, Reed says 1 minute 15 seconds. Archer spins around and asks "What?" Reed says it took the captain 1 minute 15 seconds to reach his post and that he'd expect more of their commanding officer, given that the crew just might follow his example. Trip enters and Reed says "1 minute 49 seconds." While Trip tries to get tell the captain about his new chair, Reed yells that he ignored a tactical alert for that. He says it's a joke to him. It's not a bloody pleasure cruise, without proper discipline, the ship is dumed. Trip tells him to go play soldier somewhere else, and Reed tells him if it were a military situation, he'd be taken out and shot. Then they fight. The captain breaks it up, pushing Trip to one side to yell at him about the chair, then pushing Reed to other, telling him if he hears the alarm one more time, he may have him taken out and shot. In the present, T'Pol realizes the radiation from the star they are near is affecting the crew. She gets the captain woken up enough to pilot the ship away while she plots the course. A large asteroid that they can't avoid appears in their view. Archer orders phase cannons but T'Pol says they take too long to charge. A smaller one hits Enterprise and the Tactical Alert alarm goes off. T'Pol goes to Tactical and finds weapons online, thinking it must be part of the new security protocol. They fire the cannons to destroy the asteroid. As they get away, the crew wakes up. Reed goes to see the captain in his Ready Room. The captain tells him that as they were navigating the debris field, his Tactical Alert went off. Reed says he's heard and he's deactivated the protocols. The captain says he shouldn't have. The weapons were online right when they needed them. He says if Reed doesn't object, he'd like to keep the protocol. Reed doesn't object. The captain says he will have to work on the alarm though. Reed smiles and says he'll get right on it. They both exit to the Bridge. Reed stands with his arms crossed and Trip shows Archer is "new" chair. Then he sits at his console as Trip explains what little he actually did.

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