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Glenn Quinn

Glenn Quinn. Just about everything you need to know about Glenn Quinn.

Glenn Quinn. More Glenn Quinn stuff and home of The Glenn Quinn Fan Club (not saying it's official. I don't know that.)

The Enigmatic Glenn Quinn A nice synopsis of what we know about Glenn Quinn.


Doyle's Demon Lair

Doyle - Glenn Quinn site


Sweet Delusions

The Campaign and Denial sites

Operation Doyle. "We Are the Powers That Be"

DenialCon. DenialCon hopes to host a virtual (or maybe a real!) convention in support of Doyle and getting him back.

Legion Denial. A whole legion devoted to denying the Doyle is dead.

Fan Fiction

My Fan Fiction page. My stories and others as well as links to other archives. has tons of stories, not just Angel.

Hidden Depths--a memorial to Doyle through fan fiction

How Can We Bring Back Doyle? Let Us Count the Ways -- The Unofficial Doyle Resurrection Fanfiction Index-- Just what it says.

How Can We Bring Back Doyle? Let Us Count the Ways -- Ghost Stories Index

Denial Fan Fiction-- Return Fics.

The Library at You can even use Willow's Spiffy Search Utility to search for Doyle fics.

Angel Annex - Fanfic. Stories and links to other archives.

Oblivious Much Fanfiction Archives. A lot of D/C stuff, but not all of it is romance stories.

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