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All fiction posted here or linked to directly, has been read by me (or written by me) and I therefore can guarantee that each such story is clean, i.e. no sex. I cannot vouch for stories not directly linked or posted, such as stories found in archives linked here.

Stories are listed in roughly chronological order according to the time frame of the story.

Doyle--In the Beginning

by Cleo Calliope
What happened to Doyle after he got his first vision and before he was assigned to Angel?

Lightning II
by Cleo Calliope
Doyle's vision leads him to a new calling.
Note: Sequel to Lightning.

Flashes in the Dark
by Ellen
A vision leads Doyle to Angel, and on the road to redemption.
Challenge fic: How did Doyle come to be in Angel's apartment in "City of...."

Re: Visions
by Cedar
Doyle knows a good bit more about Cordelia than he lets on.

When the Angel's Away
by Calandra
What happened while Angel was killing Russel anyway?

The Great Pretender
by Net Girl
Sappy & cheesy, but clean, Doyle/Cordy shipper fic.

White Lies
Tara O'Shea
While Angel is off in Sunnydale stalking his ex, Doyle's mother decides to pay a surprise visit.

Tara O'Shea
Doyle and Harry bid each other farewell.

by Lissa
Angel, Cordy and Doyle bond as they fight a demon.


The Sweet White Light
by Carrie M. Cook
Doyle reflects on his last night on earth, and some other stuff.

A Coward More Than Once
by Laura Smith
Doyle's thoughts on his last moments before he makes his become a hero

Someone Has to Take the Fall
by Emily
Doyle's thoughts during his last few minutes during and after "Hero".

When Fortune Turns Her Wheel
by Tara O'Shea
Angel and Cordelia pay a visit to the Oracles.

Forgive the Hero
by Cedar
Angel isn't dealing well with Doyle's sacrifice.

Wrinkled Paper
by Chelle Storey
"This takes place the night that Doyle dies. Seeing Heroes again upset me to no end. Plus I had Writer's Block and Saber suggested that I write something quick and easy. I hope it worked. Thanks, Saber :)"

Letters to the Queen
by AllytheVamp
Doyle's letter to Cordelia saying the things he never got time to say out loud.

by Nicollette Marquis McFadgen
Angel and Cordy try to cope with Doyle's death.

The Watching Room
by Cedar
Doyle finds the one person in the afterlife who can understand what he gave up.

Ask Not for Power
by Cedar
This is a sequel to The Watching Room, and it really won't make much sense unless you read that first. (Sorry 'bout that) Doyle, in the afterlife, is given a chance to meet one of the slayerettes and to give a little comfort to those he left behind. It's not nearly as angsty as it could be.
Site owner's note: See the third story in this series in the Return section: Manifest Destinies.

Just a Messenger
by Gabrielle Lawson
Angel goes to tell Harry the news about Doyle.
This is a vignette alluded to in Close To Home...So Far Away.

Fly to the Angels
by Jenni W
Angel thinks about Doyle.

Unfinished Business
by Chelle
Cordelia copes with the aftermath of Doyle's death and receives an unexpected visitor when she thinks that she can't go on. (Tissue Warning)

Some Even Dream for the Dead
by Ellen
Cordelia tries to go on with her life but dreams of Doyle

As the Page Turns
by evan como
Giles visits L.A. as Angel & Cordy work through Doyle's passing

Love's in Our Hearts
by Melissa Flores
Cordelia gets a very special Christmas wish.

Tell Me About Him
by Ellen
Wesley wants to know about the man his friends miss so much.

The Road to Discovery
by evan como
The Powers That Be summon Angel out of town.

by evan como
Cordy finally gets her big break and Angel must forbear without her

by Gonzai
Angel travels back in time to the day Doyle died.

A True Friend
A Poem by Skye Blue

Waning Moon
by Gonzai
Doyle tries to convince Angel and Cordelia of his presence.

Dreams and Nightmares
by CobraGirl
Eight years down the road, Cordelia is trapped in a terrifying marriage. Then a familiar face returns....

A Different Road to Hero

The Blue-Eyed Child of Longing
by Ellen
"How the episode Hero could have, and should have, ended...."

The Memory of Heroes
by Ellen
Sequel to The Blue Eyed-Child of Longing.

After Angel
by Ellen
What if Angel were the one?

Get Me Through December
by Emmy
Doyle's death, Emmy's way.

The Return

by Chelle Storey
Heroes gets a new ending since I am still having Doyle angst.

The Oathbreaker
by Rebecca Michelle
An old friend of Doyle's arrives one day too late, but she's not one to let such trivialities get in the way.

by Emily
Doyle gets the chance to return to Angel and Cordelia, but only with their help. However, they can't know about it...

Manifest Destinies
by Cedar
Set two months after the end of Ask Not For Power

Close to Home...So Far Away
by Gabrielle Lawson
No one in L.A. can see him, hear him, or touch him... but is Doyle a ghost, or something entirely different?
Skip cover and go right to story

Turn Back Time
by Ellen
Cordelia looks for a way to bring Doyle back and gets help from a friend.

The Waiting Room
by Erin Brinkman
There's an interesting place for lost souls....

The Long Road Home
by Alyson Fan
A friend returns from the other side. (Set after the episode 'Hero').

by zero
Doyl'es lost in the land of the dead, and Angel Investigations gets a new case. Set after "Parting Gifts."

The Power Within
by Lissa
Cordelia goes to the Oracles to beg for Doyle back. The Oracles are mad that a mortal visited them and send assassins after her.

Death and Rebirth
by Calandra Ravenshadow
A summary would only spoil the story.

The Best Laid Plans
by Gonzai
Doyle's back and needs Angel's help.

Contingency Plans
by Gonzai
Angel's a wanted vampire
Note: Sequel to The Best Laid Plans.

Poor Little Rich Boy
by Gonzai
Angel tackles a poltergeist with an attitude problem
Note: Sequel to Contingency Plans.

by Gonzai
Angel and friends are back to the usual business of catching bad guys
Note: Sequel to Poor Little Rich Boy.

Ancient History
by Gonzai
Doyle learns about his family history
Note: Sequel to Secrets.

A Sodden Mess
by Gonzai
Everybody is having a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day
Note: Sequel to Ancient History.

by Gonzai
Angelus may be prowling again--but how and when?
Note: Sequel to A Sodden Mess.

It's a Tolerable Life
by Gonzai
While his friends search for him, Angel learns why they need him

Dealer's Choice
by Gonzai
Note: Sequel to It's a Tollerable Life.

Admired From Afar
by Elizabeth
Cordelia has a secret admirer.

Something Else Altogether

Princess Cordelia and the Demon
by Robyn the Snowshoe Hare
A fairy telling of the wooing and winning of the lovely Princess Cordelia

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