This Side of the Nether

The Campaign

The WB, Mutant Enemy and the Evil One, aka Joss Whedon, may have killed Doyle, but Doyle fans haven't given up. We want him back. Such things are possible in the Buffyverse.

What can be done?

Nothing now. Glenn Quinn has died. Please refer to the main page for news.


I leave the rest of this page up for historical purposes.

The Demographic Survey

During the month of February 2000, hosted a Demographic Survey. You can now see the results of that survey. (Warning: best viewed in Internet Explorer rather than Netscape. And yes, it includes frames.)

Polls and Message Boards

While these don't have any real power, they do keep the issue out there. The WB keeps a regular poll, called the Pulse, on their web site. Sometimes the poll directly represents Doyle. Other times it doesn't. There are also message boards related to each WB show. Posts about Doyle are still very common.

On the day after Doyle's death, the Pulse asked how viewers were affected. 4000 or so responded to a poll on the WB site and the message boards lit up every Tuesday since his untimely demise.

In a more recent poll, up for less than 24 hours and asking what we thought of Wesley, 1292 people responded with 84% wanting Doyle back on the show.

See the results of these and other Pulse polls

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