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 Doyle was Angel's new mentor/guide/sidekick on the Buffy the Vampire Slayer spin-off, Angel. While he drank too much, gambled, and seemed to be somewhat of a loser (as well as a half-demon), he really had a good heart and a sweet personality. He was tragic but he also had wit and insight. He was a confidante to Angel and a humanizing factor to Cordelia. His flirtations with her, and his sincere attraction to her, were wonderful.

Oh, and did I mention, he's cute and has a wonderful Irish accent?!

And then they killed him. It was a heroic death, dying so others could live, but it has left a void on the show, which only had a main cast of three. Doyle was the only non-Buffy alum as well, leaving the show less original now that he's gone.

Thus this site was created in honor and memory of Doyle and in the hope that he will somehow return.

Alas, that hope will never be fulfilled. It is with sadness that I announce the passing of Glenn Quinn. I do not know why he died or how. The following was posted to

It is with great sadness that I must report that Glenn Quinn passed away December 2, 2002. Services for Glenn will be held privately with his family and close friends.

Glenn's body of work earned him the devotion of fans around the world, and he will most certainly be sorely missed. The staff at would like to extend deepest sympathies to his friends and family, and the assurance that through his work, Glenn touched all of us.

He will never be forgotten.


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Site updated 12/8/2004--Moved the site because stormpages got messed up.

Site updated 12/05/2002--Glenn Quinn has died. The main page and campaign page have changed to reflect this.

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These candles were in memory of Allan Francis Doyle, late of Angel who died a heroic death and too early. I had "lit" them here, one for every letter I'd written, in the hopes that TPTB would realize the mistake of taking him off the show and put him back where he belongs. I leave them up now in memory of Glenn Quinn, who, for a brief time, brought Doyle to life for us.

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