This Side of the Nether

Everything We Know About Doyle--By episode.

City Of...
Doyle is a half Brachen demon on his father's side. He drinks and bets on sports events, but he also gets painful visions of people in trouble or dangers. The Powers that Be sent him to Angel to recruit him as a warrior against evil. Doyle says he has something to atone for himself, but he doesn't say what it is. He doesn't like to fight, calling himself just a messenger, but he doesn't back down when Angel needs help.

Lonely Hearts
Doyle is attracted to Cordelia but is afraid to let her know of his demon half. Doyle is good with a computer, though Cordelia speculates that he got his skills from downloading porn off the internet. Doyle doesn't deny it. He likes to go out on a Friday night.

In the Dark
Doyle, in his demon form, can smell magical objects. He finds the ring of Amara by sniffing the air. He likes to celebrate down at the pub. He loves the book Angela's Ashes and has trouble opening aspirin bottles with a hangover. He has a lot of seedy contacts from whom he can get information. He has a mother, one assumes still living. He really wants to help Angel get his redemption.

I Fall to Pieces
Doyle has no desire to go bungy-jumping. Few things give him the shudders, in other words, it sounds like he's seen a lot and not much really scares him or takes him by surprise anymore. He has an aunt. I thought I heard the name as Judy.

Room w/a Vu
Doyle owes money to some not very nice people. He "never looks back", speaking about his past. He lives the kind of life "that keeps your expectations from getting too high," though he's reluctant to tell Angel why that is. He hints that it's something to do with his past.

Sense and Sensitivity
Doyle, unlike most men, notices things like a woman's new shoes.

The Bachelor Party
Doyle is stronger in demon form but prefers to remain in human form. Doyle can fight a vampire and win. His full name is Allan Francis Doyle and he's married (though he signs divorce papers in this episode). Harry, his wife/ex-wife calls him Francis. Doyle and Harry were married before they were twenty. He didn't know he was half-demon until he was twenty-one and they were talking about having kids. He sneezed and sprouted "demon-face". Both of them freaked, but Harry ended up finding it fascinating and encouraged Doyle to meet other demons. Doyle couldn't accept himself and became angry until she left (four years ago).

When talking to Cordelia, Harry reveals some interesting things about Doyle: He used to be a third-grade teacher and a volunteer at a food bank. He was a take-charge person.

I Will Remember You
Doyle knows more about the Powers That Be than he tells Angel. He knows how to approach the Oracles, though he's not allowed to enter the "Gateway for Lost Souls." He thinks Cordelia is jealous of Buffy. He's happy for Angel becoming human, even though it means he's out of a job. He feels more during visions than just pain. He tasted salt, for instance, in the vision about the Mohra demon.

Doyle is camera shy but he agrees to film a commercial with Cordelia. He wants to tell Cordelia the truth and almost does before being stopped by a vision. He has heard of the Scourge before. Soon after he found out about his demon side (and presumably after Harry left him) Doyle was visited by Lucas, another mix-breed Brachen demon. He didn't want the responsibility. He didn't want to face his demon-side either. He got his first vision-- which made hiim think he was having a stroke--after he turned Lucas and his clan away. He found them dead, just like he'd seen in the vision.

It can be speculated that Doyle played basketball at some time since he tells Reef that Brachens are supposed to be good at basketball. According to Reef, Brachens are supposed to have a good sense of direction.

In demon form, Doyle can survive a broken neck. And even in human form, he's got a pretty strong punch. In demon form, he can really jump. (As much as I hate what happens to him, the filming of that jump was fabulous.) Doyle dies to save Angel, Cordelia and a hold full of Lister half-demons.

Parting Gifts
Note: This is the last (so far) episode in which Doyle is even mentioned more than once. But we do learn a little about him. He didn't leave behind anything at the office. Cordelia mentions that he sometimes smelled weird, and thinks that was probably because he was half-demon. In dying, according to the Oracles, Doyle atoned. Angel called him his friend.

I've Got You Under My Skin
Angel feels responsible for Doyle's death and admits to missing him.

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